Why My Child is on the Keto Diet- 6 month update (special needs and cognitive benefits)

Why My  Child  is on the Keto Diet- 6 month update (special needs and cognitive benefits)

so it’s time for an update I put my
daughter on the ketogenic diet she has special needs and she’s 12 years old now
I put her on the ketogenic diet last June and it’s now if you can see the
Christmas behind me it’s now almost Christmas and so it’s been about six
months and I thought I’d do an update I was just trying it for a
month and I did it with all three of my kids cuz she hasn’t been on a restricted
diet in a while and I didn’t want her to feel super left out so I did it with all
three of my kids for the month of June or actually no is like June 15th to July
15th because it was right after they get out of school so you can go back and see
like we went camping during that time you can see her camping menu I had been
on the ketogenic diet again we’ve all done it before but I had been on it
again since February and I was seeing so much benefit in my mental health and my
mood and my brain health that like memory and stuff that I thought it was
worth trying for my daughter again so I did amazing results and so this is all
just me it’s called like N=1 which means and this is my sample size
of four people and the four people in my family and so my boys they did it they
did fine my oldest my older son my middle child
has been fat-adapted because he weaned pretty much directly on to the gaps diet
and low carbs, we were doing low carb gaps gaps diet which you can see in a
different video my daughter transitioned right onto keto
just fine because again like she has been fat
adopted which means that like you’re either a sugar burner or you’re a fat
burner and ideally our bodies can go between the two but in the United States
with our food pyramid with that huge thing of grains and then like fruits and
then sugars all of that is going to cause your body to only want to burn
sugar so some people can have a hard time transitioning and onto keto but really
keto and brain being able to burn fat is our natural state so anyways she had no
problem my littlest guy had never been low carb before and has he had like a
little bit more of a rocky transition where he was just a little bit tired and
like kind of cranky for the first couple days from my older two kids had already
done this so their bodies kind of like really excellent at being able to burn
fat and not sugar and so they did just fine so anyways after the 30 days I
didn’t see much of a difference in the health or really behavior or anything of
my two boys but my daughter who has special needs and she her biggest
problem prior to keto is processing and so like you tell her something and it
would take her like Oh a few seconds which doesn’t sound like a lot but it
really is a lot to take a few seconds to process everything that’s said to you so
in her IEP which is our individual education plan that kind of helps her
teachers and aides and like substitutes that come in to be able to teach her I
had very specifically said you need to only give her one direction at a time
and you need to allow her like 10 or 15 seconds to process it before you give
her another direction or you need to allow her to complete that because a lot
of times it’ll look like she’s just not able to understand she is you just had
to give her time to process and so that was the biggest difference that I saw is
as soon as she was in ketosis which again and I can go into this in a
different video but when your body’s used to being running on fat she was in
ketosis in probably 24 hours even though she didn’t do a fast or anything cuz
she’s 12 so she was in ketosis and immediately it’s just like I would say
hey can you go get that for me and she would just go do it where before it’d be
like wait what and it was just it seems like a little thing but it’s something
that it allows her to respond in normal conversation so we’d go to the park and
other people would talk to her and she would very well be able to carry a
conversation on with strangers that didn’t know to allow for that processing
time so her processing speed went way up to the point where we just had our AP
this past month and I took that off I’m like you don’t need to allow extra time
like you can just talk to her I’m kind of in a normal conversational tone and
so that was our biggest like brain boost health and just that alone would be
enough for me to keep her on keto but there was more benefits and so I’m gonna
keep telling you about those and I’m the second one the kind of all of
this is going for quality of life I’m not looking for a complete cure we’ve
already done the gaps diet and I have a lot of videos about that so her gut is
pretty good so right now we’re just looking for that brain boost and that
cognition boost and so keto has really done a lot for us so the next thing that
I saw that made the biggest like impact in her quality of life and our family
life is impulse control and this is where I was taking her off keto once a
month just to kinda do a check and see do you still need to be on it is it
still having benefits for you and again within like 24 to 48 hours of being off
keto her impulse control was just hard and so when you like see something and
you want to touch it it’s almost like a toddler and she’s 12 and so she can
reach a lot more things and so I really need that impulse control to be there
and so that’s like the impulse control and frustration kind of go hand in hand
and so if she can control her impulses to touch things she shouldn’t she’s also
able to not be frustrated by just like life circumstances like it takes too
long in the car to get to the park she wants to get to you or and before maybe
like her impulse would be to scream about it and this is just like deep
breath and we’re just gonna sit in the car nicely and as a parent this just
allowed me to do so much more with my kids we traveled through like four
different states we went camping I super appreciate having her higher functioning
and I know this is controversial and I usually get some comments that aren’t
too happy with me but I do I want her to be as high-functioning as possible and
she is happier and better able to like fit in to the people around us the
higher functioning that she is and so I’m very thrilled that Kido can give
this to her and then the third thing that he did for her which is why six
months later she’s still on it is that her balance is so much improved she was
something we live in Montana and so it’s I see like it starts getting and I see
in like September or something ridiculous and so it’s I see and I just
took her off like I said I take her off about every month
and I took her off for her brother’s birthday which is mid-november and then
I went ahead and just kept her off for that following week because then it was
Thanksgiving and I just been like I’m just gonna like let you have a break
from this and you can kind of eat what everyone else is eating and she’s not
really isolated because I’m on keto I just don’t mind it like to her she’s
missing out on a lot to me I just don’t care like not being able to eat candy
canes really does nothing for me but for her it’s more about being included thing
and so it was important so I thought like well we’ll just go ahead and try it
I mean the worst thing that can happen is that I am putting you back on Peto
after Thanksgiving and so I did and then this is where that popped up as it was I
see because I’m Montana it’s always I see and there’s just a little bit of ice
and her balance is off like she’s slipping on ice and then this if it’s
the difference between me being able to like have her right next to me so I like
she can grab my hand if she’s about to fall or when she’s off of Quito like she
was just like grabbing on to my arm and just like terrified of falling and then
also she has an eye that kind of wanders and her teacher texted me she’s just
like what is going on there I am FML it’s from the sugar and so I did I put
her after Thanksgiving I did put her back on keto and the I it took about
it’s because it’s a muscle thing it’s like she has a low tone diagnosis and
again I’m like I’m only comfortable going into this so much her diagnosis is
in her medical history on YouTube so I try to balance between what’s helpful
for you guys and what still respects her privacy so she does have a I I have I
that wanders also if I’m super tired or stressed she has an eye that’ll wander
and so it was to the point that her teacher noticed and texted me about it
and I’m and then it’s back since we’ve been on keto for I think like two weeks
now its back tracking how it should be she’s back to being able to walk across
ice without just being terrified and like grabbing on to me for dear life and
so that just little boost and balance is especially when it’s icy here or when
she wants to play sports like we have to typically developing boys as well and so
when she wants to play sports that is all
that was super helpful that she can balance and she’s able to better keep up
with her peers and all of that is why we’ve chosen to continue on the
ketogenic diet I’m making some choices which I’ll go into some of the
supplements that I use I’m making some choices with her that I typically don’t
think is best like when we did the gaps diet I feel like our diet was perfect
like there was no artificial anything sneaking in like everything that I could
buy was organic it was just like no molecule of bad food got in and that’s
kind of way that ketogenic diet is after we filled her gut her gut should be
pretty well healed we’re on the gaps diet for over two years so after the
gaps diet the ketogenic diet I do find easier for her which I’ll go into in a
different video so that is our update six months on the gaps diet my
typically-developing boys I did for one month on the gaps diet again didn’t see
a huge thing for her for them but my daughter and I and she has a brain
injury diagnosis I’ll link to a lot of this down below and then also I have a
symptom tracker which is what I use in my own family when I’m trying different
supplements which I want to talk about in a few more videos or I’m trying
different dietary protocols is I track symptoms pretty meticulously just
because I don’t want to put all this work in or unnecessarily restrict their
diet for something that really isn’t having that much benefit or it’s not
having as much benefit as what I consider it to be kind of a pain in the
butt to do because none of us parents are doing anything with our kids because
we’re bored we’re all doing this because we want them to have the best health
possible and so we always have to be weighing those risks and benefits so if
you click down below I would love to share with you my symptom tracker chart
and then I’ll link to a few more YouTube videos and blog posts so that you can
kind of see more of what we’re doing and why and I’ll be back soon with more
information on the supplements that I use and more information on why we
choose keto instead of keto and gaps at this point in our life

24 Replies to “Why My Child is on the Keto Diet- 6 month update (special needs and cognitive benefits)

  1. I SO appreciate all that you shared in this video. I absolutely want my autistic children as highly functional and independent as possible. I can't find any consistent answers though pertaining to-if and how the physical growth of a child is impacted if on a keto diet. Have you come across any helpful info on that? Do you use keto friendly sweet treats to keep your daughter on the plan? It's so hard with kids who loves sweets, even though they may crave less on keto, our low dopamine situations still "need" the boost they provide. ♥️

  2. In this day and age we have to brave to not give our kids sugar and processed foods. It's sad that we are looked at poorly for wanting great health for our children.

  3. Hello Cara I'm a fellow carnivore too! My godson is autistic and I've been trying to find a way to tell his father, my best friend, about the benefits that a keto diet would have on his son. Even though we are close it's difficult because you never want to tell someone how to raise their child, but I know it would help him so much. When did you first decide that you were going to put your kids on a keto diet? Also, how did you respond when people in your life, your husband, relatives, or friends, reacted possibly in a negative way? Any insight you can share is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much! God bless!

  4. I’m so glad you shared this, and I shared it on Facebook. Hopefully the benefits your daughter experiences will inspire more parents to give it a try for their kids. ❤️

  5. If there were that many visible benefits from just a regular "keto" diet, one is forced to wonder what kind of benefits could possibly come from implementing the original keto diet that has been used to treat children with severe epileptic seizures. But from what I recall that involves an extremely high fat diet (90% or more) very strictly adhered to for 18 months to 2 years straight, to give the brain the time needed to recover and repair neurons. It's not easy, but maybe she would be up to the challenge. Maybe she would even want to do it, if it presented a possibility of retaining those positive benefits of higher functioning more reliably for the rest of her life. Perhaps you've already looked into this option.

  6. My son is also autistic and it is hard to feed him any real food. He loves sweets. How can i do keto foe him? I myself am doing keto for the health benefits.

  7. Do you do any dietary restrictions for your kids while feeding them keto? ie no dairy, gluten, grains etc

  8. Hello glad I found your video! I also have problems with processing information along with an attention disorder. Not being able to process information and constantly being distracted makes for a hard life. I'm 25 years old right now and will soon try the Keto diet. My GUT is telling me that there will be improvements in my cognitive function. Thanks for making this video and I will give an update if the diet helped!

  9. I think you are doing an amazing job!!! I think anyone who doesn't support you in trying to improve the quality of life for your child is wrong and has no clue what they are speaking of. Thank you for sharing your story know that you are encouraging to others

  10. Can I ask you if your kids are taking any supplements? I give my boys a multivitamin but I’m wondering if they need anything else while in Keto.

  11. This is fascinating. I HAVE A WONDERING EYE. Our son (with autism) also has the eye thing. Have you tried vision therapy? We have done GAPS but our son still does struggle with balance, impulse control and gets really muddled up and confused quickly, finds it hard to remember to carry out tasks and even talking he needs his time to get the words right. I'm really into trying Keto now…. though the idea of Keto seems a scary one….

  12. Now if you can just improve the keto diet with more Plant Based fat sources, like nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut, and oils and eliminating more Animal Protein, because DESPITE the toxcitity and damaging effect of animal protein, the keto diet is getting benefits, but our plant based keto plan is getting way better results than all the animal keto eaters.

  13. Cara I have been looking all over the internet for an electrolyte supplement for children with no success. How do you monitor their electrolytes?

    Might I say that I am impressed and heart warmed with how dedicated you are to investing in your children's overall well-being from both the mental and physical angles. Wonderful mothering!

  14. I have a special needs daughter and im into the keto diet as well i noticed a huge change on her behavior

  15. You're a good mum. Well done for you're researching. ♥️ I personally, just keep all of my family on keto and see it as a life diet now. Keto works so well because our children were deficient in collagen. I was on a fat free diet for years before I had children and realise now that my childrens guts never fully formed which aids leaky gut. I supplement with powdered hydrolysed collagen. It will take years for this to be rectified plus the collagen is a great toxin remover. Love your honesty.x

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  17. OMG I’m gonna try this for my son who is autistic too. He’s severely aggressive and is getting worse. I hope this helps him.

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