What If You Only Ate Candy? – Dear Blocko #22

What If You Only Ate Candy? – Dear Blocko #22

Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin. Welcome to another episode of Dear Blocko. This is the show where I answer your questions
that you have about your world and my world. Brandy Q asks
How long could one survive only eating candy? Well, according to Web MD, sweets can be part
of a healthy, lifelong eating pattern. So I guess like a lot of things on the internet,
we could totally just take that way further than intended and only eat sweets. That’s definitely what they meant, right? In all seriousness, while a variety of factors
make it difficult to pin down exactly how long you would survive eating only candy,
this is definitely a bad idea. One of the biggest things that you would face
by only eating sweets is, well, malnutrition. BUT, if for some reason, ALL YOU HAD was your
trick-or-treating bag, you would want to focus on candies that have more protein, a macronutrient
that’s going to be in small supply with your new choice of snacks. Things with nuts or fruits are going to be
better than just straight up sugar. For instance, a 240 calorie Pay Day has 7
grams of Protein, 13 grams of fat, and 21 grams of sugar, whereas Four large straws
of Pixy Stix, which will run you about the same amount of calories, has around 52 grams
of sugar… and not much else. The more variety of macro and micro nutrients
that you can get, the better. Still, it’s not optimal either way. Please guys, eat a vegetable, like literally
any of them. And now it’s time for questions about me
and my world. Quinton asks…uh, whe- uh where’s the question? Can we get the question? Oh there it is! Quinton asks
Dear Blocko: Have you found Rhombus yet? Is everything okay with these glitch monsters
yet? Blocko:
Well, the situation with these glitch monsters is that they are wreaking havoc on the life
noggin world and turning my friends and citizens into glitch monsters themselves! They’re like a virus and animator has been
trying to fix them one by one! For the case of Rhombus, I still don’t know
where he is, but everyone keeps saying Rhombus is a glitch monster. Rhombus is a glitch monster, but i just don’t
see how that- Ahh! Rhombus! You’re a glitch monster! If only I read the comments! Rhombus, It’s me! Your friend! Remember? Look I have a box of your perfect chicken
nuggets! You want this huh? Yeah! You want this! Animator! Now! The Original One: You can’t fix this one
Blocko. He’s too far gone. Blocko:
Who said that? The Original One:
Let’s just say we have a lot in common. Blocko:
You like Pizza Bagels and random trivia? The Original One:
Ah what?…no..no…i’m trying to say…you know what nevermind. Rhombus Attack! {hurl noise] Did I almost die? Was that what that was? [hurl noise] Blocko:
Cut to the question screen! This is embarrassing! We gotta figure this out. So do you have any questions that you wanna
know about your world and my world? Let me know in the comment section below and
make sure you use the hashtag Dear Blocko so i can find it! When we buy things online like Pizza Bagel Statues or Hats that fit triangle Bob’s head, we’re giving shops and other data collectors access to our personal info. Security isn’t the most fun topic to discuss, but you need it in order to insure your time spent buying, I don’t know, an ungodly amount of pudding is safe and secure. Privacy.com is a free tool that makes it extremely easy to manage your financial life online without sharing your actual banking info. Privacy generates virtual numbers, so your real bank information is never breached. With Privacy.com’s military encryption security measures, you don’t ever have to worry about changing your card everywhere if one gets hacked. Each card is linked to a merchant AND you get instant notifications if an annoying hacker with no respect for your rampant pizza bagel habit, tries to use the card anywhere else. To support the show AND keep your info safe, Go to Privacy.com/lifenoggin right now. For a limited time, you can get $5 off your next purchase. Just click the first link in the description! Wanna watch even more dear blocko? Check out the previous one we did! hydrofluoric acid can pose a serious threat to you if you come into contact with it. as always, my name is blocko, this has been life noggin, don’t forget to keep on [evil laughter] [coughing noises] [laughing continues]

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    What will happen to a phobic if they see the thing they're afraid of?
    Arachnopobic sees spider.

    Aka me

  4. #Dear Block Why did people not think of technology earlier? I'm using Grammarly lol. Keep up the good work with your vids! 😀

  5. #dearblocko could you survive using just pizza bagels, no money no house just pizza bagels. If you touch anything, BAM its a pizza bagel now

  6. #DearBlocko

    What's going to happen to Blocko 1.0? Will we see him in future videos? Or is he only a Halloween character…?

  7. Glitched rhombus? Dont worry blocko leave this to me me:showes the ultimate reset button of the AI gods let's use it blocko it will work.

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