81 Replies to “WHAT DIET, FOOD On body TRANSFORMATION ? (Freeletics, BBG to Gym MUSCULATION !)

  1. Great video!! Many thanks! The cake looks amazing!!! I miss carrefour now 🙁 And about fasting, it's a great idea. My boyfriend does it too. I think I will also try it. Thank you for the motivation!!!

  2. Great video as always.I personally dont like protein shakes after workout.It makes me feel sick after a hard training period.

    By the way can I drink shakes while training? Or alternatively can I eat canned tuna fish instead of shakes?

  3. por dios!! me has motivado mucho apenas descubrí tu canal y aquí me quedare suscrita✅
    gracias por subir este tipo de vídeo 💙☺saludos desde 🇨🇴 colombia

  4. Do you really think that it is totally necessary to use supplements? I'm asking because I want to lose weight and gain muscle (as a girl) but I noticed that many supplements have almost more calories than one whole meal should have.

  5. Can you tell me how much fruit you eat, I'm not overweight, but I can mark my abs, my low abs have little bit of fat and I do workout. The only thing I guess is stoping this to happens only that I eat too much fruit

  6. Just Saw your transformation video and it was SO inspirational! I really want to get into fitness and chance the Way my body looks and how i feel in it, but i have the problem of never feeling satisfied even if i have eaten and without really Boeing hungry. Do you have A tip or something that could help 🙂 Thank you so much for maling there videos 🙂

  7. The OMAD (one meal a day) is great , too .Hope you try it for keeping your growth hormone the longest time during fasting . Goodluck .

  8. How is the sex now? Has the transformation affected your libido? Do you guys find yourself getting more attracted to each other? Are you having more sex than before?

  9. Nice music. Maybe in the future you could share some of the workout playlists on youtube or spotify? I will be looking out for it :)!

  10. Hello I am a type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump and I watched ur video for freeletics. It was very inspirational. Do u know of anyone that has done ur program that is a type 1 diabetic on a pump?

  11. A la soupe de Butternut, ajoutez du gingembre et du poivron rouge ! C'est beaucoup mieux au goût. Puis ca reste fit ^^

  12. Je voudrai tellement motiver mon copain à aller à la salle avec moi ! (sachant que moi je participe à tout ses sports). Mais au lieux de me motiver ou de venir avec moi il trouve que la muscu c'est inutile et mange des cochonnerie ou des plats gras toute la journée à côté de moi 🙁 c'est trop dur. Je voudrai aussi qu'il se passionne un peu au moins pour ca, comme toi et ton copain.

  13. THANK U SOO MUCH FOR THIS U TWO ARE GOALS 😭😍😍😍stay strong🌚💪🏻subbed! Pls post more of motivational vids😘😘😘❤️

  14. they dont know either. i asked. they recommend i hire a personal trainer. i dont have money for a personal trainer. so its safe to say u dont know if ur program is good for a diabetics.

  15. Oulalala je vais m'y mettre !Je vais essayer d'instaurer le jeune intermitent dans ma routine !(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

  16. for who just want to loss weight dont need to drink protein powder right?is it expensive for the total what you have bought to eat during exercise?

  17. Have you guys tried the ketogenic diet, which is a very low carb diet? Cancer cells feed off glucose from things such as refined carbohydrates. Some good info from you guys. keep up the good work.

  18. bravo a vous deux je suis tres impressionner
    je cherche aussi a m affine mais tres difficile d ajuster son alimentation quand on a deux ados a la maison
    mais j essaye de faire de tres gros effort sur le sport pour compenser

  19. hey great Chanel 💕💕💕 ! great Body Transformation ! Count you calories/ Macros? everyday? ❤

  20. can i do "intermittent fasting" everyday…does it affect to my health…i'm currently do my workout twice a day…is it fine ? i'm totally confuse myself….

  21. i have watched like 100 videos of fitness,but seriously,this on became my favourite.you totally motivated me. i am 15 years old and my height is 5'1 and i weigh 121 lbs. i have gained some tummy fat and i really want to get rid of it at home!! now i will probably try these exercises you did!! and thanks for the motivation you're the best!!!

  22. Heelllooooo super vidéo que je viens de découvrir! Concernant le JI je trouve aucune réponse sur internet: on peut encore être en jeûne quand on va à la salle ? ou est ce que vous le cassez avant ?
    Merciii d'avance!

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  24. Lol we dont get food stuff like this in pakistan or evn if we do thts nt affordble fr person like me…bt anyways keep up the gud work…..blessings

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