What is the best diet for me? | Eric Edmeades

What is the best diet for me? | Eric Edmeades

I was 21 years old and I was
sick, I mean really sick. I mean, I’m not talking facing death sick,
I’m talking that I couldn’t breathe through my own sinuses, I had
gut pains that were so bad that I couldn’t think. I had horrible cystic
acne that was painful to smile and it was my life. I always had that tissue.
I was that kid that always had the tissue in their pocket. You know the one.
You know, I was that kid. And I went to doctors.
The doctors want to help me. They didn’t go spend six, eight
years in medical school because they didn’t want to help people, but were
they empowered at medical school to help me?
No. No. No, they weren’t.
But I didn’t know that. Hell, my dad was a famous orthopedic
surgeon. My uncle was a well-recognized orthopedic surgeon. We had doctors all
over the family, and so I trusted doctors and I visited them for year upon year upon
year. And you know what they gave me? Pills, inhalants, injections,
and then finally, surgery. Yeah, you know what?
It seems like God or evolution, whatever your belief,
accidentally put tonsils in my throat. Total accident. “Got to take those babies
out.” That’s what they said to me. Luckily for me, some friends of
mine sat me down and said, “Eric, I think you need to consider some
changes to your diet, just for a month.” And so I did. And so over the next — I’m
telling you, two weeks — my body started to change. Two weeks later, no acne,
no allergies, I had dropped 35 pounds off my body. I was completely transformed.
And then I became deeply curious, I mean, deeply curious. How is it, how is
it that I can spend year upon year upon year visiting doctors and get no
result, and then I could just simply change what I put in my body and
I could get all the results? And so I asked a doctor one day, I did,
I asked a doctor… I’ve now asked hundreds of doctors in countries all
around the world the same question. But I asked a doctor one day,
“How long did you go to medical school?” Can you imagine being a doctor and
a kid says, “How long did you go to medical school?” “Six years.”
“And how much time did you spend studying food?” “Uh, uh, not very much.”
“How much specifically?” “Well, none.” I’m in an event in Germany about a year
ago, there’s about a thousand and a half people in the room, and there’s
a doctor sitting just about here. And in the middle of my talk, I go,
“Do we have any doctors in the house?” He raised his hand, he says, “Here.”
I get a microphone to him. And in front of a thousand people in
Germany where I’ve never asked this question before, I asked him, “How
long did you go to medical school?” He was a general practitioner, 6 years.
I asked him again, “How long did you study food?” Microphone in his hand,
cameras around, thousand and a half people watching, he says, “None.”
And for many of the people in the room, the penny dropped. They suddenly
realized what the significance to that question was. And I’ll put it to you
another way, in case you’re still wondering what the significance is,
how many of you would be happy to take your car to a mechanic who had
never studied fuel? It’s funny, right? Had never studied oil?
Had never studied anti-freeze? Would you take your car to that mechanic?
Then I suggest you rethink your relationship with your doctor.
And then one day, I’m on a plane and I’m on my way to Africa doing a wildlife
photography thing and I’m reading this article. And in the article, they talk about elephants being
captured and put in zoos and circuses, which I’m no fan of. So I was curious because the article was
the history of it. And it said that 100 years ago, when they took these
elephants and they put them in the zoos and circuses, they would make a lot of
money because they would attract audience, right, but the elephants would only
live for 6 or 7 or 8 years, maybe 10. But nobody knew that that was a problem.
I mean, they made their money back in that 10 years and that was the main
concern for them, until they found out that elephants in the wild could
live 70 years. And suddenly, they became deeply concerned about their
investment. I’m sure some of them were concerned about the elephant,
but I’m thinking it was mostly a profit-loss question.
And once they had that profit and loss question,
they were forced to do the very simplest thing, they were forced to
evaluate elephants in the wild. Sure, they could have conducted a
multigenerational macro-nutrition and micro-nutritional study on elephants
to try to figure what’s wrong, or they could just go and look at
the ones that are getting the result and duplicate that. Does this make
sense? And so that’s what they did. And they found out that elephants
in the wild eat 200 kilograms, 500 pounds of fresh grass and bark and
fruit when it’s in season and they drink 70 liters, I don’t know how many gallons
that is. It’s a lot. Every single day. And when they duplicated that for the
elephants in captivity, look at that, 70 or 80 years. I became fascinated.
Because as I was reading this article, they were making a massive
grammatical mistake in the article. They kept referring to the elephant’s wild
diet and the elephant’s captive diet. Let me just back up for a minute.
The elephant was on a captive diet when it was on the zoo, and when it was in
nature, it was on what, the elephant diet. Not the wild elephant diet,
the elephant diet. And the grammarian in me wanted to take out a red pen and
circle every instance of this wild diet rubbish in the thing. Like that’s
not… It’s the elephant diet. And as I want to do this,
I start thinking to myself, oh, elephants have a diet. So does
every other organism on Earth. Every organism on Earth has
a diet. An oak tree has a diet. A cheetah has a diet. Its diet
is 2.5 kilograms of fresh meat every day. It won’t eat existing
meat. It has to kill it itself. A hyena doesn’t have that issue,
right? They have different diets. The leaf-cutter ant has
a diet. What does it eat? Ants.
You might think so, but they don’t. They go out and they collect leaves and they bring them back and they
compost them and grow fungus, because they’re fungivores. And
if you try to make them eat leaves, they would die. Diet is specific,
and humans have one. Humans have one. And I know that some of you are going to
go, “Yeah, but what about the blood type diet? And what about
the genome testing diet?” Okay, raise your hand if you need
Vitamin C. That should be everybody. And how about omega fats, who need
those? Oh, yeah, everybody again. And how about this, anybody needs calcium?
Anybody up for iron. Hang on a minute, what about the blood type diet?
What about the genome diet? What I want to suggest to you is that
every homo sapien on Earth needs the same stuff. We have some different
production capacities, some of you are gluten-intolerant. Some of
you have issues with lactose. And I get that. But what I would suggest
to you is that that so many of us have an issue with lactose is a clue and
that if you are not sensitive to lactose, I feel bad for you, because it
means the alarm’s been turned off. You don’t have the pain so you just
keep having it and that will give you, according to Harvard Nursing School,
a 30% uplift in your opportunity to develop ovarian or prostate cancer.
Milk, it does a body good. It does not. That’s why you will never see those ads
again. You look, you will not, in Britain, Canada, or America ever see an
advertisement from the dairy industry ever again telling you that milk is
good for you. Diet is specific, guys, but what we have to do is get to behavior.
And that’s what truly gave birth to WildFit. I got to tell you something,
that whole conversation, you know, Vishen and Allen wants an inspiration
and Emily Fletcher, like I want you to hear something. When I created WildFit,
I knew that what I wanted to do was have massive impact, like we need to turn
around the lives in the health of billions of people on this planet
for the planet. It has to be done. We’re arguing about Obamacare, Trumpcare,
national health care in all your different countries. Stop it. Who
here would be happy to buy car insurance from a company that charges the
same amount to you as to a 16-year-old child with five accidents under their
belt? Who wants that insurance? I’m sorry, you want insurance based on your risk
factors? I’m not interested in universal health care. I’m interested in universal
self-care. You know how the diet industry works. You write a
diet book, 10,000 people buy it, 5 people get really good results,
you get their before and after pictures, you sell more books. What if instead,
that every 100 people that does it, 90 of them get really good results?
What would happen then? Big change. And I want to tell you why we’re able
to create that and that is that lasting transformation is not about giving
people a bunch of restrictive rules. It’s not about telling people you can
and can’t do this. It’s about changing your psychology. When we
created WildFit, it was really simple. I knew I could coach people one on one,
but what I knew I had to do is I had to put them together. And so
we created a community. And that really gelled people together and
it’s one of the big reasons we’ve been so successful. I want you to think about
that when you’re creating transformation for people. You want to make sure
you’re changing the way they think, you want to make sure they’re
community. But here’s the big one. You need to treat them like the
whole frog in the hot water thing. How many of you that had done WildFit
showed up on Week 1 and thought that I was actually crazy? How many people?
How many people realize that it’s not crazy at all, it’s just crazy enough
to be making a dent in the universe? That’s what Week 1 is all about.
It’s about easing in and learning some things, because if we want to get
different results, we’re going to have to do different things. And that’s exactly
what that’s all about. Your health is far more determined by you getting enough of
what your body needs than by removing stuff. If we tell dung beetles, “Dung
beetles, stop eating poop. That’s gross,” they will get sick. They need what they
need and you need what you need. Does this make sense to you? And so all I’m going to say to you,
even for those of you who haven’t even begun yet the WildFit Quest,
what I want to suggest to you is just do this, before you eat the other garbage,
get all the stuff you need in first. That is the primary thing you need
to be doing to turn things around. And with that, you can begin
to change the industry.

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  1. What resonated the most with you in this video? We'd love to hear in the comments below 🙂

    Watch the free WildFit masterclass here to learn more >> https://go.mindvalley.com/6z3nxF9T

  2. I agree that if you're gonna eat crap, at least make sure you take care of your nutritional needs first. Simply eat real food as much as possible.

  3. I'm a huge fan of Mind Valley and Vishen, love the way you touch upon every subject for an overall life makeover and bring these mind-blowing inspirational speakers on board.
    A humble suggestion, to bring Dr Luke Coutinho on board if you can, he is brilliant on Holistic healing through food.
    Love you guys. Thank you


  5. The headline is completely misleading. It's an attention getter. The guy never talks about what one should eat. It should be: "Eric Edmeades on the Importance of a healthy Diet". And leave out that distracting marketing music.

  6. You know what man, I'm guessing there are some great doctor's out there, but I haven't been to them. I have been to four general practitioner's who I found pretty amateur to be honest. One doctor just prescribed me pills straight away for my anxiety, another time I had pains all over my body and the doctor didn't know what it was and just said it was arthritic, the next one said I didn't seem anxious and I said I've only just met you, the next doctor after two visits over what I thought was an std actually thought that a part of my cock was the std — I paid this woman 70 euros each time, then I went to another doctor only to tell me I had no std, so after spending over 200 euro, I never had one and this woman has tonnes of customers and credentials. They study for 6-7 years — they should know better.

  7. If you look at prehistoric diets they vary depending on the country and are focused on survival so if only fish was available they ate just fish – but where I live we ate mostly vegetarian and meat was rare – I've been vegetarian since 11 and healthier than friends my age I think that's because I avoid pills and doctors unless emergency situations – elephants and lions can be healthy and vegetarian – it is a myth that it makes you weaker. We can all survive on rubbish but not for a long time without getting sick – the body has no problem with vegetables and fruit – the rest is rubbish that you can tolerate but should moderate. Run your engine on the best stuff.

  8. Dear Eric, I watched one of the webinar videos that features you. In the video, you mentioned about seasonal diet. What people eat in winter, in summer, etc. What about people who live in countries like Malaysia? We have no winter.

  9. You got the dairy thing wrong. Nortern Europeans have evolved and mutated to produce the lactate enzym for their whole lifespam coz the strongest people surving in the northern climate was the ones having the best lactose tollerance. The theory is that people in the north was lacking vitamin D due to lack of sunlight and people not getting it couldn't compete for reproduction.

    To understand diet you need to understand evolution. What made us survive for 200 000 years and what do we consume differently now and you got the answear what makes us sick. We're all the genetic mass of our ancesters. Climate and area of our ancestry is the closest thing to real evidence on what to consume. We literally got 200k years of experience of what to eat to survive. What we been adding to our diets the last 200 years seems have the reversal effekt.

  10. These Mindvalley people are totally fake , beleive me they are just hype creater and play with the mind of innocence audience . they are earning millions by spreading wrong information .

  11. This guy seems so sincere but he never tells anyone what to eat unless you purchase his online seminar or go to one in person. Ive stopped watching things on Mindvalley because they are just glorified commercials trying to get you to buy thier programs which are OBSCEnELY EXPENCIVE!

  12. I am a Indian . I drink a lot of fresh Buffalo milk . But in the video it is said that milk increases risk of cancer . So should I stop drinking milk . Plzz tell because I don't want to have cancer in my later life . I am 20 year old boy .

  13. "Two weeks later no allergies, no acne, and dropped 35 pounds. "

    I think it has something to do with the PLACEBO EFFECT. you cannot have such a significant change in two weeks, just by changing your diet. I'm sure in 100% percent. I have seen this before. You believed it would help you, and it helped.

  14. There is a point there…
    All you have to do is start thinking as God's creation. You are perfect being, everything in the nature is perfect. All you need already exists in nature. God didn't put you here and left you to starve. Just eat what was created for you, by God, not Men.

  15. Ayurveda ( medicine of/by herbs/plants/elements found in nature ) + Yoga both should be part of life. Hindu way of life is mother load of good stuff. ( And yes some also include non-veg )… Dharma is way of lifel. A Cheetah's dharma is to hunt and eat its food. A Hyenna's Dharma is to eat stale meat. A Cow's Dharma is to feed on grass. Our/Hunams Dharma's is to eat plant based food. By the way, Cow's/Buffalos and Humans share same intestine structure. You will never see a Buffalo/Cow go on hunting spree… Eat fresh even if you are in to meat. Stay healthy peopple. God Bless !!

  16. Kinda confused by this guy who supposedly is a 'nutrition expert', yet his Amazon profile doesn't even mention it. It does mention he is a 'serial entrepreneur', so this may be just another money-maker gig for him. He has no track record of being a 'nutrition expert', and his program, 'WildFit' seems like another spinoff of Paleo-like, Keto-like diets, but way overpriced. Do your own research, come to your own conclusions.

    About Eric Edmeades (from Amazon.com)
    Eric Edmeades is an internationally recognized business speaker and serial entrepreneur. Eric has owned businesses in a variety of industries ranging from mobile computing to Hollywood special effects where he had the privilege of working on Hollywood blockbusters like Avatar and movies in the Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, and Iron Man franchises.

    Today, Eric is focused on business education. As the developer of both Inception Marketing™ and Business Freedom™ Eric travels the world hosting business and marketing education programs, speaking at business conferences and providing executive coaching and business mentoring services.

    Eric's talks are designed to get you on the road to real business freedom; owning a business that gives you both the financial freedom and flexibility to spend more time on what really matters; your family, your health and your life.

    Eric, and his wife Elise, also run exclusive retreats and adventure programs including the famous See You At The Top leadership program that involves summiting Kilimanjaro, Africa's tallest peak. Eric and Elise live in Cabarete in the Dominican Republic with where they spend a great deal of time kitesurfing, walking on the beach and spending time with their daughter.

  17. Every words makes sense. Background music is like perfume, sometimes less is more. I often make the same mistake, but I intend to change that. The information in the video is golden nuggets to the max. I intend to take this further, maybe even purchase a seminar. Maybe like the elephant eat what I'm suppposed to. ♥

  18. Thanks for speaking my heart out.. this is the kind of stuff I want to hear.. I am a believer in the same.. i wish people get it.. phew..

  19. A channel with 1 million subs have uploaded a great informative video and after 4 months it only has 40k views that's only 10k a month !! People really don't appreciate the good and important stuff these days

  20. OK I Iistened to your 11:04 minutes BS. Where the best diet plan you were suppose to tell ? –___

    thnx for Enhancing Awareness thnx
    but it is pre vedio regarding vedio title

  22. Incredible talk! This man is introducing the power of food for the reality of health, things we should be taught in schools, and for obvious reasons we are not. We are what we eat doesn't mean anything in today's world as it's become a cliche, unfortunately. I respect the doctors who have studied food! " How long do doctors study food?" Thank you Eric Edmeades!!!

  23. Thank you for giving a voice to something I felt to be true all along but couldn't quite pinpoint it.

  24. I am a cardiologist. Every time a patient comes in I tell them to eat naturally. To eat vegetables as much as they can… I tell them to cut down on sugar… I write them links on these videos and… every time…. they laugh. They say can’t you give a pill and we get over with the visit. Quick fixes… when it is already late. Pleaseeee people educate yourselves… do the work. Don’ t laugh at doctors or nutritionists or experts who do know about food- health… I am not giving up but sometimes it’s frustrating. I want to make a change, I want to go to the market and not have to read every single label. I hope the individual movements change industries… but how easy and fast and how much health gained if it was already the other way around!

  25. There are dieticians who study food, diet charts and all. Not a cardiologist or a dentist. We study the human body. But we doctors learn what nutrients food has. We even suggest you to eat healthy food. You are right about the importance of food. But you don't understand about doctors.

  26. Brilliant Talk Eric! Love the leaf cutter ant and dung beetle comparisons! Made me laugh and learn at the same time!

  27. Humans live all over the world in various climates and their "traditional" diet varies according to the geography as does the produce of the Earth. Diets and requirements change according to place and climate.

  28. Ma mind is actually changed…… …. . … mind valley is actually a game changing mind valley…………🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  29. For the people who think this guy shouldn’t charge for what he teaches… and believe that if he “gave a shit he’d just tell us what we should be eating”, are you willing to go to YOUR job for the next 30 days and work for free??? I highly doubt it! I love working with my developmentally disabled adults… but I ain’t doin it for FREE!!! How??? How the hell is someone supposed to eat, pay bills, take care of their family, etc if their working for free? Getting the knowledge he had a price to be paid… getting to a platform to teach what he knows has associated costs as well… There’s travel expenses, time needed for collecting data and information from experts, technology procurement, and more!

    Please get your life together and stop looking for handouts. Invest in yourself and $upport the people who help improve the lives of others.

    Or… go do the research yourself and teach it to the world on your dime.

  30. All that you said is great, especially about cows milk. But next time please be specific – human beings are starch eaters (rice, corn, oats, potatoes, beans, peas, lentils..) with additional fruits and vegetables.

  31. We are all the same species, but we do not share a common "human diet" for good reason. We're spread across the entire globe! Civilizations were raised by utilizing what the land could offer. So ancient egyptians had a very different diet than ancient Chinese people, for example. With the advent of global trade routes and commodity based economies, diets have become wildly different than they were historically. This is just another example of how to financially rape desperate people who lack the ability or desire to learn for themselves how to improve their lives. Change comes at a cost, but if that cost is strictly financial then the outcome will be equally as meaningless.

  32. Ayurveda has always emphasized that from centuries. it's only last few decades when market forces have influenced diets over traditional ones in India, leading to lifestyle diseases.

    Some examples are sugar in place of jaggery, chemically refined oils in place of cold pressed natural oils, vegetable ghee in place of desi ghee, vegetable oil made butter in place of natural butter, finely ground flour in place of coarse floor, chemical Laden toothpastes in place of neem datun, iodized sea salt in place of rock salt and so on.

  33. Around 7-8000 years BC people in Europe started to use cow's milk to survive. This resulted in spreading a mutation that allowed people to digest dairy. It's not in the whole world, but there are a lot of people that can safely eat dairy products and drink milk.

  34. This is shit…all about money.
    I’ll save you $900
    Eat a plant based lifestyle
    Avoid processed foods
    Eat organic when you can
    Learn to water fast on a regular basis

  35. Your way of asking about diet doctor doesn't make any sense
    The food we or people eat is a completely under a business format provided by country and that's what we get as a citizen in a boom of food bussines people

  36. I'm really getting annoyed with these Mindvalley shorts. They're really Adverts. It's taking liberties with viewers time…

  37. i already hate this because it has the word "diet"
    i like to use nutrition instead because there isn't bullshit in that word

  38. I really appreciate the free masterclass and videos on Youtube. I gathered a lot of good stuffs on them But, If people want to go deeper they need to start a Wildfit program who is WAY TO EXPENSIVE for the average people. No many people that I know have the money the power to spend 700$ in one shoot. You said that it's a good investement, cheaper than the thousands of $ you will depense a year for supplement and other kind of stuff but, as I said, most of the people don't have of these money to spend like that, in one shoot. I understand the amount of work behind, the community thing and coaching and maybe it justify the price, I don't know but you should give all this information about food easier for people. I would love a book about it for exemple ! If you really want to change the world dudes, it could be clever.

    Cheers 😉

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