1. I'm 60 kgs and I'm aiming for 46 kgs by the end of the year (I'm quite short so it's not underweight) and so far I was able to lose 5 kgs in a month so I'm really happy ! I'll try this out to see if it works better 😊

  2. Kaka aku suka banget sama video nya :))), ka mau nanya hehe, kaka sekali makannya pagi siang sore atau malem yaa? sama ka kan kadang kalau diet suka ga dapet menstruasi, kalau kaka gimana yaa? aku pengen ngelakuin omad tp takut ga dapet menstruasi :((, sama kaa kaka workout ga yaa? makasih

  3. You are counting your calories but this are hollow calories. I saw only carbohidrates, refined sugar, fat and a little of protein in your meal. You sould include more veggies, fruits, proteins and good fats to get a better and faster result.

  4. Hey! I think it's great th you're trying to take care of your weight. BUT… These meals need to be nutrient dense. Get healthy, then lose weight babe. These food options are extremely harmful, what with the GMO and all the starches without the nutrients. The calories don't matter, but the sugars and carbs that you put in your body. Those will slow down fat loss. Just a major tip!

  5. Dia ini orang Indonesia bukan?
    Dan apakah makanan ini di makan semua di satu waktu

    Terus makan siang or malam nya bagaimana?

  6. Sorry to say, Your Omad is unhealthy with inky carbs and protein no vegs at all.
    The reason you could easily lose wight because you are still young your metabolism is still working well, but in the long run omad without vegs will make your body suffer / lack of nutrition .

  7. Ma current weight is 65 and ma goal is to reach 55 since i am 5'5.5 (yep ,thaz my height and imma tall chica ere*)

  8. My goal is to be around 40 kg so idk if i will follow this one (because I am easily hungry haha) but your videos definitly give me motivation ! !

  9. You know I from Asia that most of those things for me it really hard to find can you make easy diet food please 🙏
    I'm from Cambodia

  10. Your diet is shit. Fruit is good for you, no one got fat eating fruit. Vegetables, full fat milk, meat, eggs, fish. Eat as much of those as you like and you will be healthy and happy. You are not even fat, so stop promoting this shit diet to people who may be vulnerable and end up with eating disorders from listening to you.

  11. I went OMAD for over a year. April 2018-May 2019 It changed my life! I went from 74 kilograms to 53 kilograms. 🙂

  12. Everything you are eating is fake and wrong from the oatmeal don’t you know how bad it is for you to all the package empty nutrition food just because you eat once a day doesn’t mean it has to be garbage and sorry to tell you but nothing is fresh or wholesome white bread ketchup cereal low fat milk you are supposed to eat fats good fat all wrong

  13. Tuuuh kaaan dari awal udah yakin ini pasti tinggal di indo soalnya sub nya selalu ada b.indo dan sekarang lebih jelasnya lagi ada sari rotiii sebelum jelasin orang indo makan saos😂… 💖

  14. Okay so im going to start the diet. NEED MOTIVATION!!! who wants to start a group chat on insta or something to cheer each other up!!!!

  15. I'm 168 cm and right now I'm 66kg I want to be 55kg so I've been dieting and exercising and so far I lost 5cm off my stomach 🙂 (idk how much I weight though)

  16. First, Canada with their bagged milk and now Indonesia with their dust milk? What is this? I’m an uncultured fool 😂😂

  17. am gonna try this now, my height is 150 cm and my weight is 48-49 kg at the age of 15. my goal is to lose at least 6 kg lmao wish me luck

  18. Guys you need protein, carbs and fat …all this macronutriens !!! Plsss don´t eat what u see in this video …u should inform more!!! this video is much better , it not mine but it has a lot of good tips …plsss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izP8C1qsUVc&t=515s

  19. OMAD worked for me on vacation….I ate one big meal (3-hour eating window) every night for 7 days and lost 2 pounds. I ate whatever I wanted too.
    When I'm home I normally do 16:8 (but eat all healthy whole foods) 6 days a week and do OMAD on Sundays. I also take diet breaks every now and then. This protocol along with regular exercise helps me stay lean and muscular all year long.

  20. my new years resolution is to lose 35 lbs / 15.88 kg i will start OMAD tomorrow! If you want updates, i will be updating on my instagram : weightlxssjournie

  21. Any omad is great…but low carb (less than 40mg per day) omad is much easier than omad when more carbs are involved…the higher fat intake will cause the hunger causing hormone ghrelin do down regulate…it will also cause an uptick in the hormone leptin which is responsible for satiation…low carb omad will also lead to substantial hgh release by the pituitary…and allow many of the beneficial effects of autophagy to kick in…..this way of eating will absolutely upgrade you….for more info: dr ben bikman, dr jason fung, dr dom d'agostino, and ivor cummings are excellent resources.

  22. Very cool ! Thanks for the advices. We are doing now a 90 days Omad challenge:) even after 5 days we have great results ! Keep up the great work !

  23. My weight is 140 but most of my weight is from my thighs but I just have a little belly weight so I’m trying to get to 120 hope I get there

    To everyone trying to do this, wish the best of luck❤️❤️❤️

  24. Hiee. I loved the video and it will be my inspiration for now. But I just have one question, what time of the day do you eat? Morning, afternoon or night?

  25. Mu weight is 51 kg but i look super fat than 60 kg idk why i always starve my self and i get depress because of my weight.. i hate my body so much

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