WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Healthy & Balanced Recipes

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Healthy & Balanced Recipes

(sizzling) (mumbles) (laughs) (upbeat music) – Hey Health Nuts, it’s Nikole
from HealthNut Nutrition and today I’m gonna be sharing
a What I Eat In A Day video. I know you guys love these videos, I love filming them. I love watching them, it’s so fun to see into
other people’s lives of what they eat every day. Cause everyone has different taste buds and different preferences and like their go-to staples. And for this one, I really wanted to share
some really healthy recipes that you can incorporate for the new year that will hopefully align
with your healthy habits and goals for this year. And when I eat these
foods, I feel really good, I feel energized and healthy. So hopefully it inspires
you guys to eat more veggies and just fuel your body
with some awesome food that makes you feel good. So without further ado, let’s
hop right into the video and I will share with you guys
everything I ate on this day. First thing I do in the
morning is of course, I drink a ton of water. This is some important, I
talk about this all time. You’re sleeping for like eight hours, not drinking anything, so
it’s so important to hydrate. Sometimes I drink just straight up water, and sometimes it’s lemon water, but they key is to hydrate. And then I’m just peeking at Instagram, I try not to just jump to my phone right away in the morning,
but it’s hard sometimes. I usually like to just start
out with liquids in the morning so I’m gonna making my herbal coffee. So I’m just putting in some
herbal coffee into this thermos. I mentioned this like thermos
cup in my 2017 Favorites, it’s amazing, it keeps your
drinks hot all morning long so you can sip your
coffee or tea as you like. And I just add in a tiny
bit of coconut sugar, fill it up with some hot water and this coconut creamer I really love. And then I give it a
stir and pop the lid on. And I’m telling you this is gonna stay hot until I finish drinking it, which I love. I’ll usually just sip on that
while I catch up on emails and start my day. Okay, so now it’s time for
my daily green smoothie. My smoothie has evolved into
like this crazy concoction filled with so many superfoods, and I feel like it’s a
multivitamin in a glass, I really look forward
to this in the mornings. And I kinda just sip on this
all the way up until lunch. So I’m packing it full of greens,
chopping in some cucumber. I like to peel mine if
I’m not using organic, but totally optional. I’m also throwing in some
steamed and frozen cauliflower, hemp hearts, and strawberries. Hemp oil, frozen banana, and for powders I have
some protein powder, I mentioned this one in
my Family Meal Prep video, I’m obsessed with it. It tastes like instant vanilla
pudding, it’s really good. Adding in some of my collagen. Some chia seeds for fiber, and cinnamon to balance
out all the sugars in it. As you can see, I only
really put half a banana and just a couple of strawberries. My smoothies tend to be low sugar, which I really like so it
doesn’t spike my blood sugar. I’ll usually make a smoothie for Matt too if he’s in the mood, but I definitely try to drink
a smoothie every single day. Top it up with some metal straws and I’m ready to sip. Alright, for lunch time we got this delicious sourdough bread
from the farmer’s market. So I’m just cutting up some slices. I don’t eat bread every single day, but if I do eat bread, I like to eat some nice quality sourdough or some multigrain bread. I’m just gonna pop those into the toaster, and then I just heated up some
of my leek and potato soup that I meal prepped
earlier on in the week. I like to meal prep soups
and chilis and stews cause then I can just have
them throughout the week, especially at lunch when
I’m working from home. I’ll link this recipe down below, it’s honestly one of my favorites and it’s actually one of
the most popular recipes on the blog. Now that my toast is toasted, I’m gonna just take some ripe avocado and mash it up on there. It’s always a good feeling
when you open up an avocado and it’s actually perfectly ripe. So I’m just gonna mash that
up on there with a fork. This is gonna help fill me up cause the soup alone doesn’t
fill me up so I like to have like the carbs and the
healthy fats from the avocado. Sprinkle on some pink sea salt, pepper, and some nutritional yeast, or nooch as some people like to call it. And then I’m also just
gonna add some pepper to my soup as well and some paprika. So creamy, so delicious, this is like the perfect
thing to have right now because winter is here guys, it is the coldest winter
we’ve had in years in Toronto. So all I’m craving is like
warm soothing foods like soup. And you just can’t go wrong
with avocado toast, right? (upbeat music) Usually around like 3:00 p.m. I like to make myself a
little drink and a snack. So since it’s been really cold outside and I’ve been feeling a little
sniffley here and there, I thought I would make myself
an immune-boosting tonic. So I’m just grating up some ginger and then taking the pulp and squeezing it in between my
fingers to release the juice. Adding in some lemon juice, some tumeric powder, along
with some local honey. And then I’m filling it
up with some warm water. This is such a great drink to
have if you have a sore throat or you just want like an
immune-boosting drink. It’s really soothing around
this time of the year. And then for my snack, I actually decided to bake some muffins. I’ve been obsessed with
making banana bread muffins and adding different toppings in them like carob chips and blueberries and it’s just like a really
nice warming baked good to have in the afternoon. And way better for you
than like a chocolate bar or chips, or any other type of junk food. (upbeat music) So for dinner today, I decided
to just have a huge salad. And I love using my mandolin, I will link this one down below. They’re so handy, you can
slice up all your veggies and everything just kinda
mixes really well in salads when it’s all thinly sliced. And like I don’t have time
to thinly slice it by hand, so I love this slicer. And I’m actually making
my beauty detox salad, it’s made with a ton of crunchy
veggies, butter lettuce, and a delicious creamy
ginger lemon dressing, which I will also link
the recipe down below. And then I’m just
slicing up some radishes, which I feel like I don’t eat enough, but I really love them in salads, they give it a really nice crunch. And sometimes they have a little bit of like heat to them as well. Chopping up some green onion, and throwing that in there as well. Some cilantro, which is really
good for detoxification, really good for kind of removing
heavy metals from the body. I just love it, I know some
people don’t like cilantro, but I’m definitely on the cilantro team. And then a trick for slicing
up your kale nice and thin is you kinda just roll it up. There is a name for this, I
can’t remember it right now. But you just roll it up really tight, and then just slice it and get
really nice finely shredded kale or lettuce, whatever
you’re doing this with. I like doing this with salads, cause it’s just easier to eat
heartier greens like kale. So I just washed up all
of my butter lettuce, drying it with a tea towel. I keep telling Matt I need
to get a salad spinner, I keep forgetting. When your lettuce is dry, the dressing actually sticks to it better instead of just going all the
way to the bottom of the bowl. Adding that into my bowl, and then just kinda tossing
everything up really gently. For my dressing, I’m adding
into a blender some water, apple cider vinegar, fresh lemon juice, some local raw honey, this is so good for this
time of year right now, it’s really immune-boosting
and antibacterial. I’m adding in some good quality olive oil, tumeric, sea salt, tahini, which I don’t know why I’ve
been so obsessed with tahini, I’ve been adding it into like everything. And then I’m just gonna blend this up until everything’s nice and smooth. I will link the blender
I’m using down below, I honestly think this is like the best investment for your health. I use it for everything,
smoothies, salad dressings, not sponsored, but I do
really like my blender. Gonna drizzle that on right over top. If I know I’m not gonna
eat my whole salad, then I won’t put the dressing on, I’ll just do it on my plate so I can store any leftover
salad back in the fridge. But I was gonna eat the whole thing today. I threw on some pomegranate seeds, I love adding some fruit into my salads, it just adds like a really
nice sweetness to it. I’m gonna set this aside
while I prepare my fish. So I’m just gonna heat up some
olive oil on a skillet here, and I’m gonna cook up some rainbow trout. I’m gonna season it with
some organic spice blends that I have, sea salt,
black pepper, herbs, and cook it for about three
to five minutes on each side. I was struggling here a little bit, I think I needed a bigger spatula. But yeah, I’m just gonna
sear it on both sides and this is like my
favorite way to cook fish. I think it’s really simple and easy. So as you can see, most
of my plate is greens and then I have the fish on the side. This was like a little bit
of a lighter dinner for me, but it was a pretty big
salad for Matt and I, so I just went back for
seconds if I was still hungry. And then of course you
can always have things you know like olives,
carrots and humus on the side if you’re still hungry. I really like to eat until I’m full, so as much as I think it’s important to portion control for certain foods, for dinner I just wanna fill myself up and not go to bed hungry. And then for my drink tonight, I decided just to squeeze
in some fresh lime into sparkling water. This is like one of my
favorite things to do, it’s really refreshing and the
lime almost makes it sweet, like it’s pop, but it’s not. And it’s just really good and hydrating, and it pairs really well with some fish. (upbeat music) And that was my dinner, super light and fresh, and perfect for the start of a new year. And there you go, that was
everything I ate today. Really warm, soothing foods
that kept me full all day. Alright guys, that’s everything
I ate in today’s video. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it. Hopefully it inspired you
guys to like eat new things, maybe foods you haven’t tried before, incorporate more
vegetables into your diet, I know that’s always a
struggle for a lot of people. But I promise you when you start to do it, you will crave greens
and hearty vegetables and soups and smoothies,
and all that good stuff. It comes with practice, I promise. Also if you guys aren’t
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inspiration for the new year. It would mean so much
if you shared the video, it does a lot for the growth of my channel and supporting my business
here on the online world so I can keep doing it for you guys. Thank you so much, I will see
you guys in my next video, and I will talk to you later, bye guys! (hip hop music) (upbeat music)

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