What supplements would you recommend for a ketogenic diet?

What supplements would you recommend for a ketogenic diet?

Anonymous says, “For someone on a keto diet,
80 grams total carbs, 40 g net, greater than 1 ketones,” I assume that’s more than 1 millimolar
beta-hydroxybutyrate, “what supplements would you recommend? Any concerns with carbs being that low?” I don’t know that I would specifically tailor
supplements on the basis of this data. So, someone’s on a keto diet, they have 80
grams total carbs. I mean, where are the carbs coming from? That’s really going to determine whether the
person needs supplements. So, on a keto diet in general, I think—and
protein, too, right? If you’re eating a lot of fat instead of protein,
then you’re going to need supplements of the things found in protein foods. If your carbs are all coming from, I don’t
know, honey, then you’re going to need things that are found in vegetables. You just can’t tailor based on that data. But probably the biggest things would be make
sure you’re getting a gram of protein per pound of body weight if your ketones and goals
can handle that load of protein. That’ll protect you from a lot of nutrient
deficiencies right there. Try to cook your proteins in ways that recapture
the juices. That will help conserve the electrolytes. And you probably want salt and either a lot
of low-volume, low-net carb vegetables, or you’re probably going to need more potassium
in your diet. So, those are the big things that I’d look at.

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  1. Please continue this thought regarding resveratrol and hormesis. I am poised to purchase a vitamin C product that contains resveratrol and I was unaware of its hermetic effect on the body.

  2. Peaple have to remember that plants have been around for millions of years before humans, they know how too survive. There for select a few plant foods that your body can handle get rid of all grains in diet, that will peal the fat off most humans. And then fill your diet with good health grass and pasture raised animal meat, grass fed butter& eggs, beef liver once a week. Eat like are ancestors did, and you will live a long Happy life!. 🍗🍖🥩🍉🍎🥑🥦😋💗✌🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  3. doesnt metformin and resveratrol also block/inhibit some b vitamins, I think people heard David Sinclair takes these and figured they must be good!

  4. Hello Chris, I need your professional help. I was wondering if you have heard or tried this custom keto diet plan before? https://wantedsecrets.com/ketodiet It looks to me like a great keto program to help people lose weight on their own terms. I am just looking for some opinions before I make my decision. By the way, I love the content you have been posting lately!

  5. the beauty on the keto diet is that you dont need to take additional supplements like youn have to on poor docgamtic vegan diets

  6. I'd love a video on the Fads1 rs174537 snp that upregulates omega 6 PUFAs as it makes me uncertain what I can or should take or avoid!

  7. Chris, have you read Dr. Sinclair's latest book LIFESPAN? There is a lot to be learned about Resveratrol by one of the greatest minds on SIRTUINS.

  8. Resveratrol is extremely poorly absorbed, as acknowledged by David Sinclair PhD (who has studied it for years), it stimulates Sirtuin genes that repair damaged DNA, but so does FASTING! 😊

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