Why it Pays to Be Hungry | Les Brown | Goalcast

Why it Pays to Be Hungry | Les Brown | Goalcast

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  1. this is one of the greatest things "Its better to not have an opportunity and be prepared, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared" -Mr. Washington

  2. Less Brown mentality Challenge kid to a Public Speaker to a Senater of llinois.

    I'm like less Brown, Special Education Student to High School Graduate, to aWork in the Field, to a Landscaper, to a Carwash Attendant to a Assistant Janitorial Manager, and studying to become a Medical Scientist in Community College. 😊

  3. The Buddhists believe your hunger is what is keeping you from finding a meal. Let go. Don’t try. Don’t force anything. Trust the universe. The only part of ourselves that needs improvement is the part of ourselves that seeks improvement…..

  4. This story is true accomplishment (hard way) in this cruel world. Never give up what you are hungry for. It is hard to win, but it is the hardest thing to give up.

  5. It is really amazing how these successful people overcome their adversity and stand tall to live their dreams eventually. I guess it all starts with a clear vision. Unfortunately, still, I am searching for myself to find out what I really want from my life and what legacy I want to leave one day. But I know that I will achieve what I want in my life one day indefinitely.

  6. I was letting myself sink in my own self pity, and feeling hopeless and unmotivated. He really reminded me how I need to pick myself up, I am what I believe myself to be, this really motivated me to make some changes and not let set backs paralyze me. Thank u for that.

  7. By the way guys.Is it just me or did he say he called his girlfriend and then he said he is single on the air?Goodbye girlfrend xD

  8. I was diagnosed by step mom therapist as a psychopath when I was 9. Then sociopath at the age 12. By 13 they thought that I had multiple personality disorder and it goes on and on until I'm 17. Now they just think I'm weird with no problem at all. What a joke

  9. Most people are so negative they will have to say No so many times before they say yes. Hunger fumes one and lights up their fire, when you hungry you are programmed to ignore negatives🔥. This must be one of the most inspirational stories ever.

  10. I will never quit. My Lord gives me strength and supplies all my needs
    Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus
    David James West, a Christian man

  11. Thank you for the video. I understand you and I feel as if I am looking at myself in a mirror. Thank you. God bless you.

  12. such a great man … listening to him has always been a good idea for me … he just can put you on the right side again and again … thanks for sharing this

  13. I literally cried when he said he was mentally retarded and the teacher replied 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. Don’t Take It Personally, Most People so negative ‘They will have to say no 7 times before they say ‘yes’

  15. Did anyone noticed mr brown saying never knowing his mother or father and also mentioning calling his mom and gf. Wats the story here?

  16. I must have used up all of the greatness I had. No matter how hard I try, how hard I work I still keep hitting the wall. Unfortunately my best years are behind me. I have decided to give up.

  17. Thank you – I know of such; I am struggling, & hungry – & refusing to be touched – by strangers who see (blindly), & get angry – if they cannot distract me – from a healthy hungry…in me – for my victory!

  18. I love this speech, it’s so relatable to my “childhood” I got set back 2th grade, they told me I was dumb and wasn’t going to be so successful, when I said I wanted to be a business owner some day they laugh…but then I meet one teacher that believe in me she helped me through middle school from 7th grade to 9th grade she said I could do great things in life. I’m 17 now and l a business owner I have 3 guys working for me and two business trucks, keep in mind I’m 17

  19. People will come, it's not important that they are always good, they can be jerks. Fight for, yourself and most essentially for your life, when you throw the commitment in something, it never gone away empty. Won't allow people to stemp you with something, what isn't your real identity. Remember this my friend's. Ali Muzaffar. author.

  20. Keep on going no matter what , i cant tell what your future holds but your next right thing , your next kindness , your next positive energy will change your circumstances, live a remarkable live , only certain day was yesterday , the next day is hope and possibilities and always great if we have a positive energy and kindness 🙂

  21. I wish this played when I was in school instead of the one where the guy talks about start off by making your bed. Because this one is more inspiring than that to me. Les brown has honestly changed the way I think and act

  22. "The difference between the novice and the student is that novice has failed more times than the student has tried" hope this inspires you.

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