What a therapist really thinks ABOUT YOU! | Kati Morton

What a therapist really thinks ABOUT YOU! | Kati Morton

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  1. when should one start seing a therapist?
    Is there any criteria or guidance for when in makes sence or when its yust "normal" or "only a phase"?

  2. I saw a therapist every week for 18 months, towards the end she suggested a project as a mark of closing the sessions. I paint so did a portrait of her. It now hangs on the wall now and if my mind begins straying back to dark places I take a glance at it and it reminds me of how supportive she had been and her common sense attitude to dealing with the dank parts of my life.

  3. I did therapy in my 20s and kind of did it by accident or without planning it, my doctor just pushed me onto it

    I always felt like males shouldn't have female therapists because females lose respect for whiny men and men don't gain confidence by showing weakness with women

    I knew this intuitively but I just went along with it anyway because it's what the doctor said and I always regretted not saying this, an older male would have been so much better for me

  4. I think I need therapy now … 🙁 I make eye contact, my face is completely “open”, I am honest, but I carry a LOT of very DARK secrets. Disturbing. I just know, should I start telling them, you would run away, prematurely. And that’s why I need a therapist who isn’t judgemental. Do they even exist ? Perhaps those over 50 or 60 ? Those who have heard and seen more than the young ones ? Also, I never mean to, but I can’t help myself from building a connection with a female therapist. Regardless of her beauty or lack thereof (outer beauty). I just find the intimacy arousing. And that in turn makes me flirty. I am good with words and gestures, timing, jokes, etc etc, so w<hile my mind screams “stop it!”, my mouth and face keep flirting… I am very, very sneaky. Sneaky compliments, holding eye contact just a lil’ bit longer, looking at her mouth then up to her eyes again and smiling slightly, piercing through to her soul. It also “helps” that I often already know what she will tell me about myself or life, that always impresses her. I admit: I only have seen a few female therapists. Male therapists: I don’t trust them, like them, don’t want to share anything with them, I don’t like other guys in general. For once, I would like to be able to control my flirting, not scare her away with the REAL truth, and really get some help ! I’m a basket case with a good heart and an ancient soul: where is MY help ? 🙁

  5. Hi Katie!

    I've been following your channel for a while now and this video really caught my attention. It caught me even further when you began to talk about boundaries. I got chewed out by a female coworker I had messaged on Facebook, and, even though she lied and said she never got it and I just told on myself, and I told HER that I'm not trying to hide anything. She finally blew up on me and said the messages were making her uncomfortable. It really upset me because I AM attracted to her, but I will admit that I'm married (more like roommates with two kids), but she REALLY made me light up and my therapist asked if I could understand where she might want to draw boundaries between work and friendships and I responded, "NO! I think that working in the same place and knowing the same people allows the two people to connect BETTER because they each know where the other is coming from!" Most of my messages were harmless, even according to my therapist, with only one that was questionable. My decision is that I am DONE apologizing! I DID say I was sorry and even gave her more of an explanation than she deserved about my need for feelings of validation due to a lifetime of rejection, which was not even close to what I WANTED to say. I told one of my coworkers who knows about the situation that, I apologized ONCE and I'm DONE! I'm tired of living in fear! My feelings are MINE and I have a right to them and to, as politely as I know how, let someone know! Beyond that, I said, "I don't give a fuck if she's uncomfortable! She shouldn't have lied about not getting the messages, etc. but rather been up front." Then I followed up with, "But I DO love her and STILL have the same feelings, despite it all, and I 'give a fuck' enough to give her space and hope she'll come around to trust me again and maybe have an even stronger relationship.

    Any advice for how NOT to act impulsively, either shy away like a coward, nor force myself upon her even if it's just, "Good morning!"? Even if it's just friends, I would really like to have some shred of affection or "not weirded outness" anymore.

  6. My therapist thinks: Jesus this fuckers crazy. This guy is WHY we need nut houses. I knew I should had listened to my parents and took over the family business. I mean dead bodies aren't that bad compared to this guy. At least I am safe in a cemetery cuz they are all dead. Jesus, now that I think of it; this poor sunuvabitch probably put half of em there. God, I'm bored…I need a smoke….and a drink.

    Me: ……and that's why I don't get to play with knives while drunk and naked in public.

  7. I’m 15 and I go to biweekly therapy for… stuff lol. Sometimes I wonder quite a bit what my therapist thinks.

  8. I'm so very happy for the people who think they need therapy and then find therapy helpful.

    I'm even happier for the people who don't need it.

  9. Dr. Therapist, I couldn't take my eyes off of that clock on your shelf. For the whole video. Do I have a problem?!? Should I seek treatment?

  10. I had a therapist, I think his name was Joel, he was a young guy. He had one gimp eye that really threw you off (it was a bit ugly), but once you got to talking with the guy. His eye was actually so comforting – Like he knew when you were staring at it and he was just so humble and accepting of his weird eye. It actually helped to make me comfortable to open up to him because I saw him living with a huge problem and dealing with it amazingly and still caring for MY problems. Amazing. Hey Joel if you're out there man, I feel like I let ya down by not getting better 🙁

  11. I had a crush on my therapist, she is young and beautiful and complements my weaknesses… The type of woman I need in my life, because she "LISTENED" before she responded.

  12. I don’t feel connected with my therapist really :/ how do I look for another one without hurting her feelings? I know she wouldn’t be offended but I still would feel bad. It’s just not working for me and I’m scared to find another one

  13. Can a therapist be too comfortable around a client. I have had therapists that have political and philosophical discussions during therapy. I have had therapists tell me shit about how messed up they are. I have had therapists tell me they enjoy therapizing me. Does everybody go through this? I don't really mind this because I'm only paying $20 every 6 weeks, but it seems odd.

  14. Therapists must make ok money, considering she has the cash to spend on a shirt with little tiny beads on it that will come off in a few days.

  15. I’ve experienced a spectrum ranging between getting ghosted by my own therapist, from being “dumped” (aka referred), to my therapist falling asleep on me on a regular basis, to my therapist actually hitting on me 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve given up on therapy; if they’re the one person, the one safe space for you to go to to take refuge from all the externalities that hurt you, only for THEM to hurt you, where the fuck do you go then? How do you trust again? How fucked up is it to need a therapist for seeing another therapist?!? 🤦🏻‍♀️💔

  16. Ok, here's the thing that I hate about the 21st century Internet: I can't really post anonymously anymore. So many comments to this vid that I could add that I'm not gonna. Even back in the 1980s and 90s it may have already been a false sense of anonymity.

  17. oh my, never had a criminal therapist that leaves clues behind for me to piece the puzzle together😅 i wish i had. glad to know you guys dont pass judgement on the inside which was my initial fear since i despise talking and sharing anything.
    I've already given up anyways I just do the bare minimum to keep ticking and not to fall off the edge. lost trust in all humans human world and human processes now the only thing that holds off the grey clouds these days are plants, fish and fixing stuff that's not broke.
    soothing channel tho, hats off to you

  18. I haven’t seen my therapist since august because I was getting better so she told me I could text her to make an appointment. But I felt like she didn’t care if I did or not so I never texted her, and she hasn’t reached out at all since then 🙁 now I feel like I shouldn’t go even though I’m kind of struggling on and off with my mental health

  19. The entire time I was watching your video all I can think about is… Are you related to Felicia Day? The way you move, the way you speak, the way you look… Everything about you reminds me of her!

  20. I wish I could afford a therapist. My insurance doesn't pay for it and I cannot even afford a normal doctor appointment right now ☹

  21. Why would you think it's ok to eat, take care of accounting and other misc tasks while someone has paid you for your time? Not trying to be mean but if someone pays you for an hour, give them an hour of your time.

  22. My therapist said I worry about money too much because he dropped his plan coverage making a weekly session 75$ and I said I could no longer go to his meetings. I think I know damn well what that doctor was thinking lol he also said I was emotionally stable and functional and knowing that I was just like "yeah im not gonna keep vetting doctors, i'm just gonna work on my own goals"

  23. My therapist blew her brains out after my visit. What was she thinking? I was at the receptionist paying, and scheduling my next visit when BANG!
    I can't believe I shared personal info with that psycho

  24. This "tough love" thing works if trust is already present between you and your therapist. If s/he does not get close enough, you'll feel the lack of trust between you and him/her. If it turns to a friendship it's really not that much helpful but you'll accept any concrete help from him/her because of the presence of the trust. It may happen that s/he refers you to another therapist who fits your special needs better and you may meet him/her in a non-therapeutical context but in this case it actually ceases to be a therapy. Because if you meet again in the consulting room it may be very hard for you both to handle the situation as it is – a therapeutic one. Well, one of the therapists I met could handle this situation very well and she was very good at distinguishing between inside and outside the consulting room. Outside it, she behaved as a friend and helped me in making more friends by letting me into her friends' circle. Even this might have been part of the therapy because some people in her acquaintance had a way of thinking which was similar to mine. Because of this, it's not that important any more to meet her very often but she's still there if really needed and there is this company which I really like. The only sad thing about this is that I can't see them as often as I wish because I live in another city.

  25. If your therapist thinks psych meds (harmful chemicals) are something that a human being should put in their body, you should RUN.

  26. The hardest thing for me about getting into therapy was knowing that they were just studying every little thing I was doing. I know it made me behave different the first few visits until I became comfortable with her.

  27. Last time I met a therapist it was a couple's session. The therapist told my SO they don't think they really want to be in a relationship and got him to break up… SO left and the last few minutes of the appointment was just me crying while trying to fidget with my cards to pay and leave. They said they would be in touch to make sure I was ok, but they never did…

  28. One REALLY excellent example for study would be "Dr Melfi" of the show The Sopranos. She exemplifies the best therapist one could get..

  29. So if you know what is going on then why o why would you not tell someone that could handle it , it would have been easier to for mine to tell me that it does not matter if you are trying, your efforts are useless.

  30. I wanna know what my pharmacist thinks…

    I was immensely curious and asked my psychiatrist to see my notes. It was extremely boring and disappointing.

  31. Most of the female therapists I've met were superficial, immature and jealous. I felt like they were empty inside.
    And some therapists don't realize that some people are self reflective. I understand many things about myself bc I have never been running away from myself.

  32. i dont understand why they have to wait for you to catch up why can't they tell me all of the inferences they make when they make them …thats kind of annoying like they're keeping important information a secret

  33. I find myself looking away when telling a long story, or something is hard to say! I catch myself doing this, so I know she is noticing. I want to work on this because I do believe it is good to have eye contact. I'm going to talk about this next session for sure!

  34. Can you make a video on "adjusting to a new therapist" I just moved cities and I'm having a hard time because the one I used to go was all like "what happenned when you were a child? " or "how was your mother like" but this one is using CBT and I miss the other one where I was having englightened moments about why I do or believe in certain things. This one is like "we can't change the past but we can change the future" she is more goal orianted, which is good because the previous one never actually helped slve anything. It was relaxing to realize I'm afraid of being alone bec of a certain event in the past but I was still afraid of being alone knowing that. I just don't know which one I prefer but their styles are very different.

  35. I need a therapist really badly, but my work schedule is demanding. Is there any online therapists you know of that are good/I can see outside of 8-5/that will be the same person every time?

  36. My therapist dumped me. On the day before she changed her practice she said “it’s probably for the better, it wasn’t really working out.” I didn’t realize it wasn’t working out…

  37. I've been going to therapy since I was twelve and have been through 3 different therapists so I like to consider myself pretty well rounded on how all of this works. Although I have always wondered what my therapists really have thought of me over the past five years so this video was both entertaining and useful. 😀

  38. its funny when you say that therapists notice things, because its so true. my therapist will sometimes point stuff out that i wasnt even aware i was doing like ‘you seem to be kind of agitated by the way that your scratching at yourself’ or noticing that im extra anxious because im fidgeting and not making eye contact. and i wont have realised that im doing it but as soon as she mentions it im like holy shit yep thats exactly it

  39. I unmasked 3 therapists. One was/is a pedophile covert narcissist (Dan Engle Tallahassee, Florida) and the other two were narcissists. Many therapists are narcissists. Be AWARE

  40. Me therapist usually look up to me. And thats the way i like it. I never ever put anyone above me.

    If i feel like. Your above me. I go away. Fuck this.

    I trust noone and i make terrible judgements myself. But they are my own.

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