Why Diet Breaks Can Be A Great Idea (+ How To Do One)

Why Diet Breaks Can Be A Great Idea (+ How To Do One)

hey guys so in this video I’m going to
be talking about diet brakes and whether that worthwhile doing if you’re trying
to increase fat loss speed up your metabolism and maximize your results so
first of all what is a diet break a diet break is basically a more relaxed period
where you’re not anal about tracking your calories where you’re not really
obsessing over the food you’re eating and you’re a bit more relaxed now you’re
not dieting anymore you can go out and have a few beers with your friend you
can eat an extra slice of pizza you’re not as obsessive about your diet
and typically diet breaks lasts between one to two weeks generally the people
who tend to do diet breaks are those who are dieting for a long period of time so
if you’re trying to lose a significant amount of weight I’m talking 3040 pounds
and you’re really trying to drop a lot of fat off your body
this may realistically take half a year you know 16 18 20 plus weeks so if
you’re dieting for that long it makes sense to take a diet break simply for
the psychological relief of you know being in a calorie deficit all the time
because this is very stressful both on the body and the mind so taking a diet
break can be very good overall for your mindset however there are some arguments
about whether a diet break is going to be advantageous for your metabolic rate
and whether overfeeding periodically can potentially help increase fat loss
overall so it sounds kind of counterintuitive that more food could
increase fat loss but there are some logic behind it there are some myths
about it and that’s exactly what I want to break down in today’s video so
briefly before I get into the science of whether a diet break works I want to
talk more about what exactly it involved so I briefly touched on how it lasts
between one to two weeks sometimes three weeks but I didn’t really talk about
what you change in your diet basically what you do is increase the total amount
of calories that you consume and typically the majority of the calories
you’re going to increase are going to be carbs because you don’t really change
the amount of protein or the fat that you consume by much
even if you’re losing weight or gaining weight maybe you eat a bit more protein
when you’re losing weight so you have a lot of room to play around with Cubs so
the point where the diet break is to increase your carbs and that’s going to
help decrease your cortisol levels increase your libido testosterone energy
overall and generally increasing carbs and increasing your calories into a
slight calorie surplus or back to maintenance is going to help you feel
great you know refill your muscle glycogen stores feel good because that
calorie deficit is stressful on the body and at the same time not really gain too
much fat so here’s some of the logic between metabolism fat loss and diet
breaks and it’s kind of similar to the logic behind a refeed day which is
typically one to two days where you increase carbs and calories as you’re
losing weight something called adaptive thermogenesis occurs so you can think
about adaptive thermogenesis from an evolutionary perspective so if you don’t
have calories around you don’t have food your body is like holy crap we’re about
to die we don’t have food we should stop expending energy as much as possible to
save ourselves and conserve energy so that’s what your body does after a
prolonged calorie deficit your body tries to conserve energy by slowing down
your metabolism slightly um and this is called adaptive thermogenesis
thermogenesis means the Genesis the creation of heat adaptive obviously
you’re changing it so it’s changing the amount of heat you’re producing now this
is normal when you’re losing weight and it doesn’t necessarily prevent you
losing weight you can drop your calories and in continue to lose weight but your
metabolism may be slightly slowed down the logic behind a diet break as well as
a refeed day is that you’re going to increase your calories back up to your
maintenance potentially slightly more and that’s going to reignite your
metabolism right and it’s true that many studies have shown that over feeding can
increase your metabolic rate by 10% okay and you know the thing is it makes sense
that an increase in metabolism would increase the amount of fat you’re losing
but you also have to think about it you know using your common sense if you’re
eating more food and your metabolism is increased
then that increase in metabolism isn’t really gonna be that worthwhile you know
because you’re eating more food now there has been some research comparing
two groups one is doing diet breaks one isn’t that both following the same
calorie deficit and the research showed that the group who did diet breaks had
lower instances of that metabolic adaptation their metabolism didn’t slow
down as much overall and they lost more weight now I mean this is cool and this
is great but I don’t want you to expect magic results from doing a diet break
the main reason why it’s worth doing is because it’s gonna make you feel better
it’s going to make you perform better right and it’s gonna make that longer
diet more sustainable because if you fight through feeling like crap and
you’re getting stress new cortisol is high and your workouts are suffering and
it becomes a process a journey that isn’t enjoyable then you’re much more
likely to give up but if you have a period of one to two weeks where you can
perform much better in the gym enjoy eating more food you feel better and you
don’t really stall on your fat loss because you’re not over consuming a lot
of food you know ideally then it’s a no-brainer to do that to make the
process more sustainable and by the end of your diet break you’re most likely
going to be really keen to get stuck back into a calorie deficit and continue
to see progress so as you know the lower your body fat percentage is the higher
the chance you’re going to lose muscle when you’re in a diet the higher the
chance that it’s gonna be more stressful on the body the body doesn’t want to get
lean your body does not care about a six-pack because from an evolutionary
perspective it really does give no advantage perhaps you could argue from
mating but in nature it’s not really about having a six-pack for Instagram
it’s more about having more fat on your body that’s gonna help increase chances
of survival for you and your offspring okay so as you get leaner it can be a
better idea to include more refeed days and diet breaks a diet break if you lean
if you’re under 10% and you’re dieting and you’re getting really lean it can be
useful every six weeks or so once a month every six weeks if you’re much
and you’re over 20 25 percent body fat this is probably going to mean that
you’re going to be dieting for a prolonged period of time so I don’t want
you doing a diet break every four weeks in the circumstance and makes more sense
to do it every two months every two and a half months so you know 8 to 10 weeks
makes more sense if you’re over 20 percent body fat and if you’re 15
somewhere in the middle 6 to 8 weeks a diet break is gonna make sense now you
don’t have to do one if you find it sustainable for you to simply stay in a
calorie deficit do a refeed day once a week then you can do that one of the
worst things about dieting especially if you’re in a big calorie deficit is the
fact that it’s just stressful on the body and as a guy this can affect your
libido and your testosterone and you know what that means sometimes right
it’s not the funnest time if you’re overly stressed so rebalancing your
hormones is something that a diet break can do it and it can help give you back
some of those pleasures in life which may be lost if you’re excessively
dieting and if you’re in a very big calorie deficit my recommendations for a
refeed day are to do it for about 2 weeks 2 weeks is gonna work really good
a week can be fine as well so up your calories to maintenance perhaps slightly
above maintenance and up those calories using just carbohydrates this is gonna
allow you to kick back enjoy time with family more you know eat the foods you
want and as long as you’re not pushing too much over your maintenance it’s not
really gonna make a big difference to your fat loss progress especially if
you’re in a big calorie deficit and you’re losing two pounds per week even
if for a week you go into a 500 calorie surplus
you’re only gonna gain one pound so over the long tongue that’s really not gonna
make the biggest difference in the world so although we have research like this I
still don’t think that it’s a good idea to say that diet breaks are gonna
massively increase fat loss then the main reason why you should be doing it
is just for better performance feel good make that long journey of fat loss a bit
more sustainable and enjoyable and you know at the end of the day potentially
prevent some metabolic adaptation which is good you know that’s great there’s
nothing wrong with that so thanks for watching as always I appreciate it leave
your thoughts in the comment section down below and tell me whether
ever experimented with diet breaks or refeed days and how they’ve gone for you
I’m really curious to know so I just want to say thanks for the support the
channels growing we’ve gone through a bit of a rough patch over the last few
weeks but the growth is starting to pick up again which which I always like to
see so I really like when you guys leave comments down below so leave your
thoughts and I’ll see you guys in the next video

7 Replies to “Why Diet Breaks Can Be A Great Idea (+ How To Do One)

  1. this is why I do not call it a diet! Because diet insinuate on and off! I consider what I do a habitual lifestyle! The Ancient Man did not have the privilege or opportunity to have a diet in which he was on and off and then some days he could go eat a cake or splurge with some muffins! He had a habitual lifestyle in which in most cases circumstances forced him to stick to

  2. hey man just wanted to say great job pursuing your dream – lots of videos! it will all pay off soon, 33k subs is huge!

  3. I've tried for the first time Refeed day or what people call " cheat meal" yesterday and well it didn't turned out good at all for me… 😑😖 It wasn't even about overeating but yesterday night was the worst night I've ever had since starting IF .Even this morning I'm feeling bloated as i 've never been before and I feel like my stomach did not processed the food I had . I'm planning to do a 48h of fasting just running on tea and water and maybe try the 72h if I can so my stomach can recover from this.
    I think I've learned it the hard way that was the first and the last time. I will never try this again .

  4. I took a 3 week diet break like kinobody reccomended and now droppin weight effortlessly, prior to the break i was always trying to diet but always over ate. Id reccomend a diet break to anyone

  5. Would you say Stoicism helps you diet, or dieting encourages your Stoicism? As a Stoic, I find the latter is true for me.

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