Woman Whose Baby Starved While Nursing Speaks Out

Woman Whose Baby Starved While Nursing Speaks Out

– Just days after giving
birth to a healthy baby boy, our next guests were
devastated by unexpected news. – Jarrod and I are high
school sweethearts, and ended up getting married in May of 2009. We were really fortunate. We got pregnant the first month we tried, and we were so excited. It was our first baby, so we wanted to be as prepared as we possibly could. All the breastfeeding classes, because that’s what we were taught was the most important thing for the baby. It was, “Formula’s bad for
the child, it, you know, “you need to give ’em breast milk. “It’s the best thing for them.” Landon was delivered and I’ll never forget how I felt
when they handed him to me. You don’t understand the
love for another person until you have a child. I just couldn’t take my
eyes off him and I just, I didn’t want anybody to
take him away from me. He started breastfeeding and
pretty much the entire time that we were in the hospital,
he was on my breast. The doctors and nurses
just kept telling us we’re doing a great job, keep him on the breast, keep feeding him. We brought him home from the hospital and pretty much the entire
time that we were home, he was on my breast. It got to a point where I had decided to look in my
breastfeeding book and see if I was possibly doing something wrong. I had put down my book, but when I picked him up, it was like picking up a sleeping
cat, just completely limp. That’s when I had found him not breathing. (siren wailing) He was on life support for 15 days. The doctor told us that he
thought he was dehydrated because they were having a hard time balancing out his electrolytes. I’m like, “Dehydrated,
wait a second, that means, “Oh, my God, you’re telling
me I starved my child?” It turns out he wasn’t getting
any milk out of my breasts. The entire time he was on life support, we didn’t get to hold him. And I can’t tell you
what it does to a mother, not being able to hold her newborn. He was 19 days old when he passed away. Life isn’t the same after losing a child. There’s a huge hole in my heart, all because we trusted
everything that we were taught, that, you know, exclusively
breastfeeding is the best thing for a baby, and his death
was 100% preventable. 100%, and there’s no reason
he shouldn’t be here today, other than the fact that we were failed. – Jillian joins us now, along with Dr. Christie
Del Castillo-Hegyi, who is the founder of Fed is Best and, Jillian, I know that this was recently the fifth
anniversary of Landon’s death. We are so sorry for your
loss and I know that time doesn’t necessarily heal
those kinds of wounds, but you’re really now trying
to take his death and turning it into something
positive, tell us about that. – We just, we wanna educate
as many parents as possible that you have to be your
child’s number one advocate. You know, at the end of the day, you’re taking that baby home. There’s not gonna be any doctors
or nurses at home with you, and you just have to listen to those mommy and daddy
instincts, you know, we’re given those for a reason.

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  1. When I had logan they pushed for breast feeding him which I completely wanted to do. I couldn’t get him to latch. They had a hospital grade pump in my room so I decided to pump and bottle feed him. I was caught by the nurse and shamed for not physically breast feeding him. The 3rd day they told me his weight dropped and if I couldn’t get it back up he would have to stay in the hospital. I told them I want him to have supplement formula. Only one nurse that was there supported me, the rest shamed me and made me feel bad for not breast feeding. I had to give him something so he wouldn’t starve. I can see how the hospital is very misleading to women and makes you feel terrible if your not breast feeding. Now my chunky monkey is 3 months and 14 lbs. no weight issues at all. This is so sad this lady experienced this. They need a better approach at the hospital and support in all directions.

  2. I breastfed all my children and thier explosive (mustard yellow seedy) poopy diapers let me know they were well fed! Sorry she needs to know that she was not being attentive. I also kept a feeding/diaper log for the first week home. 😩😩

  3. I'm sorry that you lost your babe, but there is so much research online to tell you so much information about breast feeding.

  4. Didn’t she know about breast pumps?
    That could’ve shown her that there was no milk being produced.. this is a freakish accident 😩😭

  5. This doesn’t make sense they wouldn’t even let him leave if he wasn’t gaining weight and was losing it

  6. Did not they see he was not putting on weight? Nor wet diapers? Crying for hunger, not sucking (that happens when there’s no milk coming out)…? I am so sorry for the loss of this baby but I do not understand this story…

  7. Breast milk is definitely the way to go if you have a child that is sustained by it. Some kids need more. That's why formula is around!!

  8. My friend went through this and luckily her son didn’t pass, but it was the same thing with the nurses..pushing with breastfeeding and not listening to the mothers concerns.

  9. If it wasn’t for my night shift nurse that noticed my son’s shakiness & lips moving then I can only imagine what could have happened if I brought him home. She checked his sugar & sure enough he was in the 20’s. The day we were to go home they took him straight to the nicu. Hooked him up to a drip line & stayed a total of 3 days in the nicu until his blood sugar was regulated & steady. I thank God for that nurse who noticed the signs & offered formula immediately

  10. I'm 7 months prego with my first and plan on breastfeeding. I'm glad I saw this, it's scaryyyyyy.
    So sad for the parents:( rip little guy🙏

  11. Poor woman! She is absolutely right, a mothers breast milk is practically a vital part of a child's development. No formula can compare. But how unfortunate that she was oblivious to her incapability of producing milk.

  12. So many people insinuating that the mother was missing obvious cues. It is not that simple. Especially for first time mothers, they're not experienced enough to know what isn't right.

  13. If you aren't producing enough, feed formula. My mom couldn't produce enough with my brother. He had to be on formula, and soy at that because he couldn't take the other.

  14. This almost happened to my son. I am so glad that I recognized the signs of dehydration and decided to give him formula.

  15. I breastfed for my babies snack. I give formula for dinner. I started giving cereal to baby at a month old. It worked for me and they came out fine. I feel sad for this lady, not knowing.

  16. The whole story wasn’t told. The kid had an issue with latching. They didn’t check that correctly clearly. It wasn’t the breast feeding it was the poor teaching and issues with feeding that were never addressed

  17. My baby was diagnosed to be severly dehydrated less than 24 hours of being discharged from the hospital I gave birth. When we were home, I was nursing every hour to hour and a half, but he wasn't getting enough breast milk. I felt that he was a little hot and the crying was not normal, it seemed he was pain crying. I took his temperature and sure enough, he had a fever of 101.4, so I called the hospital and they told me to not dare take him to the ER because there are a lot of bacteria and viruses he could get. So what the hell was I supposed to do?! We rushed to the Children's Hospital, about 45 minutes away and they told me that advice the other hospital gave me was not right. I am a first time mom and when I gave birth, I had to be constantly asking for the nurses to check in on me. They didn't help changed his first diaper or tell me what to look for (amount of wet or poo diapers) or how often to feed or how to properly breastfeed. It was really disappointing and discouraging. I got all the information i should've gotten from the Children's Hospital. Anyway, we were there for three days and I'm glad that he made it.

    My heart goes out to them.

  18. Poor lady, she didn’t know. This is why I’m getting a breast pump to make sure I’m actually producing milk. Not her fault!!

  19. This makes me so sad. Something like this happened to us though my daughter is alive now. When we were in the hospital the dr. And nurses and even lactation consultants were telling me oh you’re doing great! She’s fed, you don’t need to worry! But in the back of my mind I knew something wasn’t right. They kept telling me I didn’t need to pump that my daughter was getting enough milk but I felt something bad. So when we took her home she was still crying all the time so I called the dr. and they all kept assuring me she was getting enough and to stay away from the bottle. So by the second day of being home (so day 5 of her life) I decided to try a bottle with donor milk and she drank maybe an ounce and passed right out. She slept for maybe 5 hours straight and when she woke i gave her more and she no longer cried like she had been. I decided to pump to see what all was coming out and I sat there for 2 hours and nothing came out. Finally after 2 days of trying to pump I started producing colostrum which I should have already produced it days before which meant my daughter was getting nothing all those days. Not only that, but at her 6 month pediatrician appointment they informed me she has a very bad lip tie and will eventually need it cut. Nobody ever told me she had a lip tie when we were in the hospital after she was born. I will never trust a doctor again after that. If I didn’t listen to my mom gut my daughter would not be here today.

  20. After my son was born the nursing specialist came in and told me to only nurse. I knew I wasn't producing enough milk at first. Luckily I had a nurse who agreed that we should formula feed. I listened to my gut and gave him that bottle. The next day the nursing specialist kept pushing and pushing me to nurse only. I still went with my gut and gave him both nursing and bottles.

  21. My daughter was exclusively breastfed and her height and weight were above average until I introduced formula, she hates the bottle, I had to give breastmilk in bottle for I went back to work while my mother cared for my daughter because we were both working

  22. I have very small breasts. Everytime I went to the doctor for check ups I was told Breast feed only but seriously when my son was born and I did that the first night he cried constantly.On our way home from the hospital I bought formula because my instincts said to try that and he had both breast and bottle from the second day he was born and he was fine. I was 19 at the time now my boy is 14yrs old and strong. I listen to elders and doctors but I make my own choices because even with bigger breasts the baby still might not "latch" properly and will starve. So sorry for your lose.

  23. This is so sad omg how did the nurses not notice this ? And to be honest it’s not her fault because as a new mother it’s new to her. Omg I’m so sorry for her loss.

  24. While some of you women are complaining that you had breast-feeding Nazis at the hospital. Put your self in my position where I wanted to nurse and no one even knew what it was or how it worked and shoved pacifiers in my babies mouth which can damage their ability to suckle .and tried to give my daughter formula which made her vomit instantly. They disrespected my wishes to nurse. I made a ton of breast milk but the hospital did not respect my wishes and didn’t care. Best of luck to those moms out there struggling with making enough at least you’ve tried. I’m not really sure how this mother was nursing and cannot feel the milk coming out of her breast. Oxytocin makes the milk eject and I remember seeing spouts that could shoot across the room and my little boy having to turn his head because the flow was so heavy until it slow down. Women who nurse can feel the milk see the milk. I’m guessing she had some sort of nerve disorder or damage to her breast tissue. I’m confused how the baby was so large and full looking and starved

  25. I kept telling my nurses that I wasn't producing anything. They kept telling me "yes you are, don't worry." I was in the hospital for 3 days from difficulties with delivery. It was my first baby but I knew something wasn't right. Sure enough my baby lost 8oz because I wasnt producing right. I was beyond pissed.

  26. Something is missing or these people are complete idiots. No baby is going to be perfectly happy if they are starving, the parents would have noticed no wet or dirty diapers, and she didnt purposely not feed him formula…she literally had no clue. Its not a case of "Breastfeeding killed my baby" its "I'm too stupid to realize something is wrong". Yes breastfeeding is best and always will be.

  27. With my 3rd child I was breastfeeding and even though I had enough volume, my breastmilk did not have enough calories. As soon as he started dropping weight, i put him on formula. This story doesn’t make sense to me, she should have been leaking breastmilk, the baby should have been crying and losing weight rapidly if she had no breastmilk. Also, most breast feeding mothers pump as well, did she not try that? Something definitely amiss.

  28. Anyone else see that really sad Call the Midwife episode where the woman couldn’t breastfeed and thought she was a terrible mother?
    Love that show

  29. This is horrid. It almost doesn’t make sense. Breastmilk is great, BUT don’t let ANYONE tell you that you cannot give your infant formula or supplement with formula. And that if you do you’re a failure (I’ve seen people say that to struggling nursing moms) YOU are the Mother and Mother’s know best for their baby! First time Moms and nursing is hard. I remember sobbing some nights because my son wouldn’t latch good or I was so sore. I feel like this Lady was possibly mislead in some way. So sad.


  30. This is so tragic and heart breaking but still unbelievable to me. I’m a first time mom and have exclusively breastfed my son for 8m. She should’ve noticed something was wrong. Weight gain, dirty diapers, baby’s over all appearance, you also notice when your milk comes in and you have a sensation when you have a let down (when the milk comes out). So she should’ve known if she wasn’t producing. Breastfeeding takes a lot of hard work patience and time. That being said it’s not for everyone

  31. You can tell if your breasts have milk in them. So sad. Were there other signs, like no wet diapers?

  32. The breast feeding is the best option, but if you for some chance have a problem where you can't produce milk normally, THIS IS WHY THEY INVENTED FORMULA. Specifically for women who couldn't breastfeed because they had trouble lactating. This doesn't make any sense.

  33. This is crazy. My hospital weighed baby before feeding and after to make sure and then at weekly appt. what kind of doctor did she gave? Sad.

  34. I am so confused. I want to be sympathetic for these people, but I just don't understand how you wouldn't notice this way before the baby "went limp like a sleeping cat". Wasn't his urine dark or brown? His feces abnormal? I don't get it. Like, I DO get the pressure put on mom's nowadays (which makes me really sad bc I'm 31 and have no kids yet but if I ever do, I know 100% certainty I can't breastfeed and I've wondered if I should just lie and tell people it's my breastmilk in baby's bottle so I don't have to tell every single person and stranger who comments on my baby's bottle my personal medical history), I do get that…. but I don't get how she didn't realize he was dehydrated/starving. Even if he was not crying (which seems odd but it's possible), it just seems…. off. I don't know. Although, I guess if the doctor they visited told them to keep breast feeding and they really didn't know jack about jack then you could kind of see how this may happen… I guess…

  35. I'm so sorry for your loss but when I was at the hospital they checked my milk production as soon as I delivered since it hadn't come in they supplemented with something like sugar water and then formula. After I had my let down of my breast milk I then breast fed and when they didn't want the breast then I pumped breast milk and bottle fed. I don't know what books you read or what lactation consultant you had but they sucked. My kids are 17 and 16 completely healthy thank God.

  36. Poor woman, she loved him so much. Rest in peace angel.

    It doesn't matter if you use breast milk or formula. I had to do formula because my nipples severaly hurt, and my 4 year old is full of life and has a huge personality and he's smart. He's going to be going to kindergarten this year, as his choice.

  37. Manuela Darazsdi that's what I'm wondering,, and in the pics he looks healthy…Im not saying they did anything to harm there child but i dont understand how this poor thing even fell asleep even at 19 days old this baby would have been constantly screaming his little head off from being so hungry. First time parents are usually the ones that take there child to the Dr. for every little thing, not making assumptions that they are first time parents but surly if they have another child they would have realized, i breastfed both my kids and I constantly checked my breast squeezing my nipples to see how much milk i was producing, most (NOT ALL) mothers who breastfeed used some sort of pump, if se had she would have clearly realized that there was no milk being produced! thinking about how much crying this baby must have done why not take him in to a doc to see why he was crying so much???….Keeping them in my prayers anyways I absolutely cant imagine what they go through day to day

  38. Okay but, you can feel the milk in your boob????? My mom was fucking floored that this woman didn't know she was starving her kid. This woman was actually dumb.

  39. Sorry but how can you not know milk is coming out????!!!! I COULD literally FEEL my milk gushing out and I always squirting it out to make sure it looked the right color and stuff

  40. No one noticed weight loss and lack of wet diapers? How could a mother not figure out the most basic of baby needs – hunger? No way he wasn’t crying from starvation until he was simply too weak to do anymore. Disgusting and negligent.

  41. I don't like the finger pointing and people choosing sides, it's not about that… breast is best. BUT if little to no milk is coming out formula has to be used. Its all about whats best for the child.. It was unfortunate that they didn't find out till later that she didn't have any milk. That's why the nurses have to check..this is so sad. My condolences.. :'(

  42. Wow how did the hospital think things were ok when there were no wet nappies? I remember that was one of the main focuses and tests to see if you were getting proper feeding and latching. It was all about counting the diapers. Why did the hospital not mention this. Sure the child may have had a mecomium(spelling) poop but surely there were not a proper amount of wet diapers. The pressure is too much to do this or do that. Feed how it works best for you and your little one. Period

  43. I feel bad for the mother because she will have to live with this feeling for the rest of her life but yet it was not her fault and she had no idea

  44. With both of our kids they sent us home with. booklet to keep track of wet and dirty diapers and the babies had weight checks before they left the hospital, the day after they left and then every other day for my first since he lost so much weight, until he hit his birth weight again. I can’t understand why these procedures weren’t put into place. Blame the mom all you want but breastfeeding is a LEARNING curve. Someone should have spent ample time with her before they went home to check her latch and teach her to make sure the baby was swallowing and to count his diapers. This is just heartbreaking.

  45. I absolutely want to breast-feed my baby and I do think it is the best way to go IF you’re able, BUT formula is not bad it was invented for a reason, I will definitely use it if I have to! I feel so bad for this couple because of how preventable this whole situation was!

  46. I tried breastfeeding my daughter and i could tell that i wasnt making enough milk for her. U can tell that ur child is hungry. So we supplemented with formula. This is unbelievable

  47. Idiot. You will live with that. I can't believe you don't know he was hungry. Didn't he cry.. I'm so pist off

  48. I was told to supplement if there wasn't a certain amount of wet diapers. Also. A lactation consultant came in to check everything was good. Breastmilk and formula won't kill a baby but ignorance will. If you are having a baby get informed ask questions get second opinions. At least she is speaking out about this so others will know.

  49. Yes breast milk is better than formula BUT you don't have any milk when your baby is just born. Until that milk comes in, the colostrum is often times not enough. The baby will stay latched on because they are hungry, because it's instinct, and because it's comforting but that doesn't mean anything much is coming out, even though it looks like they are drinking. You will see the jaw moving but if you listen closely, do you hear them swallowing gulps of colostrum or milk? Im 100% for breast feeding, I nursed my babies for up to 27 months, don't pump, don't use pacifiers. But in the first 2 or 3 days I always have had to supplement with those little formula bottles at the hospital because I could tell they were hungry. And the lactation experts might mean well but the ones I've dealt with have always been rude and annoying. I've been criticized by them for putting "sludge" into my baby's gut (formula). Criticized for not pumping, I just hate doing it. Told one of my babies needed to have cuts made in his mouth to help him latch on. He had a really tiny mouth, I don't have a tiny chest, the pediatrician thought she was nuts. It just took practice and he is just fine, breastfed for 2 years. I refuse to let my babies cry when I know they are hungry. So even though I don't like formula, I happily give it to them until my milk co as in. Screw pushy people, my kids come first.

    No matter what you decide to do, there will will people who give you shit for it. You breastfed too long/ not long enough. You potty trained too soon, too late. Why don't you make your own baby food? Why do you use organic? Why don't you use organic? Why do you use cloth diapers, are you just cheap? Why don't you use formula and bottles, are you just cheap? Why do you have so many kids, don't you have a tv? Why doesn't your baby sleep in his or her own room? You're weird. You're paranoid. You're too involved. Stop worrying, you worry too much. Just do your best. Listen to the free advice and then decide to take it or leave it. Including what I've just said.

  50. There's a new technology called a breast pump. That can help make sure you get milk into a bottle and feed it to the baby.

  51. This is what makes mom not want to breastfeed. If he wasn't wetting diapers then obviously he wasn't getting anything.

  52. I have 2 healthy sons& Idid not produce ANY breast milk. My sister did not either , my Mom produced milk in 1 breast only but not much. Just hope my 3 Granddaughters have not inherited the gene. My neice hasn't& bbbreastfed hher son successfully.

  53. And this is why I’ve done formula especially because I have an infection from his cord and I was on all this medication smh I wasn’t letting him get any breast milk I had to fight with my drs and his drs in order for me to get formula smh

  54. Breasts fill up with up milk and it's a sensation you can't exactly ignore. It used to be slightly painful with tingling. The breasts also leak and babies do give an indication of being full they doze off and become floppy iv had 6 children and each were identical when feeding same scenario.if they did not get much milk they would be unhappy. Some moms are so tired after childbirth they can't hack the routine of getting up every 2 hours the baby will cry and go back to sleep this story don't add up but she Caucasian she will be believed

  55. when i had my babies right after my milk came in i pumped to measure exactly how much milk i was producing. And to make sure my baby was getting enough milk cause colostrum wont be enough 2 or 3 days after bringing baby home.. and if its been that long and your milk has not came in yet, you should supplement to be on the safe side. Mommies should not be ashamed to do so. Sad story! 😢

  56. I guess he was only at her home for about two days . Being a new mother maybe she really didn't realize that he should have had soiled diapers within that short time period. Very sad.

  57. It does seem he was a particularly patient baby, perhaps having never gotten milk from the breast, content just with the closeness and oral stimulation. I don't think he ever fed. What was there to miss and act up over? The only comfort for this mother is knowing that her touch and closeness surpassed breast milk. He can be seen smiling despite starving. What an extraordinary mother, for warm reassuring touch is everything when there is nothing more

  58. This sound crazy to me. I mean how could she not notice he was dehydrated? It's an easy pinch test. He would have looked terrible and been screaming constantly.
    Also you can feel the let down of milk in your breasts and see it coming out of you. It's so obvious. Your breasts are literally swollen with milk and leaking for the first few weeks. She would have known this from prenatal classes, other women and doctors. If she wasn't getting milk she shouldn't have known. She should have pumped to check. She was really neglectful, and so where the community health care minwives.
    Not sure if they have them in the usa. In the uk we have a midwife do home visits to check on and weigh baby and help the new mom for the first few weeks.

  59. You mean to tell me this mother couldn't sense that he wasn't getting milk , just the signs alone would tell you something is wrong . WHAT HAPPENED TO THERE MOMMY AND DADDY INSTINCTS ???????SENSE

  60. To all the moms out there take your baby to a lactician consultant: at the hospital there they can weigh the babys weight to see if the newborn is getting enough milk.

    I was producing milk before i delivered and at the hospital. My son latched exactly how he should while at the hospital. When I got him home i was still producing milk, he latched excellent. He cried ehen he was hungry. Over the first 14 days my milk production slowed down but he was still having the recommend wet and poopy diapers. And i also watched for swallowing. He would fall alseep on my breast and milk would spill. His onsies and my shirt would be soaked and i pumped milk not a lot but just enough for the next feeding. If you have a sleepy baby a lot of milk can spill out his the corner of his mouth and the lactocian say ypu are suppose to wake the baby up if they fall alseep during feedings.

    My son started to cry more even though i was spill my breast milj and it seemed through wet diapers and poopy diapers he was getting enough to eat. I was worried about his crying he wasnt cry a lot but the loudness of when he did cry made me nervous. So i took hin bacl to thr hospital labor and delivery lactician consultant. While I was there the consultant stated he falls aslepp a lot during feedings so a lot of the breast milk he wss NOT swallowing. Though he had 7 wet diapers and at least 4 to 5 poopy diapers. She also weighed him and he was not heavy enough.

    So if you can buy a baby scale it cost anywhere from$19 dollars to $60. Get one and weigh your newborn baby the first 14 days while your home. Check for sleepy babies. Nodding off while nursing is a no-no. My parentung class for newborn urge mother to gentle wake your baby if they fall asleep while eating. Its important the baby do NOT fall alseep while eating because its important they get the breast milk. Your flow can slow down and by the time the baby wakes it takes longer to nurse

    2. Always nurse and time the feeding to know when's the last time your newborn nursed. Make sure you have a visable

  61. I couldnt edit and I had more to say: Have a Clock to time feedings. A note pad if your memory is fuzzy and you cant remember the exact time you last nurse your newborn. Feeding should be no less than 15 minutes and can take up to 45 minutes if the breast milk flow is slow.

    3. Watch for your newborn jaw and throat for swallowing to ensure he/she is drinking the milk and not spilling it out the side of their mouth.

    4. Watch and keep count over wet and poopy diapers. I believe it 4-7 wet diapers through the day and at least 3 poopy diapers within 7 day. Though a newborn can go a full 7 day without a poopy diaper. Always ask your doctor the correct amount of wet to poop diapers.

    5. Eating and Drinking Water. My eating slowed down and what I eat made my milk slow down. Ask your doctor how often you should be eating and what you should eat to make sure your producing enough breast milk.

    The first 4-7 days In my opinion is VERY important when feeding . If your baby is not actually getting enough milk they can be in danger of illness and death very soon. Always get a check up if any of these signs are happening within 7 to 14 days of bringing your newborn home.

    Little to no Wet to poopy diapers

    A lot of crying

    Latching issues

    Breast milk or bottle milk is more on the baby's bib than their drinking.

    Swallowing issues

    A very sleepy baby while feeding . if your baby is falling asleep while nursing and you cant wake him, in time for him to get enough milk he will not be getting enough milk for the feeding which adds up to not enough milk within a day.

    Ask for the hospital to weigh baby before a feeding and after. I went back to the hospital I delivered my newborn and net with a lactician a women who will help with latching feeding issues. They will ask a lot of questions and will weigh your baby before a feeding then right after you have fed them. To see if the baby is drinking enough milk.

    Please DO NOT WAIT always ask for help and GO to the hospital if you are worried or if any of these signs or issues are happening.

    Turns out my sin was not getting enough milk due to sleeping while on the breast and me not producing enough milk. Due to in consistant eating on my part: eating and drinking enough water through the day is important. The less water and food you eat the less milk you make. Always check your food intake. Watch your sodium which dehydrates you. Dehydration kept me from making milk.

    So sad for the mother the baby was so cute such a precious angel. The danger can happen fast please be watchful over feedings. Its not always a solution to introduce formula that can cause digestion and constipation issues.

    Always talk to your doctor and a specialist for switching to breast milk to formula and have options on types: some formulas may not agree with your newborn digestion. Always have options between soy, and other formulas that help with digestion. Which can lead to constipation which is extremely dangerous for a newborn to suffer.

  62. How is possible, mothers know when baby is no getting enough food. I had same situation with my first baby, and u did know right away that my baby need formula as well… Common, our instint tell us when something is going wrong and not to wait after 19 days… My goodness

  63. Breast feeding is the best for your child when you’re actually making breast milk…don’t blame breast feeding, blame the fact that you didn’t realize…somehow…that you weren’t producing milk

  64. I’m almost 76 years old, healthy, and was bottle fed. My mother said that she started out breast feeding me but that I cried a lot. She talked to the doctor about it after a short time — not sure how long. He examined me and said “Why, that baby is hungry; that’s why she is crying.” So my mother immediately switched me to the bottle and I became a roly poly little thing. I breast fed both of my children and they had quite a few allergies. So, who’s to say what is best for any particular child. I never had many health problems despite the lack of breast milk. 🌻😊🌻

  65. This almost happened to a cousin of mine. They kept telling her that breast milk is the best. She wasn’t producing any. They criticized her when her mom stepped in and told her to formula feed the baby. This was after her baby lost weight and was screaming all the time. There is a time when you have to say enough is enough who cares what everyone else thinks just do what’s right for the baby.

  66. When I had my son, 13 years ago, I told them I wanted to try to breastfeed him. Boy when they hear that, they are dead set that the baby will never see a bottle. But my blood pressure got so high 3 months before he was due that I got put on bed rest & was very dehydrated. They induced me a month early. He was jaundice, losing weight & wouldn’t have a bowel movement. I kept telling them I didn’t think I was producing any milk, they said just keep trying. So the second day, they give you a bag with samples & coupons & baby magazines etc. so I started feeding him with the little ready to drink Emfamil bottles. They looked at me like I was the devil himself, but I knew he was starving.

  67. But if the baby was not getting milk they baby crys and if you put a figure in their mouth they suck on it that's how you know if the baby is full or not

  68. My sister tried breastfeeding as a 1st time mom and my niece didn't appear to be taking in milk so she switched to formula. Her and her husband were extremely disappointed but they could tell it wasn't working. My mom never breastfed with us and when she had my little brother milk would occasionally leak and her blouse would get wet. I'm extremely concerned that someone wouldn't notice milk wasn't coming out

  69. What i dont understand is why would anyone let themselves be brainwashed. And not have sense enough to use a bottle…especially with a second baby…my mom was always my go to person. Not doctors…..sorry for your loss. But smh…

  70. This doesn't make sense. The hospital should have had lactation consultants visiting her room. They don't release infants until they are sure that they are feeding correctly and gaining wait. She says she did classes and studied up on breastfeeding. She didn't notice for almost a month? She said herself he was on her Boob almost constantly with hunger. He would have definitely been losing weight. Lack of soiled diapers. Skin color. His first check up should have been a week or 2 after he was released from the hospital. How did that doctor not notice anything? There HAD to have been a ton of signs. How did NOBODY notice this child starving to death?!?!

  71. The body makes urine a poop mo matter what. There was probably something there…o learned this when my 23 year d son was dying from.cancer and could not eat…

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