What Would You Do: Parents Disapprove of Son’s Plus Size Girlfriend | What Would You Do? | WWYD

What Would You Do: Parents Disapprove of Son’s Plus Size Girlfriend | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Honey, we can’t wait to meet your girlfriend. We’ve never seen you happier. You guys are gonna Love her she’s amazing and beautiful and such a big difference from any other girl. I’ve ever dated oh Hey Mom dad – Stephanie – it’s so nice to finally meet you both. Hi. This is your girlfriend Yeah, I see what you mean by a big difference Excuse me. Wow I would never have put you two together What do you mean? I’m just used to seeing you with girls Who are fit not not like her a young man introducing his new girlfriend to his parents They’re fit and trim and they think she should be too. He thinks she’s beautiful Just the way she is if you saw this woman being shamed simply because of her weight What would you do? So what do you guys do for fun? I mean besides going out to eat Joining me today is a supermodel who knows all about this issue Sports illustrated swimsuit model Ashley Graham Ashley Graham Welcome to what would you do? Why did you want to take part in what would you do? It’s not okay to look at somebody and think that They’re unhealthy if they’re ugly because a little bit extra weight on their body Let’s go inside Ashley is watching Whitney behind the scenes at the Tom Sawyer diner in paramus? New Jersey as anthony introduces his new girlfriend to his parents. You’re making me so happy right now. Oh fishes Oh my gosh Hi, babe. Hey, Mom dad Stephanie so nice to meet you guys. I’m destiny. Hey My girlfriend yeah, oh yeah. Yeah, yeah, oh wow? You are a big girl Right from the start our parents make things very uncomfortable I don’t all of your other girlfriends work 6:00 and sin, and then you bring about any issues Is the word about life expectancy how the shapes could be? Something you clearly don’t care about your body behind right? There’s a lot of now. It’s ridiculous. You know all right I’m just gonna have to say it back That’s f-word gets the attention of all of these customers I can’t believe you just said well You know what I don’t think anything is going to get through and you just have some respectful I mean, this is my girlfriend. I got to get out of here for a second for the right attorney Particular when Dad steps away this man responds to the parents belligerent language with some of his own nothing Look at her We’re worried about our son I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking maybe you should mind your own business when mom takes his advice and heads out this woman joins in What? Karen, yes Oh, what’s right? May not really were like this in the world Time for Ashley and I to introduce ourself. Hi there who are you? Maybe she’s a model Your message was pretty simple to them just be respectful to other people There’s you don’t like how somebody look of the banner not what’s on the outside What’s in the inside that counts you know I had a poster her tough image You know her I feel The parents shaming of their son’s girlfriend continues all day long You know you usually date took sick girls like walter. You know we Belong this man. He just doesn’t want to hear it too severe, and he moves away These women can’t help but move in to show their compassion I’m sorry Thank you, beautiful this couple they share a life lesson And most likely it will get right hi there. How are you? Oh my God? Oh, don’t cry? I always wanted me They have my legs we roll again Not really his girlfriend said I’m in love with this girl. You’re in love with this girl absolutely. I don’t even know what love is When we send our couple away, Erika, Obara doesn’t hold back make sure she hasn’t gravity donuts off the counter You’re meeting observers join and stuff in your honor fears and now getting drowsy Unhealthy that is so how are you going to judge someone by the size of their body without getting to know them personally? Her values are going to rub off on our sons values Yeah, no not if your son’s picture And if you wonder the pearson girls take the lovely woman and all of his girlfriends have been spent because we’ve taught him what? Disappearance have to do with anything I think sure do you have any Hi there. How are you? I’m John quinones. Are you kidding me? Oh my God? You’re in tears tell us. I mean when people just people just on their appearance It was so much personality that like you should get to know them absolutely Ashley has watched the reactions long enough, and now she’s about to experience this scenario Firsthand Wow They were just expecting someone just a little a little different than you. Yeah, what do you need their friends? You’re a big girl. Are you? These two women are shocked by what they’re hearing I’m happy in the solar matters, and now they’re texting each other about what to do I mean, what do you guys have in common? We have a ton of stuff in common we watch movies We’ve only got stuff. I can’t get over it. I can’t accept it you’re huge. You’re too big for my songs at all Let us know when you meet somebody else And now they can’t hold back Ever join them sit over there. I need a hug Looking for all and I remember you asked my today if we didn’t give you a chance And now it’s our chance to introduce Also, speak up not at all Richard the girls beautiful man summer are very very hectic job so I can you believe this conversation You give her a hug. I think if she was crying I felt so family Harlan. How did you do that? I cried because this is a situation. I’ve been in before and it’s never okay We need more women less you guys that stand up for all kinds of women in every situation

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  1. This got nothing to do with nothing and shes got the right idea but. If i look at someone whos a lil on the extra side i have the right to asume a lil that its kinda unhealthy(cause it fucking is). The not harassing them cause of that is right but sorry the statement she said was wrong you probably fucking are unhealthy it just doesnt matter

  2. Bruh this show is tooo fucking much clearly nobody with a brain would ever say any of these things and clearly most people will step in to defend people who are being bullied so we get it human nature niggas fuck off with this show it’s cringe as fuck

  3. Firstly, fuck you 4000 dislikers!!!
    Secondly, if you think fat is ugly, fuck you too!!!
    Thirdly, that model is so beautiful!!!

  4. “Just because of her weight” John acts like obesity isn’t a choice. Being fat isn’t like being born a certain race or gender, it’s what you put into your body and how much of that energy you use, being fat is an issue, and in today’s day and age people are getting way too comfortable with being fat, it’s legitimately unhealthy and to me its quite disgusting/unattractive. This is all probably an unpopular opinion, but even so, do you think the Confederates liked being told “Slavery is wrong and harmful” no of course they didn’t, but it’s what is best for everyone, just like being healthy is what is best for everyone. In no way whatsoever is being fat “okay” it’s not okay, it’s your choice and if you care what people say then you should think of doing something about it.

  5. John kicks my door in as I smoke a bong with Chris Hansen Chris: so what would you do if the young man was alone today? We see you brought the blunt wraps and a pizza lol

  6. I would like to know how people would react, to people having a panic attack a bad one. I can have bad ones, like rocking in the floor etc as something happened. Like the train delayed. And I notice lots of people have negative reactions. But one or two have come to help, because they know what I am going through

  7. Denying that being overweight causes health problems is denying the truth. Being a fat ass doesn't make you pretty, if you want heart disease go ahead.

  8. I have a friend who is thick slim and his girlfriend has a little pound extra but what the hell, if he loves her so be it and that's the way it should be 🙂

  9. I actually got mad at the scenario. Do people really think this is an issue?
    I've never seen or thought of something like this!

  10. Do a reverse with a pretty woman – where the parents disapprove of because she is too pretty and throw in a mix of either well traveled and learned and without the above privileges rather with one where she had to look after her younger siblings and work 2 part jobs.

  11. Oh please , this doesn't happen

    Fat girls. Need love to bebe 😂😂😂😂😂
    I LIKE fat girls. They smell like snacks 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. The majority of my girlfriends in the past haven't been thin. I can't imagen if my parents ever reacted to them this way… I'd be disgusted.

  13. To quote my father: “It’s okay if she’s a little thick, she can probably suck a golf ball through a garden hose”

  14. Stupid dumb ass getting into people's buisness americans. If these people want to interject their bullshit into someone else buisness I say fuck that. Be rude back to them. Maybe even bitch smack them. Stupid Americans.

  15. You might have Ashley's size but they way how hot she is you fucking cannot have it even with bane's juice.ashley is a genetically gifted plus model.

  16. I don't know, man. I have to say, that red lipstick is definitely poppin! and with the ginger her, she look like a Greek goddess

  17. HA!! Jokes on them! Plus sizes are the best for cuddles and horror movies! They have the squshiest and cutest faces! I'm a strait female! I might have to question my sexuality!!

  18. John Q: Ok Ashley let's get into this RV.

    Ashley: Oh awesome I can't wait to see how What Would You Do? Gets filmed.

    John Q: Oh, this isn't What Would You Do?

    Ashley: What?

    PornHub: (5 Hours Later) Trending Video with Ashley Graham and mystery Camera. man

  19. The way these are carried out, are so unrealistic. This is like how Hollywood people think that lower and middle-class people speak, but they're reading off of a script and have the exact wording for everything, giving each other a chance to talk in turns lol

  20. A lot of the preachers themselves would not date an obese person. I am obese and I know it firsthand. It is one thing to preach others and an entirely different thing to actually walk the talk.

  21. Am I the only one here that likes a girl with a little extra meat on her? It's more to hold, plus I know I'm doing something right during sex by the giggle that I see

  22. I was so interested by this episode because my boyfriend is really muscular and tall and I'm short and a bit pudgy so it hits close to home because I always feel like people look at us and wonder why my boyfriend would want to be with me

  23. Girl: “I don’t know… What would you do?”
    Me: “Wait… am I going to be seeing a camera crew within the next minute or two?”

  24. These videos give me so much faith in the human race, just when I see everything going to shit I am reminded that the majority of humans are good.

  25. When people say that someone is f.f.fat u never know what they feel inside u don’t know if they are hurt and it counts on the inside it’s not about the outside it’s all about the inside that counts

  26. I’m a size x0 to x1.. So I’m on the bottom size of plus size. I get people from my job and even my family members telling me how fat I am getting. I just about try and starve my self for weeks after these comments from people. After watching this, it makes me feel have a bit of self esteem back in me. I know being plus size isn’t healthy, but I hate when people criticize people over their appearance. At the moment I’m on my way to losing my weight. But this shows a good message.

    This is why our culture is so fucked up, why the hell would I stick my nose in other people’s business!!!!!!!
    If that is the way people are let them be, I would get up and leave if it made me “uncomfortable”.
    Like she said mind your own business!

  28. Positivism towards fat people leads to nowhere.
    It is a know fact that fat people have more health issues.
    More people with health issues means more demand on health care.
    More demand on health care means the service will be scarcer.
    Scarcity = higher price.

    Fat people need only to shut their mouth to junk food and only eat healthy things like vegetables. But they are fucking lazy and don't want to do so.

  29. Of course people are gonna jump to save a bigger girl, but I'd like to see a wwyd episode where the parents pick on the skinny girl for "being a stick" or "a twig" because that happens more often than not. And I'm overweight before y'all say anything

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