What I EAT in a DAY as a MODEL | Healthy Model Diet Plan DAY 7

What I EAT in a DAY as a MODEL | Healthy Model Diet Plan DAY 7

Hi Vanderfits and welcome to day seven of our seven day meal plan I’m so excited because this is the last day so of
course I have a bunch of delicious ingredients for you guys to make some
really good dishes with So let’s get started Fasten your seatbelt and let’s
cook So like every single day we’re going to
get started with hot water and lemon and then we move on to our breakfast for
which we’re going to use chocolate almonds, coconut flakes and Alpro Soya
blueberry and we’re going to throw everything into this bowl which makes a
delicious breakfast in my opinion and then for lunch we’re going to have one
of these mozzarella bowls with some rocket, pesto and garlic olives and then
some olive oil to top it all off Such a delicious lunch! And then for dinner I’m
going to eat vegan chicken but you can also use real chicken if you do eat meat And then together with that we’re going to eat some of this delicious curry
paste that my aunt got me from Thailand This is a yellow curry and of this is so
delicious can’t wait to eat it and then we’re going to eat that with some green
beans and some Thai jasmine rice So first and foremost we’re going to cook
the green beans so please boil your water and also boil some water for the
rice and then in the meantime we’re going to focus on the chicken which
we’re just going to stir fry in the pan and then we’re going to add a little bit
of yogurt to the chicken and also the green beans that are cooked by now and
then we’re going to add the curry paste in there So this is just vegan chicken,
curry paste, yogurt and green beans That is all And it’s so delicious I just can’t wait to eat it Make sure that you stir everything together so that it’s a
nice mixture Really good! And then your rice is cooked Just let it sit for about 10 minutes And then your dish is done This is dinner for today How good does this look? And then that was it already That was the last day of our seven day
meal plan challenge I hope you guys enjoyed it I really enjoyed making these
little dishes for you guys and creating this plan and what I think is most
important about this is that it’s not about copying exactly what I do but just
getting an idea of what a healthy balanced diet means for me and also what
works for me and my body type Of course everybody is different Some people are vegan, some people eat meat Some people don’t eat meat like me Or some people eat fish and others don’t It’s just all personal preference, but this is what I prefer and how I prefer to eat And you guys were always really curious to see
my diet and I’ve done some diet videos in the past But this is the first time
that I really wrote down all the ingredients and that I was very specific
to you guys in what I use and that we can actually make this into a challenge
so you guys can cook together with me I hope you guys loved that idea If you want to see more of these kind of videos then let me know in the comments down
below and I might to do some more in the future Or if you have any other videos
ideas that I need to do or if you have any tips or recommendations or maybe you
can share your own favorite dishes I’m open for suggestions and ideas so keep them coming and also subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already of course
and put on the notification bell because I really would love to expand our
Vanderfit family That is so important to me so the more the merrier
and that was it for today I hope to see you guys tomorrow in a brand new video
bye bye

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  1. Hi sanne can you do a workout on how to get in shape in one month because i really need it i have something important coming up in the 17th of jan

  2. Hey Sanne! Have you ever thought of trying veganism? I saw you don't eat meat but still. I hope you try and don't blame yourself if you give up.

  3. Cool to see what you eat for a whole week – i just posted a one day "what I eat in a day" video! Great minds think alike 🙂

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