What I Eat in a Day on Raw Food Diet

What I Eat in a Day on Raw Food Diet

Alright! This is John Kohler with Okraw.com
today with another exciting episode for you. What we’re going to do in this episode today
is a popular video style that I’ve done before past. But I don’t really like doing it, you
know, I had a video … I don’t know … maybe a month or so ago basically what I eat in
a day when I travel. A lot of you guys gave it a thumbs up so I want to thank you for
that. So I decided to do what I eat in a day, you know when I’m at home and when I’m in
my garden and, you know, in my normal environments. Now I know many of you guys like these what
you eat in a day to kind of see what other people are doing, the intention of my video
is not so that you can copy me identically, “Oh, I … John ate this so I’m eating this,”
right? No, that’s not what I want you guys to do. You know I ate my diet based on what
I have available and what I’m feeling like and what I want to eat that day. I mean we’re
all different and unique and we need different combinations of fruits and vegetables which
in my believe should be the primary source of calories and nutrients in your diet. But we’re on inherently just a little bit
different. So I don’t want you to copy me identically. But what I do want you to pay
attention to in this video today is, you know, some of the things I eat and some of the times
I eat and how I eat the foods that I’m eating because that’s also, you know, very important
and critical to learn besides just, you know, exactly what I’m eating today. So I guess without further ado let’s go ahead
and start showing you today what I ate today. So now we’re going to show you guys what I
eat in a day when I’m home. Lately actually I haven’t been home a lot, but everyday is
a little bit different and today is just a random day and once again I want to let you
guys know that this is what I’m eating in this day and everyday is totally different.
It depends on produce availability on my garden and what I have available here and right now
… And also it depends on what I’m doing. So for example if I was about to sit at home
and do a bunch of stuff I’d definitely eat probably something different. I’m actually heading out right now to some
farm to get produce for the week and so I want something fast, easy and something that
I could take with me while I’m driving and just sip on, you know, my drive to the farm. So what we’re going to do today is we’re going
to get some of these melons here and these melons are from the local farm, they’re not
super sweet or anything, and one of my tricks that I like to do when I get melons that aren’t
super sweet, because if they are super sweet I’d love to eat them and they’re just delicious,
but what I’d like to do is I like to actually juice them up. So I’m going to go ahead and take this guy
and I’m shaving off the skin, although you do not have to shave the skin off to juice
it, and actually there’s more nutrition in the skin but I just want to get the sweetness
out of this melon especially cause these are not often ripe and not often sweet. So now we’re juicing this melon up in the
all new Omega VSJ843, my new favorite vertical single auger style machine. Runs at a little
43 RMP’s, you know, once again, this melon is nice, hard, and firm. Hard and firm fruit
juices are significantly better than softer fruits. I’m going to drop that guy in there
and it just basically gets auto-sucked in, and the pulp comes out and then the sweet
juice comes out. So, you know, we’ve juiced about half of the melon already and it’s created
about 20 to 24 ounces. So I probably get about 40 to 48 ounces when all set and done in melon
juice this morning. So now I’m juicing the last bit of melon here
right into the juicer. Goes right in, gets juiced right up. You know, in general I recommend
you guys actually juice your vegetables and not your fruits and eat your fruits whole
and, you know, in this case the melon just does not taste good and I’d rather, you know,
juice it to get some good flavor and get the nutrition out of the melon into me despite
it not being as sweet as I would like, but optimally I like to eat all my fruits whole. This juicer … I finished making this juice.
We’ve got a bunch of juice. I’m going to go ahead a try a few guys. I mean, it tastes
like a cucumber juice and a little bit of sweetness. It’s really not that good, but
this is going to give me some hydration, you know, to start my day. I’m kind of ready to leave. I got to get out
the door to get to the farm, it closes early. So what I’m doing is I’m basically taking
like glass bottle. I got like spring water in and we’re just going to go ahead and pour
this in there so I could just drink this, you know, on my drive to the farm and this
will be my breakfast today. Alright, with that I juiced another melon.
It’s another small one, once again not super ripe. I need to stay hydrated and I’m going
to be out for a couple of hours. So I always encourage you guys to eat a proper amount
of food. I’ll be taking this juice with me and so I’ll probably drink this, you know,
I’m not going to guzzle it, now I’m going to drink it now and within the next 2 hours.
This will be done with my first meal about melon juice. So now I’m at a farm, harvest some produce
here. We got already; we’ve got some of the Jujubes and haven’t tried any of those yet,
so I’ve intended to eat them, although I have eaten some of these figs here. I’ll eat another
one on camera for you guys. We got a nice and delicious Nevada grown fig. So I’m just
eating some samples here just to know how good this fruit is before I buy it. Next thing I’m buying is what I recommend
you guys get, and it’s these guys right here. These are some grapes but they’re not just
any grapes. These are actually some wine grape varieties. And these are Atalia wine grapes.
The best food is the food you harvest yourself. I’m going to come down here and get these
fresh vine ripen grapes. Look at that bunch, man. Nice bunch, really good color and look,
these are truly sun dried raisins right here. So this is what I’m going to eat next. I’m
going to have fresh wine grapes. Wow, the table grapes you buy in the store like the
green, the red, the black ones, they suck compared to these guys. Like if you drink
wine you’ll appreciate the flavors in the wine, but the wine grapes have not only the
sweetness but also a whole unique different flavor palette that is really difficult to
describe. It tastes kind of like fruit punchy and there’s a small seed that you can chew
up and eat because there’s nutrients in there. So now for my next meal, I’m still driving
around, doing some shopping. I actually got a dog door here for my little one, Goodwill.
It’s always better to reuse and recycle also good prices at Goodwill. So yeah, so my next
meal is I’ll be eating these figs here, they’re quite soft, quite delicious and easy finger
snack food while I’m driving. Check it out, quite juicy too. So now it’s time for my next meal, kind of
thirsty, I want to stay hydrated. One of my favorite ways to do that is to have Coconuts.
So we’ve got these young Coconuts here. I’m going to go ahead and remove the water. Not
use the meat. I’m going to go ahead and put that in a blender craft along with a really
nice watery fruit, a nice Papaya here. I’m going to go ahead and show you guys what that
looks like on the inside. Nice and ripe. Pull of seeds. So we’re going to blend the Coconut
water, Papaya and then also a few frozen Bananas and a nice delicious frozen smoothie coming
up next. So as you guys can see I got my blender craft
full, 48 ounces craft, you got basically just 2 Coconuts, all the Papaya and maybe about
a clove of 1 or 2 frozen Bananas. Now my last special ingredient that I’m going to put in
today is this stuff right here, it’s actually L Reuteri Probiotic Powder and I like adding
probiotics to my smoothies. Not only does this guy’s giving the orange julius like flavor
because it is like, this is white powder. It also adds the beneficial probiotics into
the drink for me. The Bananas are actually prebiotics and will
encourage the probiotics to grown and flourish within you. And I put a fair bit of amount
in there and the probiotics in my opinion are very critical for health. And I take this
specifically because the probiotics, number one they help your digestive system digest
food. Number two, the probiotics play a large role in actually your immune system, you know,
to keep you healthy. So that’s why I’m adding it in and plus in this recipe it makes it
taste real good. Next we’re going to go ahead and blend this baby up. Alright, so we got that blended up, check
it out, nice, delicious Papaya, Banana, Coconut water smoothie, just like I was in the tropics,
nice and cold, still one of my favorite smoothies to make after all these years. So now I’m ready for my next meal, it’s I
don’t know about 4 or 3rd year or whatnot. Actually over my brother’s place, helping
with some irrigation stuff, out in the hot sun, getting quite hungry. So what we’re eating
next is I got some organic Strawberries. This is from Cosco, it’s generally the lowest price
for organic Strawberries about 2.50 a pound and it’s 2 pounds. So in some cases I’ll just
sit here and eat 2 pounds of Strawberries as one meal and, you know, the main thing
I want to let you guys know is that I want to encourage you guys to just eat until you’re
happy, eat until you’re full, you know, just cause there’s 2 pounds, doesn’t mean you need
to eat all 2 pounds if you eat pound and then you’re just like full and you don’t feel like
eating more. One of the things that I really like to eat,
buy is buy like instinctually and what that means is, you know, we have … We get feedback
from our body like our stomach will stretch out, it will be full, it will tell our brain,
“Okay, stop eating.” And when you get that signal, stop eating, don’t eat more, because
there’s 5 left, right? Put those away and eat them later. They’re not going to go anywhere,
they’re not going to grow legs, don’t worry about. Another thing that I like to do is, you know,
checking with my taste buds. You know, we should all appreciate our taste buds and we
have them for reason to taste food. And if you’re really perceptive you’ll actually taste
a difference in your like your first Strawberry. When you’re really hungry, it just taste like
really good. It’s so awesome and then once you eat maybe a pound or so, the Strawberries
just don’t have that punch, they just don’t taste quite as good as the first did. And
that’s because maybe you’ve already eaten enough Strawberries. So you’ll perceive a
taste change some point along the way after eating Strawberries or literally any food
and I want you guys to pay attention to this so that you do not over eat. Anyways, I’m
going to dig into my Strawberries. Alright, I always go to the box and pick out
the nice deepest, reddest ones first, definitely really good. So I plowed through nearly 2
pounds of Strawberries. There’s the last one. I save the least right this one for last.
I pride you to save the nice ripe one and on a good note. Not as good as the first,
but this was my meal, 2 pounds of Strawberries. Another thing I want to remind you guys, when
you’re eating, eating is not a race to finish your food first. Eating should be an enjoyment
and pleasurable experience that you want to prolong and extend that. Like things you might
want to do in the bedroom as well. And so you should want to, you know, chew your food
and enjoy it thoroughly and turn it into a mash before swallowing, this is particularly
important, you know, with salads, you know, even with fruits, we want to get it all mashed
up cause then we’re just going to get a better assimilation of the nutrients in the foods
you’re eating. So definitely have taken my time and enjoying all my Strawberries. Alright, now it’s dinner time for the little
man. Well, that’s what I say to my little man Oakley. But this is dinner time for me.
And what I’m doing now is actually I’m in the backyard and for dinner every night when
I’m home, I like to come to the backyard and kind of just scope everything out. I mean,
I see a lot of ripe peppers over there, and I got this nice striped Armenian Cucumber
we’re going to pick here real quick. Check this guy out, man. Oops, just broke off the
top. This thing is huge, look at that. This is huge, it must be like 2 and a half
feet right there, striped Armenian. What I’m going to do with this, this is going to inspire
my dinner and what I’ll be doing is I’ll be juicing the Armenian Cucumber to make Armenian
Cucumber juice which then I will blend up with some ingredients to make a soup base,
and then I’m going to add a lot of the fresh ingredients in my garden to make it delicious,
raw soup for dinner. I think what I’m going to do next is actually
harvest just some of the things in my garden. We’ll come back out to you when I’m about
ready to make it, show you what I’m making, and then I’ll show you guys what I’m eating,
so just got done making my soup. What I ended up putting here was that I juiced that whole
Cucumber, it made like 64 ounces of juice. I’ll probably put it 32 ounces of juice in
here. I put 4 Tomatoes, about a dozen different peppers, sweet, a few hot ones from my garden.
I put about 36 of the Egyptian Spinach leaves which is more nutritious than Kale. I put
about 12 of the Genera Procums or longevity greens in there. Put a little bit of Sage,
a little bit of African Blue Basil, as well as a little bit of Miso, and 2 handfuls of
Macadamia Nuts for some fats and some Sauerkraut in there and blended that up and this is what
we got. This is going to be my dinner, about 48 ounces. Wow, quite good. So hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I eat
in a day. You know, everyday for me is completely different. You know, I’ve never had a day
that I’ve eaten those exact same things that you just saw this video ever. And I doubt
I’ll ever do it again because every day I’m eating something different depending on, you
know, what I could harvest in my garden, what’s available at local farms, what’s available
at local farmers markets, what’s available, you know, with the local stores and what produce
I get available for, you know, organic produce I could get in expensive at the wholesale
produce store terminal. And plus it’s also some days I feel like eating some things,
and some days I feel like eating others. To sum up this video, because you guys saw
what I eat, you know, in general my diet goes like this. My first meal of the day always
is water. Always like to get up and as soon as I wake up I like to drink water, you know,
depending on the day from 16 to 32 ounces of water is what I like. Then, I’ll basically
just take a break. Because, you know, when you wake up in the morning, you’re supposed
to eat breakfast and that’s breaking your fast. You’re breaking your fast through sleeping.
Hopefully you’ve been sleeping 8 hours and you haven’t been eating, you know, like too
late at night so that you’ve actually been fasting for 12 hours or hopefully, you know,
thereabouts. And then I extend that fast by drinking water
in the morning, and then I only eat after, you know, a few hours later after I’ve had
the water, after I work a little bit. I get my mind off, like, “Oh, I got to eat food
now cause I just woke up,” no, man. You may not be ready for food if you just woke up,
unless you’re feeling like hungry, like when I wake up I drink water. I’m just not hungry.
I don’t desire any food. I’m ready to start my day and get working, go gardening, or whatever
I’m doing, and then as soon as like my body will get hungry, like I’ll feel it in my mouth.
Like man, you’re hungry, dude, eat. And I’m like, okay, now I’m going to eat. And then what I’ll do for my first meal of
the day is I’ll do one of a few things. So it’s very simple, either I’ll have like a
mono fruit meal, so mono meal is basically eating one fruit until you’re full. I’m not
a big fan of making like, you know, fruit cocktails with Bananas and Oranges and Grapefruits,
and all these things mixed together. You know, I’ll simply eat, you know, a whole meal of
Peaches, you know, it could be 5 or 6 Peaches, 7 Peaches, you know, until I’m full and happy.
It could just be all Apples; it could just be all Bananas. So that’s one option. Option 2 is I’ll make a fruit Smoothie. So
I could do Coconut water with Bananas and maybe some green Peppers or some, you know,
greens added in for a green smoothie. Or I could just do a straight up smoothie. Next option is, I might do a vegetable juice.
So I might go out to my garden and pick a whole bunch of greens and Celery and come
inside and juice them up and have like a good 32 ounce to 48 ounces of juice on average
is my amount of green juice that I’d like to drink. Or I could have something like a
green smoothie. And so we got the whole fruit, the fruit smoothie, the green juice, or the
green smoothie. Occasionally, you know, but not usually … I
may do a salad or something like that early in the day, but in general I like to have
one of those other options, you know, basically whole fruits and vegetables, juices, or smoothies.
On some occasions I will also do the fruit juices. So that give you some options of my
first meal and I will do the same thing for my second meal. You know, if I did a whole
mono meal for breakfast, I might do juices for lunch or I might do a smoothie for lunch
and I always mix it up. Once again it depends on the produce availability
in most cases. Like I have a ton of Cantaloupes going ripe, they’re not the super sweetest
Cantaloupes to eat, and I wouldn’t totally enjoy them, then in many cases I’ll just juice
them because by removing the fiber in the Cantaloupes then I’m going to enjoy the Cantaloupes
more plus be able to get rid of them so that they’re going down and feed on my accomplice
file, instead they’re feeding me. That being said I always encourage and recommend
you guys to eat whole fruits, you know, first as mono meals or blend them before juicing.
You know that’s always better because you want to keep the fiber. On your vegetables
I recommend juicing them first and then maybe like, you know, blending them and then eating
them whole and make sure they’re chewed to nice fine consistency and no matter what you
do, whenever you blend anything you do not want to over blend. This is very important,
I see many people in raw foods today, click on their blender, walk away and the blender
is running far too long, you want to only use the blender. You want to only use the blender as, you know,
as little as necessary to achieve the consistency that you desire so that the minimal amount
of oxidation occurs, you know, when blending. Some people in the raw food have been saying
you’re destroying 90% of the nutrients when blending and I don’t know if that’s true,
but I do know that blending does destroy in my opinion more nutrition than a slow 47 RPM
juicer such as the Omega VSJ843 juicer that I’ve using mostly in my kitchen. And my last meal of the day simply is my dinner
and for dinner times, you know, I believe the salad should be your main meal and should
be a large part of your diet. So I like to have huge salads at night, like a big serving
size bowls. I’ve eat for like a family and lots of greens. If I’m not doing the salad,
another thing actually I like better than salad believe it or not is actually a raw
food soup. So I have a really good episode, actually I’ll put a link down below this one
on how you guys could make your own raw food soups based on whatever you have on your fridge
at the time. I love raw food soups because that allows
me to get even more fruits and vegetables in me than a salad and it’s also much more
and easily digestible. And then finally at night time before I go to bed, generally I
like to drink once again 16 to 30 ounce of water to stay hydrated through the night.
I generally don’t have to get up and go pee in the middle night, but if you do, you may
want to weigh and consider that, you know, to not drink water so you don’t have to interrupt
your important sleep cycle to get that stage 4 sleep that we all desire. That is when our
body is fully resting, healing, and rebuilding. So that’s pretty much it for this episode.
Hope this was very helpful for you. If you like this episode, hey, give me a thumbs up.
I may be doing it again as much as I hate doing what I eat in a day videos cause once
again I want you guys to not eat exactly what I eat, but you know, kind of just be the model
and just share with you guys what I do. In case you want to do something similar or whatever,
but in any case I always encourage you guys to just eat more fruits and vegetables. I
mean, the raw food diet, that’s what it’s all about. It’s about eating fresh fruits
and fresh vegetables, you know, as close as you possibly can to nature, you know, grow
them yourselves, go to local farms, join the CSA, go to farmer’s markets and buy farm direct
whenever you can, vote with your dollars so that you can be the healthiest as you can.
Hope you guys enjoy this episode. Once again my name is John Kohler with Okraw.com. We’ll
see you next time. And remember until then keep eating your fresh fruits and vegetables,
they’re always the best. Alright, this is John Kohler with Okraw.com.
Today we have another exciting episode for you coming in HD. We’re here at the 2013 Woodstock
Fruit Festival. It’s the first day at Sunday, when everybody checks in. We’ve got to got
here a little bit early. We’re going to go…

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    Her cholostrol levels went up drinking the smoothie! Have you tried that experiment on yourself? Have you heard that happening to anyone else? I know Dr. Edelstein claims that smoothies aren't as good for you as people think? Because the plant fiber possibly being broken down. What are your Thoughts?

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  33. I don't understand why lots of raw foodists seem to not even wash their fruits and vegetables…. organic or not it doesn't seem to make a difference and of course it shouldn't… cause i believe we should wash them regardless!

  34. Iff you want probiotics why not make your own waterkefir, being a promotor of making stuff yourself instead of buying procesed food. Think about it! Bye

  35. Thanks! When I have eaten too many strawberries, I've been in the bathroom for hours…so be careful on strawberries.

  36. If I ate that much fruit, I would probably die of dehydration before too long from all the watery diarrhea. You are lucky you can have fruit, but you eat such an incredible amount… I thought you ate more vegetables.

  37. Your impact with these videos are greater then you probably know. Thanks man 👍🏾 much success and love to u

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