Why Japanese Live So Long ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Why Japanese Live So Long  ★ ONLY in JAPAN

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  1. Secret to living a long life?
    2:20 Be Female
    Seriously, have a look at the lists yourselves, its dominated by women.
    Top ten oldest people of all time are all women.
    Way to go ladies! Long live women!

  2. America has bath houses, but I don't think they promote health and wellbeing quite as effectively as Japanese bath houses do.

  3. Physical activity and keeping active are a big part of living long and health. My great aunt had leukemia and was given a couple of years to live. She wound up living over 25 years after that diagnosis. She worked on her farm every day until she became too ill to keep it up. When she moved out of the farm and into an apartment, she died less than a year later.

    I know it's just anecdotal, and only one example, but I guarantee nobody who sits on their butt all day in front of a TV or computer is gonna live to be 100. And if they did, they would probably be in much worse shape than these people and not terribly happy about still being alive.

  4. Rest of the world loves refined oil, coca cola and KFC chicken and chemically preserved McDonald's french fries. All this American culture ruining people's health around the world. American drug industries want every individual to buy their drugs to keep their business in profits.

  5. I lived in Japan for over 5 years and stayed for a year with a host family in Tokyo. I have only seen the mother side but both their grandparents and great grandparents are still alive. The great grandparents are already 101 by that time. They ate lots of pickled veggies, bitter gourd, and miso soup but what surprised me is how many eggs and pork they ate. The mother side was from Okinawa so they loved their pork.

    I did notice one interesting thing they barely ate rice and never ate anything sweet. The kids love their cakes, ice cream, and sweet but I never seen the older generation ate it.

  6. Take note… none of them were injecting botox into their faces to look young and nobody mentioned the doctors drugs.

    The key to living long. my 94 year old Irish Dad said. is "keep away from doctors.". It works for me….. so far so good. I plan to live to 100 plus.

  7. McDonald, Carl’s junior, jack in the box, in and out , all fried food , soda , coke, Pepsi , pathetic processed food of super market , hormone , antibiotic fed meat, pollution, and the big factor ( big portion of food ,
    Lots of hormonal dairy ,
    Less fruit and veggies )
    Life in fast lane as lots of stress 8 hr desk job or hardworking blue collar job with less pay, drinking alcohol, expensive housing in big state, non stop traffic.
    Fake criteria or goal of life .
    That industrialized world .
    Can’t compare orange to apple .

  8. And then there are people who eat canned food warmed in the microwave drink and smoke like it’s nothing d dangerous and unhealthy at all and wonder why they get cancer… certainly not because of their diet 🤦🏽‍♀️

  9. Why do they live long? Because they haven't modified their diets as much as west did. They pretty much eat in a traditional manner, whereas the west invents a new garbage food every week.

  10. an annual health checkup eh? damn…. Wish any government cared about people like that now adays…. now they just want us to be unhealthy… They hope for it..

  11. The secret to their long life is that they eat vegetable products, they have enough physical labour , a routine life and God fearing people

  12. There is no secret, the Japanese live long because they were eradicated by 2 atomic bombs 🤥😶😶. What does not kill you, lengthens your life 😨🍓

  13. America has a lot of temptations. There’s not anywhere you will go and not see a Mcdonalds in the USA 🇺🇸 I found it amazing I didn’t see any temptation in this video in that part of the country it’s like they are hidden away from it and it helps them tremendously because they were surrounded by nature and each other and that was it! So basically if you’re not around it or affiliated with the no good stuff you won’t do it or be tempted to get it. Meanwhile half of the foreign people are here in the USA 🇺🇸 and I wonder why they are flooding our country?🧐😏🧐🧐 is it Mcdonalds?😳

  14. Besides just diet and exercise, no one ever recognizes the fact that the biggest killer is stress and having less makes you live alot longer.

  15. my view is the main difference is food habit. the female beef consumption is less than those of western countries, argentine or brazil. the female cheese consumption and sugar consumption r also less than those of western countries. the japanese didnt have custom of eating beef and cheese until around 1860.

  16. Their ethics are also better than ours. When money become the main purpose of your profession wherever you do will destroy your own society. money money money= dead

  17. I love their culture and always wanted to visit their country 😍 hmm one day . God bless them all and those reading my comment .😊

  18. Living free that is not a bird good health I believe balancing that is not a scale your truth humble as a truth is that others understand it is something absolutely amazing that we can have in common now I'm not going to take you to school about good living long long long living oh wow time does not get lost with range range does not get lost with time I don't believe that anybody has ever put their eye on another to understand what is so absolutely amazing about living is independence others cannot get lost as long as someone understand what we have in common forward that is not a March good air clean air good vegetables exercise maintaining Mental Health to be able to help others it is a sickness that was not the land and happiness is when family understand sickness to maintain Mental Health that others May enjoy living and not being enslaved it is a very healthy life respect for others in Japan

  19. Are there NO American's living on a diet of KFC, Mc Donalds , Burger King and GMO . Plus the delicious Chlorinated Chicken in Cans…….Living over 100 ??? haha

  20. 出来たての豆腐を食べられて羨ましいです(*´ω`*)♡

  21. Japanese seniors often live with their families. meanwhile in the USA, we stick our parents, who took care of us and fed us, in nursing homes which cost 100s of thousands of dollars a year! Japan treats older people a lot better than in the US where they are considered useless, which is just horrible to think of older people like that because they are not useless. We learn from older people. If we live long enough, we will be older people too. So let's try and respect older generation like they do in Japan.

  22. Japan may be the longest living however there are many unreported oldest living in third world countries where they live in remote villages or have no birth record to confirm their age. Nobody knows for sure however, Japan has the highest stomach cancer in the world for eating high sodium nitrate especially in pickles, dried seaweed/fish. It depends on generation.

  23. Thank you so much for this documental John-san I really wamted to see their tips for longetivity! 😃🤗

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