What a Moderately Healthy Vegan Eats in a Week #17

What a Moderately Healthy Vegan Eats in a Week #17

hey guys welcome back to my channel and
welcome to one of my most popular series my what I eat in a week I have a
slightly a weird you know week of eating because I filmed a bunch of times and I
thought of like excluding those days from the video but honestly that is my
real life and I think thats what people come here for. My real life. So the days
where I am on a road trip and the days where I don’t have much you know healthy
food in my fridge you know those are all included in this video because we are
real on this channel hope you don’t judge me too much I hope you enjoy this
video I hope you get some entertainment or recipes or whatever. A few of the
things that I eat in this video like my homemade pickles my homemade kombucha
and like maybe my oatmeal recipe I think I have recipe videos for them and I’ll
include them in the description box down below if you’re curious
additionally random but I found my v necklace and I’m so happy because I
thought I lost it and I was freaking out and turns out it was like underneath
some receipts on my dresser this whole time so yeah very happy about that but
without further ado this is what I ate last week. Good morning! So I had to move
my car super early in the morning thank you alternate side parking and I
couldn’t make coffee I’m on my way to my tutoring job and I pulled into a
Starbucks office off the side of the highway that I haven’t been to in like
maybe 10 years no joke it’s in my old neighborhood but I just like never used
to go there and I actually have a reusable bottle that I’m gonna ask them
to put my latte in so let’s get some coffee
can I have a tall soy latte with two shots espresso in this Cup thank you we
have our coffee and an incredible amount of wind so I don’t even know if you
could hear me and we got to get back to work cuz we might be a little bit late now
time to say that I had a few sips of this latte so far and it’s better than I
ever could have imagined and I’m so happy and I’m about to go into work so
catch you later when I have breakfast hey guys I’m actually gonna eat
breakfast and it’s later than I usually eat breakfast it is 12:30 and I was
supposed to eat at like 12:00 or before but I was supposed to
call it 12 that never called me so I guess I’m eating now anyway and yes I
know it looks like just overnight oh it’s on you’re just like oh my god you
always the overnight oh it’s but I have a new thing that I’m doing okay so
instead of putting agave or coconut sugar in my oats to make it sweeter what
I’ve been doing lately and this is partially because Roberto has been like
not eating sugar for like 30 days is I’ve been cooking down an apple with
some cinnamon and some stevia until it’s like very sweet caramely applesauce II
kind of like still with a lot of chunks in it and I’ve been adding that to my
oatmeal and just mixing it with some oats and chia seeds and almond milk and
then sometimes I heat it up like today I’m cold so I heated it up so it tastes
like apple pie and it’s so delicious mmm-hmm so that is it I’m having for
breakfast so I ate this lentil soup in traffic like I drank it from the
container cold because I got so hungry I’m away back home that I didn’t want to
wait so I got home to eat and I wasn’t hungry when I was at work for lunch so I
did that and I also ate half a bag of ugly potato chips the barbeque flavor it
tastes really good with soup and look what I just found
Roberto just came home from shooting a video at Target and I guess he got these
like apple and mango fruit pouch thing keys so I’m stealing one sorry babe
need a snack as a pre-workout I ate this peanut butter protein krispies from
square organic for dinner I’m having this nasty leftover Chinese food I tried
to make it better by mixing in some kale and tahini and it just did not work it’s
still nasty but I’m gonna eat it anyway because it’s there and I’m hungry but
you know what’s not nasty these homemade pickles that I am actually gonna do a
video on as well it might be already out not quite sure but these pickles are
gonna make it up for it so today I took a seven-hour round trip road trip to
Harrisburg Pennsylvania to try the new subway meatball sub on the way there I
stopped and got a Starbucks latte and then when I got to the side boy I
obviously ate a B on meatball sub if you’re curious to hear my thoughts on
that I’ll leave my review in
description down below while I was there I figured why not review the vegetable
hunter as well so I did I got a mac and cheese a chickpea salad
that I liked very much and a house-made seitan hot dog that tasted like chili
the last thing I got was a power bowl type thing with a bunch of salads in it
some beets some soup potatoes chickpeas hummus tofu spinach quinoa all that good
stuff and if you live anywhere near Harrisburg or you’re going there then
I’ll leave that review for you in the description box down below as well hey
good morning really quick I did a really bad job of documenting everything I ate
so far today although I didn’t eat like all of my day’s food today yet so I
think we’re life back on track we’ll be fine
so let me catch you up for breakfast I had a coffee basic basic and then I was
in a rush to do some things that all went wrong it was very stressful morning
so then I ate this double chocolate our bar the ingredients are only dates
pecans and cocoa wow I didn’t know that this tastes really good for just being
dates pecans and cocoa good job anyway so I ate one of these in a coffee and
then I ate the insides meatballs of the other half of the sandwich I ate
yesterday the beyond meat meatballs not the outside because it was a soggy mess
from yesterday just the meatballs and then I ate this concoction for a stupid
video that I made it’s a light life hotdog with corn skewered onto it
yeah I feel like today’s food is you know just very representative of someone
who’s trying to film a bunch of YouTube videos your food is just super weird
super weird but yeah that is all I ate today so far and I will do a lot better
for job keeping updated on everything else that you today promise
all right I’m kind of eating real food now we have some lemon pepper right rice
right there we have some kale with a Dakini dressing that I made and I fried
up some hot dog that I had for the video I shot earlier
I’m eating this and I’m definitely going to the grocery store later tonight to
get some groceries so I can make real food now saying this isn’t real food
this is just like the last of my food right now so I haven’t gone to the
supermarket yet but I really wanted a snack so what I did was I had baked my
boyfriend some sweet potatoes eat for dinner so I stole one of those I mashed
it up with some milk and I put a tablespoon of peanut butter on top so
I’m gonna eat this and then we’re going to the supermarket hey guys we just came
back from the supermarket and while I was there I drank one of these actually
I shared it my boyfriend it’s a Vita Coco sparkling coconut water with lemon
and ginger and we got a whole bunch of groceries so I can be eating healthy the
next couple days instead of weird like eight today so for breakfast I recorded
a recipe video for you guys and I’m gonna eat it we have some roasted
Brussels sprouts some roasted cauliflower chickpeas salad and some
roasted potatoes all covered in cashew cream sauce and I am very much looking
forward eating this later on I was hungry I wanted a snack so I had this
peanut butter protein Krispy bar it’s the dark chocolate flavor and I had a
little bowl of frozen blueberries so we have a really weird random stupid lunch
we have some bright rice this is a Thai curry flavor we have some kale with a
tamari ginger dressing and then we have a fried hot dog I’m probably gonna be
eating lots of fried hotdogs this week not because I like them because I don’t
but because I have a whole pack and I’m not about to waste them so yay fried hot
dogs I just got back from the gym and I don’t feel like taking a long time to
cook anything so I’m having this alpha’ burrito it’s the original breakfast
burrito it has like tofu scramble and vegetables in it and some vegan cheese
and I heated it up in our airfryer and I’m just gonna eat it final meal of the
day my friends we have a whip to sweet potato with some cinnamon let’s whip it
up coconut sugar some almond milk and some peanut butter this is like you know
the dried bits of peanut butter at the bottom of the jar so it’s not like all
and amazing but it’s gotta taste good and I’m watching a movie with my
boyfriend while I eat this I just got to work and I’m having kind of lunch food
for breakfast this is similar to the bowl I ate yesterday we have some
roasted cauliflower some seasoned chickpeas some roasted Brussels sprouts
some potatoes and I’m going to drizzle it all with the cashew cream sauce that
I made yesterday and I’m going to have some homemade pickles with it I actually
brought this jar for my family but I’m gonna steal a couple pickles before I
give it to them I love doing like roasty bowls with like different sauces and I
usually do it tahini sauce because that one’s just really easy to make but I
made a cashew sauce just for a change and it’s pretty funny hello my friends it is time to eat again
it is like almost 3 o’clock and I’m getting hungry
I drank a nice tea earlier sorry I didn’t show you that but I was busy
working also there was like someone else in the office isn’t usually in the
office and I try not to record when there’s like people here that might be
worked weird out because you know like it’s weird it’s weird to record what
you’re eating at work it’s not normal anyway I have my oatmeal that I’m eating
my overnight oats as I told you before I’ve been eating it with some stewed
apples versus sugar lately and it’s still just as good and I love it
actually it’s even better because it doesn’t have refined sugar in it and it
has like more volume because you have like the apples in it so like it’s like
you’re eating more but I think it ends up being like less calories overall
Blake barely it’s like doesn’t even matter but anyway it’s better for you
than sugar so I’ve been eating that and that is what I’m going to eat now I know
it doesn’t look like much it just looks like womp but it tastes like apple pie
that’s all that matters okay we had an exciting thing hopefully so I’m going to
my parents house tonight and I might have a package there that I ordered so
I’ve been taking my lunch to work in this this is a like little cooler bag
that was shipped to me with some sweets inside from better bites bakery by the
way I love they’re like little baked goods and
they’re like little hostess mini cupcake type things definitely recommend those
but this is like it’s supposed to be like a disposable bag but you know me I
just I don’t like to like waste things like that so I’ve just been using it and
I thought I could just get away with like using this over and over and over
again and I’ve been using it for months but then the other day I brought um like
curry soup or something like that and it leaked it leaked all over my stuff like
I don’t know it was just not great so what I did was I ordered a actual lunch
bag I’ve never owned one before online and hopefully it’s at my parents house
it’s a tradition for me my brother every Monday to allow him to drive my car to
get some coffee and then Danielle no don’t speed so fast calm down you’re
going too fast I don’t know why I do this to myself so I got my soy latte and
there was a little cup and I’m reusable cup and then Dan got his caramel
whatever sugar bomb but um yeah so I’m gonna drink my coffee and then probably
get sushi or something for dinner so I’m sitting to dinner with my family
we’ve got some sushi and stuff like that I have some fried tofu with teriyaki
sauce and a abakada roll and some edamame and some pineapple for some
reason I’m not going to eat pineapple with my Asian food but yeah that is my
dinner oh and rice there’s rice somewhere so I’m feeling very proud of
myself because I just finished my third ever batch of kombucha right here it’s
not healthy I just used the health ink bottles to bottle my kombucha and it
turned out tasting about the same as my second batch but very muchly more
carbonated and very muchly delicious so I’m just very proud of myself I just
realized that in this video I’ve showed you homemade pickles and homemade
kombucha I have to learn how to make homemade jam now and homemade kimchi
just home make everything Cheers
hey guys it is breakfast that’s not actually breakfast D time and like
yesterday I’m eating a roasted veggie bowl with some seasoned beans and stuff
we have some cauliflower some purple and yellow cauliflower and some roasted
Brussels sprouts and some rosemary potatoes and some beans with parsley and
garlic and lemon juice delicious and I’m putting same as yesterday some cashew
cream sauce on top I know not very interesting but this is like real life
you just meal prep and then you just like eat it for a few days straight but
if you want to see something interesting and awesome
I finally got a real lunch bag Santa and I’m pretty happy about it because I was
using like a disposable lunch bag I got shipped in PR one time for like months
and so now I feel like in adults poor on this dressing and enjoy after work I got
stuck in traffic on the way home and ate my overnight oats in my lap on the
highway I just ate a snack and totally forgot to record it but I can tell you
what I ate I took some of this nuts an ordinary plain cashew cheese and I
watered it down and I smashed it into some chickpeas and then I made kind of
like a chickpea salad with it and I ate it with cassava chips and pickles did it
taste good kind of but I just didn’t have the patience to cook anything
extraordinary haha not an ordinary and it was just there and and it sounded
good in my head I wanted another snack before going to the gym so I just
grabbed this simply balanced fruit pack for dinner I made a lazy curry
I added some tempeh and zucchini and chickpeas to a pan and cooked them all
up then I added a spoonful of green curry paste and a spoonful of their
stupid bullion I put a little water so it would dissolve and then added a cup
of coconut milk and some tumeric and curry powder and then I just let that
simmer on low until the sauce thickens up and the zucchini cooks through and I
ate it with some rice hey hey guys good morning I’m in my parents
house this morning and my dog is refusing to leave me alone so I picked
her up to give her attention and it is almost noon I’m really hungry so I’m
gonna go raid my parents for agency if there’s anything I can eat for breakfast
additionally I had a coffee without cream err this morning I had basic
almond milk in my coffee and whew it was not that good Miche me she’s a
good girl you’re such a good girl alright so I found an avocado and I
found some bread so if this avocado isn’t too gross I’ll make avocado toast
but it feels super gross so let’s just open it up and see what we find scratch
together some good avocado from that ha ha I found something even better to go
with my avocado toast this is fool it is fava beans smashed
with like garlic and lemon and olive oil and salt and it’s pretty yummy so I
think what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna make myself some toast and put this on
top and then put avocado on top of that forget overnight oats I’m eating good
this morning thank you mom I mean my mom’s at work but like
sometimes she watches my videos so thanks for letting me come over and raid
the fridge two things to say first I just got a package from beyond Meech
because of that meatball video I shot a couple days ago so I’m the proud owner
of a beyond meat t-shirt thanks guys the second thing is I got home the
second thing is I just got home and my boyfriend had just filmed a video where
he ate like three Chipotle burritos anyway he has an extra Chipotle burrito
so I’m eating half a Chipotle burrito for lunch
it has black beans and brown rice avocado some salsa and fajitas right is
that it but yeah thanks BAE for giving me a video leftovers after that burrito
I had a jar full of my homemade kombucha later on in the day I found out my local
supermarket was having a sale three boxes of strawberries for three dollars
so you know I bought a bunch of strawberries and ate some for dinner I’m
having tofu scramble and some baked cubed potatoes with two tablespoons of
ketchup on top this is actually one of my favorite meals so I’m pretty happy to
be eating it also I’ve had a few questions about why I always like film
my food on my bed and really easy answer I don’t have a table like we have a tiny
little desk that has like a laptop and some papers on it usually but there’s no
dining table in our apartment it’s like super tiny so we do everything on the
bed eating studying sleeping it’s the only furniture we have really so yeah
that’s why after that I was still a little bit hungry so I had this
chocolate peanut butter bar bar for dessert hope you guys enjoyed that video
aren’t you sick of seeing my orange hat yet because I’m sorry I was scrolling
through my feed the other day on Instagram and I was like I’m wearing an
orange hat single picture but I’m not gonna stop
because it’s super comfy and I generally wear it all fall in winter so if you
know like a good like beanie company that’s like super stretchy and thick and
comfortable then like let me know otherwise I’m just gonna wear this hat
indefinitely until it gets too warm to wear it again I hope you got some
recipes from that some meal ideas some entertainment whatever you came here for
and that is all I have for today if you liked that video then please stick
around and watch another one it shows YouTube that you like me I will talk to
you next time kabaah shout out to my bodega babes
Jessica Christina Marlene Lucia Alex kraits Laura Ellen Michelle Johnson
Kaelyn Marielle Alex of Planet Earth and Emily Blaine but don’t forget we have
Juanita Charlotte Emily Jenny Marcia Gemini Curtis Judith
Clarissa and Michelle Vasquez you guys are the best
and these videos are made possible with your support

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