What Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Jason Poston’s Balanced Breakfast

What Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Jason Poston’s Balanced Breakfast

I hate it when it spills over
because I don’t want to clean the damn microwave it’s because I use the almond milk the
almond milk bubbles more see it’s just what’s up guys Jason Poston here we’re in my
kitchen I want to show you guys one of my power breakfasts this little concoction every time I put
this on Instagram you guys always ask like what is this thing where did I get
it it’s simple it’s just a egg poacher you can google it I got mine off Amazon
because $20 so simple crack the egg open and it’s hot and ready to go when I remind you guys
you kind of need to coat it a little bit so I coated it with this avocado oil
spray you notice I don’t use Pam Pam has canola oil
you guys follow me you know that I’m a big anti canola oil guy so for my oatmeal I’ll have
half a cup which is about at the 28 grams of old-fashioned oats 28g of carbs
and I could do I could do water but I like it creamier with almond milk I
don’t I don’t need a lot of dairy if I dairy it’s usually like a cheat meal
cheese ice cream or the only do I usually eat is a whey protein so I’ll
put in a cup of almond milk in here this is low sugar almond milk and one thing
that I always do with the oatmeal too is add a little bit of salt the
old-fashioned oats are thicker so I feel like I’m eating a little bit more food although they do take alittle bit longer to cook so while everything is cooking you know as you can see this
doesn’t take long I’m gonna cook the rice bread my eggs and oats are done see the trick
is I kept this metal thing outside for a little bit of cooking so I don’t burn my hands I
make oatmeal so many different ways I make oatmeal a lot of different ways the
most important thing is well all of it start with spray butter gotta get that buttery
flavor right and then I had healthy fats because coconut oil is so good for the skin
hair it’s got a high amount of MCT medium chain triglycerides so it’s got a
good amount of like a fat burning fats put about almost half about a half a table spoon there
all right then I actually should have put these in first but I just eye
it is the chia seeds chia seeds are the highest in omega-3 fatty acid so we’re
talking about just a superfood here I just kind of eye it about tablespoon maybe
half a tablespoon you got to put those in early because we want to soften up
and this is my favorite stevia sweetener a lot of stevias don’t taste good this stevia is
from Trader Joe’s it’s super concentrated now we’re gonna start
adding a little bit more carbs so I’ve only got 28g of carbs and I’ve got
some fats but I’m gonna add in about 1/4 of cup and I do I you know eye stuff
but I also measure it because I am type 1 diabetic so I have to make sure I know
what carbs are in my food so I can dose my insulin properly so I’m gonna measure
dried cherries love dried cherries I love cherries
these just last longer when you have like fresh carriers they tend to go bad
if you don’t eat them real quick and then now I’m just gonna throw in my
strawberries I’ve got about a cup of strawberries here I’m just gonna mix
that up so we got cherries strawberries chia seeds coconut oil spray butter but
we’re not done yet so these things have been up here this is a probiotic
smoothie mix check that out this stuff is awesome just to keep your your gut
healthy if you’re eating a lot of food like a bodybuilder you’re trying to gain
a lot of muscle mass we’re actually eating much more than we’re probably supposed to
so you’ve got to do things improve your gut health and this is like one
tablespoon – I dump it in there like that so then I’ve got into the mushroom
you stuff lately this is cordyceps mushrooms great for
stamina endurance just give you energy for your workouts and I’ve noticed a
huge improvement in my energy I have to really have energy issues being diabetic
my energy can just crash out of nowhere so I like to have energy when I have
have it and this is called for just a little teaspoon you don’t need much this
stuff is super concentrated alright so next we’ve got sweet peppers
I love these things they’re great for your health great high in antioxidants
and just like them to have a little bit of vegetables for breakfast
nice and crisp the last thing I’m going to do butter up my rice bread toast
seven grams of carbs per slice doesn’t make me feel guilty about eating four
pieces of bread right you could probably eat literally the whole pack for a big carb meal I use this sugar-free Polarner jelly and I don’t get like all precise here I
kind of just make a sandwich like this boom last thing I gotta do is just salt
and pepper I like sea salt guys sea salt helps hydrate your muscle you guys are
all concerned about salt you really shouldn’t be especially if it’s sea salt
it’s for cellular hydration keeping your muscles hydrated keeping yourself
from cramping from those hard workouts sea salt is great for that and has
other nutritious benefits as well that’s it guys this is like my medium
size and power breakfast right there I eat bigger breakfast I eat smaller
breakfast but this is one of my favorite breakfast right now for just maintaining
muscle mass and having badass workouts the rest of the day try it out

100 Replies to “What Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Jason Poston’s Balanced Breakfast

  1. 6:05 this dude really just said sea salt hydrates you.. all it does is cause water retention. If you want to be hydrated, water is better than dumping salt into your meals

  2. Love seing a type 1 diabetetis That is training seriousky, i have type 1 as well im using insulin for like 8 years 4 times a day, pain in the ass, but we can go huge still

  3. "gotta have that spray butter right"

    3 seconds later "gotta have those healthy fats.." lmao wtf is the point of healthy fats if youre spraying unhealthy shit

  4. Keep standing in front of that microwave watching your food cook and that radiations gonna give you a dick where your nose used to be

  5. So he refuses to eat Canola oil but he’s totally fine with fake butter that is complete garbage for you… 🤔😂 Just eat real butter man.

  6. Btw what kind of salt it is is so absolutely irrelevant. they don't differ at all. you can use the salt for 20 cents or the salt for 20 bucks, no difference

  7. i get so confused by these body builders sometimes. ill see them eat a pound of oatmeal for carbs then use sugar free jelly… i also will see these guys add coconut oil, butter, or other fats to their foods and then use some kind of fat free product later on… stop with the sugar free and fat free products, both are terrible for you.

  8. Seems like a lot of work, the average person wouldn't have this kind of time to spend on one meal. I'm fatigued just watching this.

  9. This dude is awesome af. Get more of him. Isn't the full on classic, bruh just eat hella shit dog. Fuck flavor or anything just eat loser.

  10. hey guys I'm a young kid who just uploaded my first YouTube video on my YouTube Channel. Please go check it out let me know what you guys think, I am trying to become someone in this world thanks!

  11. His physique looks great from here. Not a mass monster, just aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Nice arms too. Let me know if he needs a wife.

  12. Eggs. Bodybuilders eat eggs for breakfast. I don't know why there are thousands of "What do bodybuilders eat for breakfast" videos.

  13. He’s a diabetic.. forget the “type” it’s great how he accomplish his goal.. take notes kids nothing can hold you down keep pushing

  14. Being a Type 1 it’s a tough life because you can’t just eat whatever, you need to balance everything with injectable insulin. Too little he burns off muscle having high blood glucose, too much he passes out and potentially dies. It’s a bitch. This guys legit

  15. That's a lot of fiber first thing in the morning. Everything he added to the oatmeal added more fiber, nevermind the oatmeal itself.

  16. i am only 2:47 seconds into this clip and it is by far the most palatable and well thought out of all of the breakfast clips i've so far watched.

  17. Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal Eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal eggs and oatmeal

  18. I find it amusing that they always leave out the key supplements bodybuilders take everyday : 200mg Test, 300mg Tren, 400mg D-Bol. Oh, wait, they got that way naturally and by using the products they endorse…….

  19. I think this guy might be gay…I now eagerly await responses accusing me of homophobia rather than understand my curiosity…

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