Why veganism will NOT end world hunger

Why veganism will NOT end world hunger

Hey Everyone! In today’s video, I want to talk about the
very popular belief that veganism can cure world hunger. Up until not long ago, I used
this argument a lot. Every vegan probably knows the gist of this argument, but I’ll
just give you a refresher to make sure we are on the same page: “if everyone went
vegan, then it would solve world hunger. We currently produce enough grain to feed at
least 13 billion people, but then we feed all of it to animals that we must fatten up
and feed for slaughter. If we all went vegan and stopped breeding billions of animals to
produce meat, then there would be enough food to feed every hungry human mouth on the planet.” There is no doubt that animal agriculture
is extremely energy intensive and is thoroughly unsustainable for the planet. It is one of
the leading causes of global warming. This video is not putting that in question. Unfortunately however, going vegan would not
cure world hunger, not even close. Anyone who thinks it will lacks an understanding
of how capitalism actually works. If the world stopped eating animals, then all the grains
fed to them would simply no longer be produced. It also wouldn’t be redistributed because
1) that’s assuming that they’d be grown anyway 2) that there would be workers employed
on a global scale to divide and hand out this food. In reality, not even a tiny fraction
would be grown if we didn’t need it to raise animals for slaughter. The amount of grain
that would be grown would be whatever is most profitable, and not an ounce more. The second point I want to make is that today,
with the huge amount of food waste our food system generates, we could already end world
hunger. It is hard to imagine how much food is wasted in current food production. In the
USA alone, up to 40% of the food supply is wasted–that is nearly half! This is equivalent
to over 20 lbs of food a month per person. For example, reducing food losses by 15 percent
in the US alone, would be enough food to feed more than 25 million Americans every year
at a time when one in six Americans lack a secure supply of food to their tables. Every
year, industrialized countries such as the US and the UK waste 1.5 trillion pounds of
food, an amount almost equal to the entire net food production of sub-Saharan Africa,
according to data from the Food and Agriculture Organization, a division of the UN. There are a lot of different reasons that
perfectly good food gets wasted in our complex food system. This topic would deserve its
own video. The real issue however is that in our current economy, it is more expensive
and often illegal to feed the leftover food to hungry people, than it is to toss it in
a landfill, and buy more food. I might also add, that food decomposing in landfills is
a massive cause of global warming, and is responsible for about 23% of all US methane
emissions. The fact that people go hungry has nothing
to do with the amount of grain that is being fed to animals. It is about profit and distribution.
There is obviously a connection between capitalism’s abuse of animals, its destruction of the environment,
and its oppression of humans. The problem remains, that veganism is a consumer
activity within the current capitalist system. Emphasizing the questionable power of one’s
consumer choices sabotages the fight against capitalism, ecocide, and animal cruelty. Yes,
animal agriculture is an absolute plague upon our shared planet… but it is still a symptom.
To “save” the planet, the real disease we must address and eradicate is capitalism,
which is rooted in the relentless exploitation of “natural” resources and whole groups
of earthlings, in pursuit of profit and perpetual growth. Such a system is by definition unsustainable
and cannot be reformed. It certainly can’t end for example, by buying vegan products
or making “vegan converts.” The last point I was to make, is that vegan
campaigns should stop broadcasting photos of starving African children to make a point
in favor of veganism, and reaffirm the myth that “veganism will cure world hunger.”
Not only is this wrong as I’ve explained in this video, but these graphic and disturbing
pictures are normalizing the violence and dehumanization of certain bodies for the profit
of whoever is showing these images. As Susan Sontag says, the circulation of these photographs
is part of the larger aestheticized consumerism of violence, and “[T]o photograph is to appropriate the thing
photographed. It means putting oneself into a certain relation to the world that feels
like knowledge — and, therefore, like power.” As such, it’s self-serving, gratuitous and
a form of pornography to use pictures of the dead when it is impossible to get their permission
it’s vegans asserting their power over other animals. That’s not veganism. Violence begets
violence, and as long as we’re focused on violence, we’ll never know what peace looks
like. These photographs of torture and death are
part of knowledge production. Moreover, as Sontag points out, “photography has the ability to take away
the context these images exist under, make them into mere ahistorical photographs that
only exist for the shock value.” Vegans don’t really care to know what caused
these African children to die of poverty and starvation. If they did, they would realize
that the unequal distribution of resources via capitalism underlies this extreme poverty.
They only care about promoting their own cause: veganism, and the end of factory farming,
which as an isolated issue, has absolutely nothing to do with the fact millions of people
are dying of starvation in poor countries.

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  1. Very well said. Thank you for this video! I was really disturbed when they used theses images and arguments in the movie Unity. Another point is that some grains aren't suitable for the food production so you can only feed them to animals or not cultivate them.

  2. A few problems…

    (1) You're assuming that capitalism could survive in a vegan world (or even a world where the majority of us are vegan), when the fact that it's based, by definition, on exploitation means that it cannot survive such a shift in collective perspective. Here I have in mind true veganism, ethical veganism, and not the "veganism" sometimes offered to us by the mainstream a la people like Beyonce or other faux vegan celebrities.

    (2) You seem to be defining veganism itself as a consumer choice, when in fact the movement is much bigger than that. One can advocate certain consumer choices as better than others from a vegan perspective, but veganism itself is completely separate from capitalism and as I said in my first point, actually completely opposed to it if one understands it properly as being opposed to all animal (including human) exploitation.

    (3) Some vegans no doubt think the matter would be as simple as the grain produced for animals magically ending up in the possession of starving humans if the world went vegan, and I agree that this kind of simplistic thinking is silly; it's on par with meat-eaters thinking that the world will be overrun by animals if everyone goes vegan. However, again with a proper understanding of what veganism really is, I don't see how anyone can think the status quo of ignoring mass human suffering would continue in a vegan world. You recognize how much more efficient food production would become, making it easier to feed the world's human population if not guaranteeing it would be done, but fail to recognize that the shift in perspective would affect what we do in other ways as well. We currently live in a system that requires people to shut down their capacity for compassion, empathy, etc. in order to function, but if we start unraveling the various ways in which we exploit each other and others, the need for this will disappear. A society of vegans won't refuse to exploit non-human animals and be content to continue exploiting human animals; a society of non-vegans, on the other hand, is trained in looking the other way, making the exploitation of humans far easier to get away with. Having so much abundance produced and humans still starving is not something that a vegan society would tolerate.

    (4) You should not assume that you know how vegans feel about the starving children in pictures they share; many care deeply, cry over such photos, etc. even if their awareness of various issues surrounding these victims is limited. I do think people should be aware that many people will take it as you do, though, that these vegans are just using photos of these children to promote their own agenda, whereas I think most vegans sharing these photos genuinely care about everyone involved. Perhaps the way in which it is done should be changed, but the basic point behind these kinds of photos and memes is still valid even if the details are sometimes wrong: this wouldn't be happening in a vegan world.

    To sum up, I do agree with you that the biggest problem we need to tackle in this world is capitalism, but I think you underestimate how much the vegan ideology challenges it. This is obviously not going to be the mainstream "veganism" championed and defined by capitalists, and at this point in time it might not even be veganism as understood by most vegans or the general public, but it is veganism properly understood, in my opinion.

  3. This topic comes up to me when people ask "then how do you expect there to be enough food to feed everyone in the world vegan?" I tell them "what do you think the animals eat? The fuckin air?" This sounded logical but I'll admit that made me perceive this as the whole world needs to go vegan to feed the world while forgetting there is enough food but we just waste it

  4. Capitalism isn't the cause, capitalism isn't the problem.
    Capitalism is the "Civilised" expression of what and who we are as a species.

    Capitalism has existed since the dawn of human society, as soon as we stopped throwing poo at each other and started living in small groups we started trading, when we started trading our natural evolution driven instincts drove us to do better, and to have more, often at the expense of our fellow man.

    Replace it with anything you like, we'll still be who we are. Those that don't possess the same drive may make noises about fairness and sharing, but inevitably they will be ground under the weight of who and what we are.

    As a species we are wonderful, terrible, tragic and triumphant.
    In time we'll consume this planet and everything on and in it, and move on to the next (or die out).

    Veganism will solve nothing, veganism is nothing more than an aberration that has been able to exist because of the relatively safe and easy lives that technology and capitalism have afforded up.

    We revel in immaginary moral dilemmas of our own creation, scoring points against morally inferior "meat eaters' somehow believing it matters.

    When in reality the vegan movement is nothing more than a self-serving, feel good, fluffy pastime of the affluent, privileged and self indulgent.

    I know….
    Blah bla bla blah "China study"
    Blah blah blah "enjoy your heart attack"
    Blah blah blah blah "sentient beings"
    Blah blah blah blah "psychopath"

  5. I'm pretty sure what vegans mean is if we're able to produce this much food to feed the animals we're going to kill, then if we get rid killing them, the food will be for us instead and be able to feed the world as well. I agree with that idea.

  6. It has not been my experience that Veganism has the goal of eradicating factory farming specifically. I have that as a goal but what normally gets communicated to me is an all-or-nothing, one-track-activist, abolitionist view which bends for no one — including the very animals Veganism is supposed to be saving. I don't understand why vegans can't work for better treatment of animals NOW, in the present without thinking that is tantamount to tacit approval to enslave. The animals aren't splitting those hairs. Its silly and ineffective and the animals suffer while certain factions go after an ideal that will never materialize.

  7. Say you're in a room with hitler, ISIS, el nino, monsanto and donald trump, you have a gun with 3 bullets and you are the only person that can save humanity, what do you do?

  8. Excellent video. As long as the single percentage holds the purse strings, they will continue to divvy up already abundant food and resources amongst the most affluent. A fair and just redistribution is not going to happen under the current rule.

  9. Thank you. I actually get annoyed by the African children. I know that Africa has it's own issues, but there are many many reasons for that and it's not just about having access to food.

  10. Yes! Thank you for saying this – it's so important as vegans to not let capitalism trick us into thinking that "voting with our wallets" is enough to bring about substantial global change. Veganism is absolutely worth it, but just one part of what needs to be done…

  11. A lot of countries can't produce enough food due to environmental conditions so redistributing all the potential leftover grain (assuming it was still being produced at current quantities) around the world wouldn't be very environmentally viable either as it would require huge resource use just to get the produce where it's needed the most.

  12. I would have to say in this case, that I both agree and disagree. Yes, the problem with the world today is capitalism, the uncontrolled overexploitation of resources for profit. Yet, that translates to farming. We produce way more animals than needed just to keep prizes low. We over feed them to make them fat. For me, what would happen if the world would go vegan? First, that would be a very big hit to capitalism itself, as I believe capitalism is linked to carnism, and that is why we don't have a vegan society, but a carnist one. So by making the world vegan we would be helping the fight against capitalism. Yet, you're correct. Imagining a capitalist-vegan society is not right, as it won't solve much. But I have seen for example how people that sells vegetables often discard them, I sometimes wonder, why is it that they won't eat them themselves? Is it just because they don't consider them as food? Are they not hungry? For me hunger is not something to fight, is something people must learn how to deal with. I know I ranted a little bit, but hopefully, I made some sense.

  13. What an amazing video! 🙂 I was just thinking about this world hunger issue the other day. And thought the exact same thing veganism can not solve world hunger because there are a lot of other factors at play and it is also not the root of the problem. Thanks for making such a well thought out video 🙂 For me I see animal agriculture as a factor but not as the entire problem. I have a question though let´s imagine we had the best economic system we could have and one that would make it so that we could give food to every starving person, would it be possible in your opinion to have enough food for everyone plus still have animal agriculture in the way it currently is?? Like I said I have never assumed ending animal agriculture would end world hunger but I did see it as a factor.
    Great video again 😀

  14. It very well could!!! And if this is our focus we will be able to do that once we are all vegan!!! There will be enough food!!!

  15. Wow, I feel so myopic for never considering the effects of capitalism on world hunger. I do remember reading about the U.S. giving grain to impoverished people in third world countries because farmers had over produced grain. Over production made selling the grain unprofitable so the government gave the extra grain away to raise prices of the grain. As a vegan I always said if everyone was vegan world hunger would end but I never took the time to consider the details. Great video plus you have a new subscriber!

  16. I don't think it can cure world hunger, and I was guilty for using that argument. I do however think, a vegan diet have a lesser impact on world hunger since 80% of starving children live in poorer countries where their grains is exported to fatten up factory farmed animals due to consumer demand for animal products. A vegan diet saves 40 pounds(20kg) of grains of food and tons of water each day. Whereas someone who does eat animals uses 40 pounds of grains of food and tons of water each day and add the environmental destruction of raising animals for food. I also think consumerism is one factor to consider when it comes to world hunger, rather than blame everything on the system(capitalism). As without consumerism capitalism wouldn't exist and poorer countries won't have to export their grains. so that someone in western countries can have a steak like the Ethiopian famine in the 90s, biggest cause of that was consumerism.

  17. hi. you say that people that uses this argument don't understand basics economics. and well i'm going to explain you how basic logics works.
    the premise is simple (f-> v or f) == v this is a mathematical truth. and it means that from a false assortment you can imply anything. for example tomorrow is going to snow so a i'm going to do a snowman. and this is true. if it does snow but it will not. because it's summer where i'm at.
    so if a vegan or anybody says if people stop eating meat then… (whatever) it's starting with a false premise so he pretty much can argue anything from that and be right
    i apologise for my bad inglish. be well

  18. Thank you. I heard Angela Davis speak on how photographs of the prisoners abused at Abu Ghraib became part of unintended economies. Interestingly this came up (I promise I'm not just a copy cat!) in my most recent post regarding the use of disturbing animal images. How one can't know how those images are being consumed. Brava for saying it.

  19. +amdg+
    in a capitalist environment the only way to end world hunger is to find a way to make ending world hunger profitable
    greed, lust, envy, covetousness unfortunately will always exist
    +pax Christi!+

  20. World hunger is a complex issue, with many related factors, and I agree that everyone going vegan wouldn't be the end all, but it would have positive effects, and thus there's nothing wrong with a vegan acknowledging that it would play a part

  21. This video should be everywhere in any vegan forum etc. It's very common to see vegans failing to realize that (most of us) live in a capitalism system where profit is the main (only) goal. You brought great points and this video is super important. Keep with your great work!

  22. I am so glad I found your channel. You talk so much sense. I always found it so ironic that many in the vegan community claim to want to end the suffering of all animals but never address the suffering and exploitation of human animals, except for when saying veganism can end world hunger which it clearly can't under the current world order. Focusing on hunger alone shows how one sided and shallow their understanding is. Ending illiteracy, providing access to sexual health and medical services, providing consistent access to electricity and clean water, all of these things and many more are required to lift the poorest people in our world out of suffering.

  23. not even close?
    well my practical experience tells me it can significantly contribute to countering world hunger.
    my uncle grew grains, now he grows fruits and a small amount of veggies.
    I see the feeds a lot more people now.

  24. There are a lot of good reasons why food gets waste?! It is illegal/to expensive to feed leftover food to hungry people?? Can you cite your sources? I've never heard anyone say veganism will *solve* world hunger.. No one is that naive to believe the grain would be redistributed.. that's just not how economics/trade works. You mention the issue of food waste and like ending animal ag, ending food waste would also not *solve* world hunger.. If consumers only purchased as much food as they need then companies would restrict production – not give away the excess.

    However, raising animals for food is extremely wasteful and if governments subsided grains for human consumption instead of animal consumption they could significantly aid food insecure people by making these products abundant, thus even cheaper.

  25. Veganism alone may not end world hunger due to distribution. However animal agriculture still directly contributes to poverty and starvation in many third world countries.

  26. Oh, so you're simply injecting capitalism into the math. Well, duh!

    Your argument is specious on its face. A vegan world would absolutely be a better-fed world, in every conceivable way, even with the greed of capitalism standing by to fuck over the poor.

    The simple fact that capitalism exists and only a tiny minority of 1st world privileged, mostly white people can manage to be vegan today doesn't mean that the math is wrong. It's just not going to happen soon enough to save humanity.

    We are on the precipice of mass extinction. Carnism remains the biggest driver of it. Veganism remains the quickest solution. It'll never happen in our lifetimes, but the math is still right.

  27. What you fail to realize is that a world of vegans would most likely cause a culture shift, an awakening, that would lead to people wanting to help the world around them. Socialism will just lead to a bunch of lazy couch potatoes with no drive to follow their dreams knowing that they will get a check in the mail anyways. We need a culture shift so that those who make money are willing to help. Big government will push us into more debt and turn the country into "the anthem" or "the giver" and nobody wants that.

  28. Going vegan CAN end world hunger. You seem more interested in how things are, instead of how things could be. Progressive thinking needs to focus on how things can be better, not get caught up on how things currently are done. There is no doubt that capitalism is causing huge issues for those most in need. However, the consumer certainly has a role to play in capitalism. What you're failing to consider is that (1) The grain would continue to be grown because if meat is removed from the diet, that caloric intake some people obtain from animal products would need to be replaced by alternate sources so there is a very strong likelihood that that would come from crop-based food sources given the ability to produce high caloric foods from crops; (2) Notwithstanding the fact that we could end food poverty today with our current food wastage, the potential health risks with re-using foods may outweigh the benefits – therefore, if we can do so with "new" food (i.e. crops usually fed to animals), why not do so? And even if people stop wasting their own food, your 're-distribution' argument suggests that the spare food won't be redistributed to those who need it anyway; (3) Undoubtedly, there is an element of compassion involved in veganism (despite so many vegans being angry due to all of the suffering animals have to suffer). With compassion is an increased ability to empathise. If the world went vegan, our ability to empathise with those most in need (i.e. starving) is likely to increase as a result, thereby allowing the "consumer" to elicit greater change upon the system that is capitalism. Awareness and knowledge begets change and veganism begets awareness and empathy.

    It astounds me that as a vegan, you are actually arguing against an argument that the UN has emphatically argued for.

  29. Maybe capitalism is the solution. If 1st world countries wouldn't give handouts to their agriculture, 3rd world countries would produce more for their need instead of importing.
    And that comes from someone who considers himself a communist:

  30. Well fucking duh! Why would we feed third world countries for free?!? We don't do it now so why would we do it if everyone went vegan?

  31. Finally a vegan youtuber who talks truth! All the big vegan youtubers seem to use world hungry as an argument to go vegan. But as you explained the world going Vegan would not solve world hungry. I'm glad you are touching on the topic of capitalism also! Capitalism is the main reason why this world is suffering.

  32. Obviously not everyone will go vegan, but if most people went vegan it wouldn't be that hard to pass laws for taxation on meat dairy and eggs, like with cigarettes and alcohol and it would be easy as well to eliminate subsidies. a lot of land that before was used for animal agriculture would now be free as well. If the government used a very very small percentage of that land for "social causes" it could produce food to give away to help low income families get real food and adequate plant based nutrition thus lowering future costs on healthcare. Maybe in the states veganism would have a lower impact on world hunger. But take a country like Argentina for a moment, one of the main income sources of the country is agriculture and it is among some of the countries that produce the most amount of grain worldwide. If everyone went vegan, yes there would be less demand for grains, but not all of those who used to produce grain for animal agriculture would stop producing, most of them would keep their land and continue to produce plant foods, thus leading to a greater supply of plant food. this would ultimately lead to a decrease in grain and other food's costs. this would enable the numerous organizations that feed the homeless to feed more of them than before.

    Many countries produce enough grains to feed their entire population but rather export to other countries for economical reasons. If these countries stopped buying grains, the countries that produce grains would not seize production, this again would lead to a greater supply which would result in lower overall prices

  33. So nobody starved to death before capitalism? Even if we did redistribute the food produced for animals and gave it away to starving humans, eventually the population would increase until we arrived at the status quo that has been around forever. To many humans and not enough food. The communist party of china had to implement a 1 child policy because they couldn't produce enough food.

  34. This topic has always troubled me, because I didn't believe in "veganism will end world hunger", but everyone seemed to push it. Thank you for expressing my thoughts in more elaborate way:) Your argumentation is strong, logical and very deep.

  35. The claim isn't that there would be no world hunger in a vegan world, but that it would be more plausible. The world turning vegan would be an indicator of attitudes, motives, personal relationships , business, politics, & economics likely changing drastically for the better.

  36. If people went vegan that would make food more efficient, making demand decrease. This would result in a price drop that would make food more available. End world hunger? No. Aiding? Yes.

  37. Thank you for this video. I'm hoping to figure out how to get a co-op going here and teach other's how to farm for themselves so we do not rely on grocery stores and know where our food comes from. You're video is absolutely amazing. I can't stress enough. thank you!

  38. You have some good points, and some lies, MOST animal farms are NOT hurting the environment anymore than a grain farm, but yes, wasting food is really the biggest problem

  39. I love you so much. I dont know why vegans think that vegans dont waste food or buy food that is not needed (cola, chocolate, ice cream). capitalism dosnt give resources to needs of the many, it gives resources to the wants of the rich (us).

  40. Capitalism is incredibly resilient, so even if there should be a surplus of grain & no consumers to ensure profit, then I assure you these corporations won't simply cut their losses & just disappear. They'd restructure their industry from export to local distribution. But even if this were still an issue, the idea that Capitalism is the real problem is exactly why Veganism — which is in itself a boycott of product consumption (especially products which are crippling the economies of 3rd world government, its local farmers, and hence the local population) — is a logical solution. I don't think you did your research properly.

    The corporate farming industry comes in & destabilizes countries by interfering with jobs, food prices, trade policies, & even creating debt-slavery via their partners IMF & World Bank Fund. In fact, the debt-slavery forces 3rd world governments to reduce spending on education, job creation, & agricultural programs, which ultimately leads to poverty & world hunger. But the good news is this industry's success & proliferation is largely dependant on the wealthy consumers of our western culture. By reducing the funding of such an industry, it would inevitably allow the country a chance to create its own jobs, pay back its debts, & have enough money left over to develop programs to shift them out of poverty.

    Also, no hunger bank or program would ever redistribute or give food away for free. It always backfires, and is really just a temporary crutch. By giving the food away for free, local farmers become even more negatively affected than they are when competing against Corporate farmers. There are many workers who are displaced from work, while indigineous tribes are displaced from their lands that creates even more poverty & more homelessness. With the rising prices of crops and the growing poverty, the consumer demands we eschew will help alleviate the damage we inflict. There's so much complexity underlying the issues behind Capitalism that go beyond consumer demand, but for the most part Veganism is the cog that could put a dent in that big consumer-driven clock.

    I can't imagine how we can conclude that just b/c Capitalism is the problem, that Veganism isn't one of the better solutions. Plenty of people used the Capitalistic argument about boycotting animal products here in the U.S. They said the system here is too entrenched, it's too big, these corporations have lobbyists & government allies that make Big Meat, Dairy & Eggs impenetrable. And yet here we are, boycotting and slowly growing as a movement as we see their production rates & profits decline. For awhile, many have said that Veganism isn't going to change anything, and that it's silly to think it'd ever make an impact. So it's baffling to hear this same argument used by a Vegan, but applied to the 3rd world. Well, I'm here to tell you that your assessment is incredibly myopic. I certaintly won't say Veganism is the cure-all against World Hunger, but if meat & dairy agriculture is considered a virus (by World Hunger societies & the locals themselves), then what would you call it? Maybe it's not a panacea, but it's certainly a vaccination worth endorsing.

  41. Thank you! So many people put forth that incredibly reductive argument without thinking at all about the incredible amount of societal changes on a global scale that would have to occur to make going vegan even kind of an option, while also completely ignoring the fact that are small, isolated communities all over the planet that survive on their animal herds (plus it's not as if every place on the planet can grow it's own food, and i don't know of any companies who are willing to distribute food for free). If you want to rail about ending factory farming and reducing our overall food intake in America, awesome. But to just make a blanket statement like "going vegan can solve world hunger" is just incredibly short-sighted and misleading

  42. Exactly we have enough food! It's about how much food we waste why there is hunger in this world. Eating animals have nothing to do with it. Thanks for sharing

  43. As always, thank you for making me look at things from another perspective. I would hope that if the world went vegan capitalism would catch up but you are correct to assume that a society driven by wealth will not just start helping the unwealthy. Not too long ago Jon Oliver did a piece on ugly fruit basically showing how perfectly good fruit gets tossed out before going to stores because it's not aesthetically pleasing. I don't know if that fruit could cure world hunger but it could definitely help and this is something that could be done now without the world going vegan.

  44. I get what you say. You have a lot of reason and logic that others don't. But your message kind of makes me feel like, "What's the point of trying so hard to be vegan while I'm surrounded by family and friends that enjoy bacon burgers, prime rib and chicken wings while I don't get to eat because it's either I don't eat, or I eat meat and dairy or fried foods because that's all the places we go to for socializing has that I could eat? So why even be vegan? Why be vegan if none of the things I thought being vegan would help is true? It feels pointless now.

  45. Love your videos. Please keep thoughtfully discussing social justice issues as they relate to veganism in depth. You're doing the whole vegan community a great service. <3

  46. Another interesting argument I've heard is that food donations by massive charities suppress local economies and prevent farmers from making enough money to sustain their own businesses. This observed in the case of the Haitian earthquake and their dependence on foreign aid. Perhaps the solution isn't redistribution of food but fostering local subsistence farming and preventing corporate interference.

  47. Lol who came up with that argument were not try to stop world hunger( all though it is a major problem )were try to stop animal slaughter

  48. Good video. I'm a vegan, but as you've pointed out, It's a very naive argument that global veganism would end world hunger. The other thing that would and does get in the way of feeding starving people, is geopolitics and war, as was the case in Somalia in 1993 when all the food that was being delivered by NGOs to the starving people was being stolen by militias…then you have the fact that some nations rely heavily on agriculture not just for their calories, but for their power and heat as they use manure as fuel for fires to cook on and heat their homes, and to see so they can have some sort of income. How would these people survive on a vegan diet, especially when they are living in places with non-arable land? I can't see how it would be a good idea , even if it were possible, to ask such people to stop farming animals, stop using manure as a commodity and as a power source, and start buying vegan foods imported from around the globe.

  49. You do realize that if we stop eating farm animals, they will go extinct as they have been bred for labour, or
    as cattle etc and have no survival chance by themselves in the wild, right?

  50. You do realize that if we stop eating farm animals, they will go extinct as they have been bred for labour, or
    as cattle etc and have no survival chance by themselves in the wild, right?

  51. I think when Vegans claim this they do so from a very idealized perspective. Of course things like capitalism and imperialism will get in the way. As a vegan, I appreciate this video.

  52. I was agreeing with everything until you started being a Socialist and said it's pr0n to take pictures of dead people.

  53. I believe that as long as food can still be eaten it should not be thrown away, France has made it illegal to throw away any food that can be feed to others, u always feed the homeless when I can when I see someone homeless

  54. What you talked about is great and we need to have the conversation going. The vegan movement just doesn't talk about the whole Capitalism System which in reality is the root of most problems like greed, corruption, war, inequality, overconsumption, jealousy, greed etc etc. Most people just don't to touch Capitalism so thank you for mentioning that, you're doing a great job. Having said that, don't you think we need an alternative system? And have you heard of a Resource Based Economy as proposed by The Venus Project?

  55. I am an economist and vegan and so incredibly tired of vegans being anti capitalist. Can you folks please understand that it is capitalism that is the only reason why you can have time to create the video, actually shoot the video with a camera and distribute it on a computer network that we all have access to? this is ridiculous. Capitalism is not to blame for human greed, it is the only reason why human greed is kept in check. This is so infuriatingly ignorant.

  56. I believe you on this, but a question I have is can't there also be so much drought to the point where people can't be fed?

  57. This is what I've been saying, but people won't listen to me. The world can't be vegan; We must spread the awareness of overconsumption.

  58. Did you know that when restaurants donate food they can only donate vegan food.
    Also if people weren’t eating animals the demand for grains would go up.

  59. I always knew this was bull. as unsustainable as animal agriculture is the current problem is distribution of resources.

  60. Do not go kommunist on me solusan is actual decentralized community based open source economy based on capitalism. world economy is a Ponzi scheme, that's why we invented poverty.

  61. https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/fruit-vegetables-food-waste-farms-uk-birmingham-manchester-feedback-a8220171.html

  62. In case my previous comment got blocked by spam filter…

    Look up Fruit and veg waste could feed… for a year… INDEPENDENT

    Environmental charity says that food waste is driven by supermarkets. Anyone who has raided supernarket skips aka dumpsters can confirm that.

    I'm dismayed by how many vegans happily support supermarkets. They are known to treat both their staff and all farmers very badly. They also started the whole overpackaging craze

    Hard to find food not wrapped in soft plastic in supermarkets these days. That stuff definitely leeches chems into food.

    And as for food waste, afaik British supermarkets virtually never donate wasted food to charity.

    Instead they set up food donation bins at their entrances to encourage richer customers to buy even more processed food, and donate that. While at the back entrance they throw fresh stuff out. As a result food banks get filled up with biscuits, black tea and pasta. So nutritious.

    The only big business I know of in the UK that does donate fresh food is Pret A Manger.

    Many a time I have enjoyed a slightly smelly Pret sandwich donated by them 😊.

    Smelly because the food redistribution network was often too slow, and esp in summer it arrived too late and the food already smelled.

    We ate it anyway. What choice? And yes we did get sick a lot. So it'd be good to iron out that problem 😉.

    Or perhaps add in a free packet of loperamide (anti runs med) or better yet some bentonite clay with each meal? 🤔

  63. Use OLIO food sharing app to redistribute food in the UK (possibly other countries too. Unsure).


  64. Veganism allows people to have more compassion towards those who are denied basic right to life and abused and tortured for our own good. Veganism allows people to be naturally more compassionate towards others so the capitalism won't be an issue when people heal from inside out. Capitalism is going nowhere without people changing their own value systems. So what you are describing is a plant based diet not veganism. Please change the name of the video to why plant based diet will not end world hunger. Veganism WILL end hunger and many other problems humans face today. "As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields"? -Leo Tolstoy
    He knew peace starts with fork, our personal responsibility. He knew it was all connected. Veganism allows us to align our actions with our morals and be more compassionate towards others. This will solve world hunger not just plant based diet you are confusing veganism with.

  65. Veganism made me more compassionate so that I started to donate to help to end the world hunger. In a more compassionate world, it will be much easier to end the world hunger.

  66. Hello! I agree that ending hunger requires ending capitalism, but disagree that ending animal farming wouldn't help. Think of the farm owners currently growing grain for animals. If they could no longer sell their grain to animal farmers, would they just abandon their farm? In most cases, no, they would look for new markets to sell to. Some would switch to non-food crops, but others would continue growing grain or other food. The price of food would fall, helping to reduce hunger, though at the same time contributing to the impoverishment of farmers, many who are already poor peasants. Capitalism ensures that someone will get hurt!

  67. Animal agriculture and biofuel production drives up costs to where poor people can't afford simple food. If you eliminated those two, the economics would indeed change. There would no longer be perverse incentives to sell your food for a better price to animals than to starving poor people.

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