Why Starve.io is UNFAIR…

Why Starve.io is UNFAIR…

iRAIDYOU Presents… Starve.io is unfair

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  1. NEVER GIVE YOUR QUEST ITEMS TO SAVAGES, because it shows that it gives them rewards, which will most likely cause them to do it more. Also, if you have a dragon heart and you are stuck in a base, try to kill the savagers, then run away to the forest line and hide your box in there.

    Also its not just you. Its the people trying to make HS and they server block…its so annoying. I dont even know if starve.io is even playable with a full clan to help you.

  2. yesterday i geted dragon gear, and lol a "hot" guy wanted to join my team so i killled him bc his clan is savage, how i know it? :/ well his clan was dominating asia tokyo and i was spawnkilled by they clan members lol edit: im from ur clan 😀

  3. I support you iraidyou but if lapa keeps seeing these vids about why I hate starve.io or why starve.io is unfair he might just give up on starve.io making no updates or shutting the game down please stop making those videos because even with savages I love starve.io

  4. They could make it that everyone can play a peaceful mode there is no killing or destroying allowed or else crafting swords or wath ever btw i feel better now bit i was in the hospital at Friday this was sooo boring but bow i feel good😭😊👍🏻

  5. Ikr? Starve players these days are like "Die for no reason! Give me this or die because I'm too nooby to get it myself! I'm calling myself pro just because I can pvp and antisavages are noobs no matter what!" Just look at the first starve players. Starve was a game about peace, not random war.

  6. Unfair because u can’t defend urself :p

    You need to do a raid, that’s what people want, not you raiding 2 gold people in their wooden or stone base, an actual raid

  7. I think people are targeting you because some people enjoy the feeling of killing a YTer also when the savagers who took your tunic killed you i ligit felt pissed and salty (I am salty kinda :/)

  8. :/ i hate savages because like you come so far and people just, they just kill for ur score or ur items :/. i love your videos iRaidYou!!!!

  9. lapas have shit ideas or 0 ideas and hes game is fucking unfair couse i killed today full redit with full gold and i got only peasant wood and stone its shittt and i am target all time like you + all hunting 4 + ppl vs solo guy its not fair

  10. Kinda getting annoying when u keep wining about starve.io, I get it, you don't think its good, but stop trying to make us think its not good.

  11. Here’s a tip, never ever give quest stuff to savages to bribe them to stop, just recycle ur rare items and if you turn into a ghost, be grateful for that and go along the borders where it’s harder to know where your box might be

  12. IRu ur such a faggot no one gives a shit about muffins

    fat ass oh guys 19 MUFFINS A DAY IM IRU AND IM A FAG BOI

  13. i think that's in vain to be peaceful every time i let them do their quests they make gears and they come to kill me
    so iru i think it's the right time to STOP eating muffin and making an army

  14. Im target evry time idk way i dont use tags i just play whit make name and still i get targeted when i have a stone sword or im close to winter idk what is that crap i tink some pepole are just stupid they dont remmeber way lapa make this game to have fun not going on rage comments in discord

  15. I totally agree with all of the footage shown in this video. I love starve.io and always will, but I decided I'll be quitting since yesterday. Starve.io is an amazing game, however its community threw it onto the highway; and let it get run the shit over. Starve.io's community is so shit, I wish it wasn't, but that's how it is. Full of shithead little kids who can only think for themselves, and, what's more, steal quest items and kill people after they got what they wanted. I'm so sad to see starve.io slowly, but surely die off. However, maybe it's for the best. I love Starve with all my heart, but maybe when it dies, a lot less of this will happen. Starve.io just isn't good when there's 50 savages after you. In this one server I was in, a ton of savages attacked me because I existed, and when I went to lava biome, I got harassed by 2 savages, both had reidite. I just got rid of all my stuff. I said that this was a load of shit and there's no reason to play starve just to get killed by filthy savages whose only focus is themselves and their "good gear." If any of you stupid savages are reading this: Get your own lava gear, shitheads.
    Also, 2,000th view. 😀

  16. IRaidYou you should not give people your quest or any weapons that are stronger because if they say it, DON'T GIVE IT unless you have a dragon heart cuz they can't get it.

  17. thats why i dint play starve.io

    so many savage and if u want to quest there's someone that want ur quest item or die

    and if i give they will still kill me so i dint give quest to someone ever again

  18. This is why we need to make a better pvp system and I have a saluton if someone attacks u u dont get hurt enless u hit them so it means u cant die to savages enless u hit them

  19. Also all savages says ur trash but ur not and idk why but they want to ruin videos of all yt their target are yt ppl

  20. Как подло! It's like in your animation: you gave they what they want,but they killed you anyway!

  21. y dont you just practice pvp like seriously you almost died from a stone sword while u had full gold like rly

  22. Well i think u know why everyone attack you…. U just use IRAIDYOU and Blissful name and everyone know that is you –– LIKE a example look at me … I am the target in starve always when i play uff what i am saying is that u need to use other name Bcs everyone will know Thats u and they will savage u and 1 more thing stop thinking everyone is a gud player –– if someone see you with good stuuf they will trap and kill u xd and that will be LIKE IZI kill + gud stuuf xdxdxd oh oh and something else if u need protection pr0 just talk to me at discord;v. Cyaaa narb 🙂 GL

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