When Bae Goes On a Diet | CoupleThing

When Bae Goes On a Diet | CoupleThing

Get to this mission
oh why no no you’re perfect the way you are
so you agree and that no you’re beautiful so if I were that I wouldn’t
be beautiful no I what uh you know what I’m gonna
stop talking now I support you hold that before you are blessed with seeing more
of this beautiful face in action make sure you subscribe right now and give
this video a thumbs up so I know how much you love me hand back to your
regularly scheduled program and three two one my one true love
goodbye carbs you will be missed so about once a year around this time Karen
gets this crazy idea in her head that she’s overweight and decides that she’s
gonna go on a diet I’m scared for my life each time her record is lasting
five days in those five days were pure Adele I never know which stage of diet
Karen I’m gonna get there’s the motivated stage started up again and
then prep my food for the diet what’s the meal plan for this one but this is
two almonds I like an apple for lunch and dinner he’s yelling at a naked
picture Becca I’m so excited but guilt others into joining stage your body will
feel so good oh I’m on a seafood diet I see food I eat it your support would
mean everything to me I can’t do this about you you are my whole world fine
I’ll do it for you hey here’s a salad a key yeah this salad tastes like I’d rather
be fat the reality stage where the gravity of her decisions a diet comes in
a stark focus so how’s it going Dave you then the temptation gets hard to kick oh
my god that donut look so good what I can’t hurt right aren’t you selling your
diet I don’t stop you in the next season and there’s the full-on savage mode it’s
like watching the show on the animal planet unfold alrighty we’re on day
three our seven and subject is suspicious oh no night I think we’ve
been found oh wait wait where’d she go at some point the delusion from
starvation sets in and I have to put a stop to it okay be strong Karen you can
do this treat yourself you deserve it think of all the progress that you’ve
made how do I feel great I think I put my good run let’s call this thing you
did you don’t have to dye it to look beautiful so you think I’m ugly
how do I do it again I’m done talking if you don’t subscribe you missing out on
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86 Replies to “When Bae Goes On a Diet | CoupleThing

  1. You forget the extreme self-loathing and wishing you were dead while ordering a pizza with extra pepperoni on your 2-story balcony.

  2. This is literally barbies acting out all the diet memes you’ve already seen, this video is stupid and unoriginal as fuck

  3. I'm still singing "Who am I to diss a Brie?"
    Yep, seefood diet for me. You can't be on a diet in France, it's not possible! ^^

  4. I'm so glad for my high metabolism, I can eat all the junk I want and not gain no more than 3-5 pounds, then I'll sleep and it'll be all gone and I have to eat again. I know it sounds rough but I deal with it. 😎👍

  5. Being told I would be stabbed in the neck is the nicest thing babe could say to me we have seen much worse… LOVE YOU BABE

  6. Alrighty day Friday hour 7 I've officially decided this is one of the most relatable most hilarious best video ever I love u couple things!!!!

  7. “…I’m going to stab you in the neck, Susan…” 😡…💗💗😂😂😂😂 #Baelievernation 💪🏻👊🏻💁‍♀️🤘🏻💗

  8. Each time I see couple thing posted a new video, I get sooo excited! It makes me happy, since they make videos everytime I open youtube!

    P.S. I am going to eat some cake

  9. "You don't have to diet to look beautiful" then Karen said, "So you think i'm ugly?!?" Lol🤣🤣
    Oh Brad, poor you! you are always wrong and Karen is always right 😂😂

  10. I find it ridiculous how the girl keeps abusing the guy even in other videos repeatedly on every small thing like the guys doesn't have a right to say his own opinion now???? e.g. he folds the clothes but the girl says he doing it wrong and he throws the clothes in frustration and pissed offedness (not a word but u know what I mean ) which is something I would've done and she kicks him in the face like it's getting frustrating not just for one video but in every video and it's getting boring and annoying how she keeps attacking him for little things like we women aren't that crazy

  11. Why is she so abusive towards hwr partner? If theis was the other way around people wouldn't say it was "funny" or "cute" or whatever and would be screaming about how it promotes abuse against women.
    I dislike seeing Domestic Violence portrayed in ways to make it seem "normal":by claiming this is just a "couple thing"

  12. " breakfast: two almonds, lunch: a lick of an apple, dinner: yelling at a naked picture of myself"

    I died at that line 😭💘😅😅😅

  13. Brad: how’s ur diet goin babe?
    Karen: f*ck you…

    F*ck you 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Karen’s so cute when she’s at savage mode

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