What is the Ketogenic Diet? (Basic Concepts Simply Discussed)

What is the Ketogenic Diet?   (Basic Concepts Simply Discussed)

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  1. I have a question. I can't stand fat on my meat so I cut it all off but I love to cook with butter and coconut oil. Is that still keto?

  2. I have only been doing the keto 2 weeks now. i have cut out bread and all forms of sweets. I am eating eggs sausage and bacon and as a sub for grits or potatoes,, I am eating cauliflower. I am however still drinking beer at night but i feel much better about myself.

  3. I am almost 55 years old, was told I am peri-menopausal and requested bloodwork to check my hormones. Blood work was done and everything is ok but my calcium level is to high which it has been for years and was given a referral to see an Endocrodologist because I have Hypothyrodism and now just received a referral for a Vascular surgeon because I have vericoise vains/swelling/discoloration (now cellutious which I have antibiotics ) I do not have insurance and must go to a clinic to get any help and see different P.A.'s & I cant go to specialists because without insurance or you cant afford visits in Texas….Your out of luck! Please help me, thank you.

  4. Hello Dr, well A few years ago I was diagnosed with potential pre-diabetes. Whatever that means, the only word I heard was diabetes. I started to hit the gym work out but was never able to lose weight. A buddy of mine sent me your channel on the keto diet. Five days ago I started the keto diet and cannot believe the results. Besides the instant weight-loss the most important thing to me was the fact that I was able to maintain my glucose at a normal level. BTW the keto flu was no joke for me. I am feeling better and losing weight. I appreciate the information and looking forward to getting at sustainable weight.

  5. I need to know if you have heart failure and weight of260 can you do this my 70yr old dr says no help!!

  6. Very informative video and easy to understand. I've been doing a lot of research into something of a vegan keto type of "diet". Before everyone flips out on me, let me just first say that for an unknown reason about 3 years ago, I started getting physically sick from meat. Didn't matter what kind. Even now, on the rare occasions I eat it, even a small amount like 2-3 oz, I still get sick. So there's not much I can do about that. I'm also allergic to dairy and grains make me very sick as well, though I'm having a hard time fully eliminating those. I have found a few resources, such as one woman's blog where she did a "vegan keto experiment" and I guess I was just wondering if anyone had any input or resources that might help me figure this out more. It's extremely stressful. lol

  7. My question is the ketogenic diet and will it help or make worse someone with bad acid reflux? And instead of taking medications is there a natural way certain foods to eat to reverse the effects of acid reflux?

  8. Do you have a Keto video for Extended fasters!?? I'm 51, on day 11 and have 3 days to go! July 4, 2019. I'm confused on what to do.. I only am drinking homemade Kombucha and water.. thank you!

  9. I need help! I’ve been on the keto diet for 3 weeks. I’m in ketosis based on what the urine tests tell me, and I’m making sure I don’t eat more than 24g of carbs a day. Still, 3 weeks later, I haven’t lost a single pound! Why? Thank you for any insight you may have!

  10. My last name is Berry. I rarely see any other person with last name Berry. I wonder somehow is our last names connected. I see you’re from TN. I am from MS but have moved to FL.

  11. Dr. Berry, You are truly a genius and wished all doctors were as honest as you than being more concerned to have their patients back for more unnecessary appointments for more medications – my question is, what types of food will give one the most energy to be active, I am not concerned about losing weight, but need to know what foods will provides more energy to have an active life? Keto seems to make people feel out of energy. Please comment. Thank you.

  12. Thank you! Very interesting! I need to lose 140 lbs and I suffer inflammatory arthritis, GERD,IBS, ADD, migraines an depression. I am definitely starting keto.

  13. I work 11-12 hours 6 days a week as a waitress, it’s a family restaurant so we don’t really have breaks to eat or anything like that, and I usually don’t get to eat dinner till late, sometimes it can be earlier between 7-9 but most times it’s after 10 pm. Is it bad to eat late on keto? I just started a few days a go and have been looking for answers but have been getting a bunch of back and forth answers…..and am still not sure but would love to know so that I can try to find a way around it maybe

  14. I thought I knew about keto when i started a week ago until I came across a video in KetoCon from watchautumn interviewing dr. Berry yesterday… video binging now

  15. It's nice to have a "Doctor" on YouTube who is an actual doctor and not a chiropractor. Most of the "Dr So and So" on YouTube are chiropractors. One of them said you could resolve Diabetes overnight by getting rid of carbs. (Eric Berg) My Type 2 Diabetes husband has been on Keto for two months and he gets maybe 10 carbs a day. And his diabetes is not resolved. We believe it will improve greatly as the months go on but it's not an overnight thing. Not at all.

  16. Thank you for the explanation of Keto, Dr. Berry! I've been doing research on the diet, and you are SO easy to listen to and understand.

  17. Hi Dr Berry, could you please make a video about Keto rash? I have been Keto diet for a month after I watched your video, my blood pressure went back to normal, but I am having to have Keto rash now. It is so itchy and painful. I do not want give up Keto diet, could you please tell us how to heal Keto rash in short time? Keto rash is not rare anymore, more people have this kind of Keto side effects. Thank yiu

  18. Hi Dr Berry. I know people who have had success with KETO, so I decided to go KETO, too. I've been eating strictly clean KETO for 4 days, but I have GAINED 5 pounds! HELP! I'm going to go through your 101 series, and am already familiar with many of the concepts of which you've spoken. I'm 80 lbs over weight, age 72, have survived hormone positive breast cancer, and carry most of my weight in my belly. What might I be doing wrong? I do have an auto immune disease of the liver, so it's especially important to reduce inflammation. I have sugar addiction, however I've completely gone off sugars and flour, breads, etc. I've never been one for soda, drink mostly filtered water, and eat whole foods. Why am I gaining weight instead of losing???

  19. Thank you I can do keto on a budget!!! That Keri gold butter is a little pricey. Lol. My butter is made with cream and salt. Also what's your opinion on flexing in and out of ketosis? I've heard staying in ketosis for long periods isn't safe. I'm only on my 5th day and so far so good.

  20. Been followin a Keto diet religiously for three weeks didnt lose a single ounce. Where is the magical weight loss touted here?

  21. No fish 50,000 years ago no fish come on, this doctor is trying to promote meat for money another sell out because 50k years ago we only had veggies. What is the Keto diet eat meat?? lol

  22. Thank you Dr Berry!!! You have forever changed my outlook on food! I lost 120 pounds and feel amazing now I’ve started my own YouTube journey channel and will be posting what has helped me ♥️ Keep saving Lives and I’ll keep sharing the good news👌🏼 Stay Blessed

  23. First of all thanks for your information. I’m 6 weeks in and have dropped 30 pounds. My question is and maybe you could do a video about this. I’ve about talked my wife into giving Keto a try. I do however want to make sure she starts the right way. She was diagnosed with CHF (congestive heart failure) she also suffers from depression and anxiety. What’s the best way to help her get started?

  24. Hi Dr. Berry! I find your videos very informative and SOOTHING! Thanks for making them! Listen, I'm just starting out on keto, and I did something before not really researching…I bought keto pills! In truth, I live on a farm and I eat a pretty ketogenic diet anyway, but my biggest issue with this diet, as with many others, is cutting out the sugars and the carbs. I've got diabetes in my family, and I'm at the age now that I remember my father was at when his signs of diabetes turned into taking insulin pills and I'm afraid of going down that same road. He never changed his diet, only took medications to control his blood sugar levels, and now at age 76 he is on dialysis. For the past week I've cut all sugar and carbs from my diet, and find this change not that big of a deal because since eating much more fat, I'm not hungry all the time! But back to these pills, tell me what to do…should I still take them? Will they benefit me and help me lose weight quicker, or are they just beneficial when you like eat something sugary or carb filled? I'll wait to hear from you. Thanks a bunch!

  25. Hi Dr Berry , i started keto 3.5 months ago lost 5kgs then stopped loosing weight. I had bariatric surgery 2 years ago and even with that i cant loose subbon fat, what am i doing wrong?

  26. Dr Berry, I sure can tell you've been Carnivore for awhile now because in this video you can tell your skin doesn't look as well and you don't look as well (wellbeing) as you do now. Don't get me wrong! you always look great but you can sure tell a difference from this video and the "now" videos, tired verses vibrant. 🙂 Lookin' younger too!! Keep it up!! <3

  27. Thank you dr berry
    I started one week ago….lost 1kg and centimers. But most important it seems that my knee akes less. ….of course the future will tell.
    Of course I still have craving of whole wheat…brown rice.etc…
    I am under losartex for high blood pressure…and do not dare to take it off so soon
    What do you think I must do?
    If you get some time to answer I will appreciate
    God bless 💝

  28. My brother has lost his bad hip, lost 1 stone, has more energy, lost alot of belly fat and has be doing strict keto for only 3 weeks. It also seems his skin condition Psoriasis he has been struggling with for years maybe on the way out or at least getting better. I am very interested in this lifestyle.

  29. What animal fats aren't good for you ? Also I don't know how to believe on what to do in keto. You say one thing, dr. Berg says another, then another guy says another. I don't want to fuck my health over thinking I'm doing keto but actually not

  30. Dr. Ken. I'm new to your page and Keto. Been learning for about 6 months now, it took me a bit to really learn and understand. I just started experiencing hair shedding which makes me nervous. I try to get my protein daily but struggle. I really never ate too much when I was non Keto, always struggling with daily food intake. I started this journey mainly for infertility as my fertility Dr. Recommends Keto and recommends Maria Emmerich. Any tips or suggestions for these two issues? Thank you!

  31. Just completed first week on keto. Lost a few pounds in "moderate" ketosis, but hit the same wall as in prior attempts: intestinal spasms (feels like jumping beans in the colon) and heart skipping (even though I take 200 mgs of flecainide daily for arrhythmia). I thought after a week of no grains or sugars, my abdominal pain (both sides) might improve at least a little bit. Taking these supplements: Vit D-3, magnesium glycinate and coQ10. Wasn't hungry first few days; famished yesterday. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Appreciating your videos. Thanks.

  32. Dr. Good afternoon, I would like you to help me with something. I have more than a month on Keto diet, but sometimes, I will not lie, I have "falls" with bread or candy, it is not always, of course, but I have noticed that I have a deep pain in the stomach. Is this dangerous for the diet?

    I appreciate your response, since here in my country, there is no doctor to tell me something, since if I mention the keto diet they tell me to stop it right away and that it is bad. and the truth is that I think it's because they don't know her or have researched her well, they just think that because she is fat she is already bad. Thank you so much.

  33. If you fed people fat and protein forever they would get sick too as you need vegetables for many nutrients found in the above.

  34. Ok! I have been trying keto now for about 4 months. In order to tolerate this way of eating, I had to add berries and some watermelon. If I don't, I feel too weak and cannot function at work. I haven't had any flour, grains of any kind, starches or sugar but I am eating too many vegie/fruit carbs and calories from meat, cheese, peanut butter, avocado, almonds, cream, etc. (I don't like bacon so I don't eat it). My cholesterol spiked a bit too which is sort of scary. I have AC vinegar every morning. My clothes do fit a little more loosely, however my weight has not changed. Unfortunately I haven't found any diet alternatives. Other diets I have tried lead to this same weakness and I end up not sticking to them. So far I am trying to stick to this one as much as I can.

  35. Hello Dr. Berry: Will the keto way of life reverse the effects on neuropathy? Have not started yet, but I am anxiously looking forward to getting off all these stinking meds!

  36. Dr. Berry – can you make a video about Keto and breastfeeding? What woman need to know if they are breastfeeding and they want to start Keto? Do I need to have a little more carbs, can I do strict keto? Do I need more supplements (other than prenatal)

  37. How can I CUT down on Ranitadine antacid twice a day for 25 years I try to CUT down but it turn into a nightmare can you HELP please

  38. I was so unhealthy feeling weight creeping higher and higher foggy mind at best and headache at worst bloated all the time Joints constantly swollen and inflamed constipated all the time I just felt so awful the worse I felt the more I did keto the more keto I got the sicker I became and then I made a complete change I became VEGAN and now finally after a couple of days or weeks I’m feeling a lot better. I eat beans rice corn and other grains for protein and believe it or not but I feel a lot better now. I don’t think you wanted to hear that though

  39. I just couldn’t eat the flesh of animals anymore. I tried for all of my life finally when I prepared the meat I felt like throwing up when I saw and smelled the blood so my mind drew me more towards vegetables and grains and fruits No blood and flesh their

  40. I wonder why I am so inflammatory on keto. I started May 12. Have not cheated. My arthritis is flared up like never before. I also just had labs and blood sugar and cholesterol are bad. Why??? My doctor wanes me to go on a low fat diet. I don’t know what to do.

  41. Can someone explain to me what is a basic breakfast, lunch and dinner ketogenic diet I'm so lost and confused is coffee ok also?

  42. I have been taking pills at first for about 8hrs and insulin for 12yrs. I found you on u tube just by chance chance. No I'm sad ment to find u. I followed your advice Nd started the Lego diet with a lot of oil and brewery meat. In one day I had my glucose reading between 82and 118. As a sweet tooth person if was a struggle but once you told about how red blood cells are educated i ,having 1 stroke was not going to have another. I am heavy in to carnivorous.thank you so. Much for saving my life. Thankfully yours and God bless you. Joe

  43. 50 years old. I'm a retired Marine who still stays active but I eat lousy and have too much internal fat. Thank you for this video and I'm going to give it a try. What do you think of homemade bone broth? And make a batch every week and usually substitute a meal with it each day. My understanding is it has a lot of those healthy fats and I also make the broth with vegetables added. Is this okay with the Keto Plan

  44. My PTSD is due to some serious trauma from a parent who had PTSD. HOWEVER – Keto is healing the issues in my brain in ways medication never could. In fact, friends who have known me for years have said there is a serenity that they feel around me that they have never felt before.

    For me, it feels like I'm becoming who I remember that I was before my motorcycle accident, before I lost a partner to suicide.

  45. Hello Dr. Berry,

    I have high blood pressure (I take two medications for it: amlodipine, losartan), and high cholesterol, and borderline type 2 diabetic… Is it safe to ingest bacon, and eggs?
    Is it safe to ingest avocado oil? In one of your videos you said vegetable oil but did not mention coconut oil, avocado oil.

  46. You can still do Keto without going to Whole Foods!! Seriously it's not expensive. I'm not rich at all and I'll tell you this: I can't afford to NOT be Keto. 👌 Major ADHD benefits too.

  47. I'm new to this. Two questions. 1. Is there proof that our ancestors (going back thousands and millions of years) were low-carb? 2. If our brain knows how to burn the good fats, why is it having difficulty burning off fats that result from eating excess carbs like wheat, oats, etc? Thank you.

  48. My doctors have told me that the Keto diet is dangerous for me because I have SLE Lupus and am pre diabetic. I find it irresponsible of you not to warn certain people not to do this diet. According to my family doctor who is type 1 diabetic, the Keto diet can cause diabetics to go into Keto acidosis. My daughter daughter, who is a healthy 26 yo tried Keto and she said that she does not believe it’s healthy. You need to address the cons of this diet!
    I’m down 10 lbs in one month on the diabetic diet.

  49. I’ve been very impresses by your videos. Without knowing the name for it, I’ve been on a variant of a keto diet. I had gained weight after being skinny most of my life. For the first time my lipids were bad and my A1C was bad. My doctor put me on statins and I couldn’t bear the burning and cramping in my legs. He also put me on BP meds, which left me fatigued, dull, and unable to exercise without burning muscles. He did advise me to cut out carbs as well as reduce fats. I started by cutting out all sugar, soda, and sweetened foods. After a few weeks my craving for sugar abated and I was able to further cut out pasta, rice and potatoes except for an occasional sweet potato. I now eat mostly green salads, fish, occasional chicken, and non-starchy vegetables. Sometimes beans and lentils. I’ve lost 30 pounds, am skinny again, and can work out without fatigue or burning muscles. My lipids are low, my A1C is normal. I have only one question for you. In legal circles there is an expression “false in part, false in whole”. You stated that the keto diet preferentially reduces “belly” or internal fat, first. Is there any proof of that claim?

  50. Low carbs, high healthy fat diet.

    Avoid bad fats canola, soy, safflower, hydrogenated oil, margarine, crisco

    Use lard, olive oil,

    Whole real foods, no prepackaged foods.

    No need for products.
    No bars shakes etc.

    Eat real Whole Foods organic preferred.

    Ancestral appropriate diet.

  51. Dr. Ken how do I determine what percentages of fat, protein, carbs I need to consume daily? I`ve read elsewhere that I have to count macros and if so how important is that?

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