WORST Diets! Craziest Diets To Never Try! – Mind Over Munch

WORST Diets! Craziest Diets To Never Try! –  Mind Over Munch

(upbeat orchestral music) – Hey munchies! If if you’re new, I’m Alyssia. And we’re getting weird
today as we discuss some of the dumbest diets
I have ever heard of. Disclaimer. I must be clear that in
no way am I recommending any of these diets. Let’s learn together
today while making fun of some people’s pretty
crazy and often unsafe ideas. Remember, you need to
do what’s right for you. If that is one of these diets, well, take responsibility
for your choices. The cookie diet. – [Man] What is it? – This was a real diet developed in 1975 by a physician treating
overweight patients. These are pre-made cookies, diet cookies, not regular cookies. They’re high fiber and high protein. I can only imagine the taste
is far from a delicious cookie. It’s been revamped since then
by a few different companies and the deal is, you can
have one or two cookies every two hours for a total
of six to nine per day. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. – These cookies may essentially be like cookie shaped protein bars, but what I hate about this diet is that it just further perpetuates our unhealthy relationship with food and lack of understanding of moderation. Healthy cookies are not, I believe our goal should be to develop
a hunger for whole foods and an appreciation for
those less healthy options when we consume them on occasion. – [Man] Alternative? – Literally any diet except
for the ones in this video. The tapeworm diet. – [Man] What is it? – It emerged in the 1920’s based on the obviously false notion
that ingesting a tapeworm was an appropriate way to shed pounds. People actually did this. Popping pills that contained tapeworms which once in your intestines, were supposed to feed off of your innards, helping to consume your digested food. – Why it’s stupid. – I’ll let you be the judge of that. (intense music) Eat a salad or even 18 salads. You’ll be better off and still
probably lose more weight. The military diet. – [Man] What is it? – Lose 10 pounds in one week. A predetermined menu consisting of toast, vanilla ice cream, saltine crackers, hot dogs and more strange combinations. It does note to not consume
artificial sweeteners though because those are bad for
you and your blood sugar. Also, don’t add any cream
or sugar to your coffee, but you can still have
ice cream every night. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. – Rewind the last 10
seconds of this video. – [Man] Alternative? – Don’t do this diet. There’s no rhyme or reason behind it. And the only reason
anyone would lose weight is because of calorie restriction. Yes, a deficit in calories
can be helpful for weight loss but it can be done in a much healthier way with more nutrition dense foods. The potato diet. – [Man] What is it? – Potatoes of all kinds, cooked, baked, mashed or sliced all day long. No oil, dairy, meat, eggs, only potatoes with some spices or steamed veggies. It started because some
dude wanted to make a point that potatoes were unfairly demonized and could be a healthy food. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. – I sort of feel this
way about all mono diets, there’s no reason to only eat one food. We need a variety. Sure, you could survive on potatoes, but why even do it when you can survive more nutritiously and more
comfortably with other foods? I get that potatoes get a bad rep because they’re high in starchy carbs but is the way to prove
people wrong about potatoes to really only eat them all day long? – [Man] Alternative? – Don’t be afraid of potatoes. And treat them like any
other root vegetable when including them in your diet. I know, some vegans out
there are gonna tell me that potatoes are a complete food and that this is a great diet. And to all of you, I say, eat
all the potatoes you want. The baby food diet. – [Man] What is it? – Three or more days of
eating pureed baby foods. The first two meals of the
day are only baby food. The last meal is a low calorie meal consisting of a small serving
of protein and veggies. You’re supposed to eat 14
jars of baby food per day. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. – Goo goo, gah gah. Me a baby. – [Man] Alternative? – Eat the whole foods that
baby food is made from but in its whole foods adult form. A.K.A. not pre-chewed. The ice cube diet. – [Man] What is it? – This is no mono diet of only ice. Instead, pop a hoodia satiety cube into any drink and curb your
appetite and snack less. Hoodia is an herbal
supplement from South Africa that’s supposed to control hunger pains. But the main question is
how this rare supplement can actually be in so many diet products claiming to contain it. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. – You’re consuming an expensive ice cube to keep you from eating as much food. – [Man] Alternative? – Eat whole foods that will keep you full from healthy nutrients, fiber and protein rather than a creepy cube of ice. The cotton ball diet. – [Man] What is it? – Gobble up around five cotton balls dipped in orange juice or
lemonade in one sitting. Feel full without gaining weight. Some people use these to
limit their food intake and others subsist on
cotton balls exclusively. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. (crickets chirping) – Come on you guys! Most cotton balls aren’t
even made of cotton. They’re bleached polyester
fibers with loads of chemicals. This T-shirt is also made of polyester. Maybe I’ll dip that in orange
juice and eat it for lunch. – [Man] Alternative? – If we’re serious, the
alternative is to eat food. And please note that this
is actually not just a joke, it’s dangerous, eating
cotton balls can build up and create blockages
and there’s that whole malnutrition thing since you
know, cotton balls aren’t food. The soap diet. – [Man] What is it – Well, thank goodness
you’re not eating soap. This one is from 1924,
La-Mar reducing Soap was supposed to offer a magic solution for unwanted double chins and tummy fat. Pretty much it’s supposed
to reduce cellulite and it actually continues today. There are tons of scams where companies try to market soaps that will supposedly make you lose weight. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. – While soaps and beauty
products may be able to help tighten skin or wrinkles, it isn’t going to penetrate
your skin and zap the fat away. Wouldn’t that be nice? – [Man] Alternative? – A healthy diet and lots of water will do our bodies inside and out better than any soap ever could. Staring into the sun diet. – [Man] What is it? – Instead of eating, stare into the sun. Seriously, one of the latest
diet fads in Honk Kong, women are going to the
beach around sunset. And instead of dinner, they
spend about half an hour staring directly into the sun. (fire crackling) Sun gazing is their eating substitute. They’re literally feeding
off of solar energy. Some of the women who
have done this therapy claimed that they now eat less and some don’t have to eat at all. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. – Staring into the sun
is painful for a reason. It’s bad for your eyes. Also, you’re not a plant. You can’t photosynthesize. Soak up a bit of vitamin D
during the day with sunglasses on and then eat some nutritious
vegetables for dinner. The clay diet. – [Man] What is it? – A new detox diet that involves stirring an edible clay like bentonite into a glass of water to drink. Now, this isn’t supposed
to replace your food. It’s supposed to accompany it
to absorb and remove toxins, impurities and chemicals
and help you lose weight. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. – This is another fad diet and quick fix. Remember, our kidneys are
there to detox for us. If we are fueling our bodies properly, they don’t need any help
from an expensive clay. Also worth mentioning, the key ingredient in this clay is also in cat litter. – [Man] Alternative? – To avoid heavy metals, don’t smoke, use aluminum-free personal care products and eat more nutrient
dense detoxifying foods like parsley, kale, broccoli or foods that are rich in
zinc, selenium and vitamin C. The air diet. – [Man] What is it? – Eat nothing at all. (chuckles) Eat zero foods to shed those pounds. Based on the concept of breatharianism, believing that you can live on only energy from the sunlight and air, similar to the staring into the sun diet, and that you don’t need any
nourishment from food at all. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. – Here is the best part
in why it’s stupid. With this diet, all you do
is prepare a delicious meal no matter what it is, even if it’s junk and you keep the meal
right in front of you and you eat the air above the meal to try and trick your brain into thinking that you’re actually eating
the meal without eating it. Wait, wait, wait. Do I have to starve myself
and I still have to cook? – [Man] Alternative? – Cook the meal you wanna
eat and then also eat it. Moral of the episode, don’t get caught up in ridiculous diets. If it sounds crazy, it probably is. And if it doesn’t sound
crazy, it still might be. Most importantly, learn
what works for you body. I will you see next week for a new episode and remember, specially
when it comes to dieting, it’s all a matter of mind over munch. – [Man] Oh there she goes. (laughs) – Goo goo, gah gah. Me a baby. (laughs)

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  1. Too good!! I knew that coming from you, this would be no run-of-the-mill diet video. This was fun, entertaining and very educational and informative. Thank you! Your channel is truly one of a kind, keep these videos coming!

  2. This was stinking awesome. I get so sick of new fad diets that come out with weird claims that everyone seems to jump on board with for a while. I wonder if these people realize that they’ve been dating for five years constantly needing to diet therefore none of these actually work for them. Not to sound like a jerk but I mean come on

  3. So my brother and his GF are on this diet where they eat 600 calories one day and then the next they just eat a crap ton of food 😂 how does that sound to you??

  4. Well I must admit..
    I had to have been living under a rock, because I have never heard of any of these stupid diets..
    I guess eating whole foods ie. fruits and vegetables would be a stretch??. SMH 🤦

  5. I have heard the potatoe diet helps fix your relationship with food. It's a temporary diet. I have though about it, but ultimately just used potatoes along with cruciferous vegetables. It's great because you feel full.

  6. Correction on the "Military Diet", it was actually created by Kaiser Permanente in the 90's to help people's metabolism balance out and is only recommended to be followed for 1 month at a time. I have done it a few times over the years and have lost 6-8 lbs mostly water weight and then able to lose the rest of the weight through eating healthy and exercising. The Air Diet or being a Breatharian is sustainable only to a very select few of enlightened individuals. It's a spiritual state of being. They do eat food on occasion but it is very light eating. It is definitely NOT for beginners in the spiritual realm.

  7. All of your videos are so well made! There’s so much thought into it. This one is by far the most hilarious 😂

  8. I've seen, on shows about people seriously overweight preparing for gastric bypass surgery, people being put on a 'milk diet'. Only milk!

  9. Oh god, this video is so funny and true! But for the staring at the sunlight I think you are wrong! That diet helps you stop eating , because you burn your eyes and can’t see where the food is! Smart isn’t it?

  10. Whoever made these diets I feel very sorry for, thank you so much for making this video I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend

  11. Sorry but I would prefer the potato diet than any other diet. They help my IBS a lot when I did a potato cleanse for 5 days straight.

  12. I think Dr. Chris Kresser talked about the potato diet once on Joe Rogan. He mentioned that it's amazing for weight loss, just not optimal for long-term. (I find Dr. Chris Kresser to be a very respectable doctor, by the way)

  13. I did the Atkins diet and it damaged my intestinal flora so badly that I have fructose intolerance now. I know everyone reacts differently to it, but now I see how it CAN damage your body. I recommend to stay away from Atkins!

  14. Oh just before I qued your video I told Iris o.O it's a silly type video, maybe we'll see the cookie monster, and lo & behold he was in the first diet! 😀 ty Alyssia for such great content and entertainment 😀

  15. Surprised the ABC diet(Ana boot camp), fairy diet and such arent on here. Then again that was how I got an eating and :/ not good kiddos

  16. I have a coworker who is vegan and frequently goes on a “ potato cleanse” where all she basically eats is potatoes for a few weeks. Seems to me that it would really mess things up digestively. She has all these health problems and I can’t help but wonder if at least a few of them stem from these extreme diets.

  17. The Military Diet (what my parents just called the Three Day Diet) was the bane of my existence growing up. My parents put me on that diet off and on starting when I was in about third grade. It was even harder at that age, considering I was too young to be allowed coffee or caffeinated tea – which is really the only way to maintain your energy levels and stave off a bit of that hunger on that crash diet. It wasn't helped that I absolutely hated tuna as a kid, so I'd sometimes just skip one of the lunches (1 can of tuna, 5 saltine crackers, water) because I couldn't stomach the smell or taste.

  18. I’m surprised a meat/ dairy diet wasn’t mentioned since it’s one of the most (if not the most) dangerous diets ever

  19. I have never done any of these but I do purge which I know is just as stupid but still do it anyways I am getting help for it but the diet mentality definitely is dangerous

  20. Alyssia I love you, But This is the only video i have unliked 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 You’re «real» subscribers” aka me are looking for a diet that keeps in mind our macros and bodies needs. I did not come to your channel to be judged but to learn how to do things better. A crash diet is a crash diet. Leave it at that! And a crash diet will not change you’re life. A real change will.

  21. The air diet, aka, anorexia. Not a diet, but a disorder. Some of these things are just crazy. I try to stay very far away from all the people on social media who have all these diet shakes and teas and coffees, etc. You know what I first thought when you were talking about the military diet? They don't want you to put sugar or cream in coffee but ice cream is sugar and cream so in my head, I was thinking, put the ice cream in your coffee! Haha!

  22. Could you make another one of these? There are so many idiotic/dangerous diets out there. Educate the masses.

  23. The point of the potato diet is the point out that societies all over the world survive on this food… because that is the only thing they have for example Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland. Once again all these countries have one similar trait in common do to poor soil conditions for grain, potatoes are more often consumed rather than grains.

  24. I'm personally of the opinion that there's only one diet that truly works. Watch your calories, eat whole foods as much as possible, and hit the gym 3-5 days per week. Paleo, vegan, keto, are all good options but they're just another tool that can be used to help out. I've tried just about every crash diet out there, and the only truly sustainable option is just a mostly whole foods plant based diet with occasional treats (2-3 times a month)

  25. This one made me laugh Alyssia. At the same time, I think it is a real shame that someone would actually torture themselves like this. Totally insane.
    Hopefully health and nutrition will have more priorety in the education system with time.
    You’ve proven over and over again that healthy doesn’t have to be a tasteless and boring one way track, like so many mistakenly thinks.
    I genuinely appreciate you, and all the effort you put into your content. You are really awesome people <3

  26. Oh my goodness, these are so funky. Great job. I really enjoyed learning about these diets. Never stop making these videos. 💙

  27. There's also the 'sleeping beauty' diet that Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe are rumoured to have used but is still a fad diet even now. Its where you sleep much longer than you need, often with the use of sleeping pills/sedatives, in order to reduce the hours spent awake and needing to eat..

  28. HAHHAA OHMYGOD this was amazing. I was anticipating any second of this video for you to suddenly pop up and exclaim "HA! Did this sound stupid? That's because it is! It's all a joke I made up. None of this is real!", which I had really hoped was the case. But I guess humanity's stupidity surprises me once again….

  29. Umm where did you get the baby clothes and over size baby bottle? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    You so funny love your videos

  30. Umm where did you get the baby clothes and over size baby bottle? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    You so funny love your videos

  31. Love your videos! Can you make a video about the benefits and cautions of apple cider vinegar? Thank you! Long time subscriber, I have learned so much about nutrition from your videos. You are professional and make quality informative content.

  32. Is it true brown rice has arsenic ?
    Also if yo I can discuss how bad the Kpop idol diets are.
    Some eat half a chicken breast and a pear for the whole day
    Or only sweet potatoes
    Some only eat tofu

  33. You don't understand some of these Quick Weight Loss Diets.When some people are 800 + pounds,the Military Diet which was designed to drop a DANGEROUS amount of weight fast and the ice cream is so you don't feel deprived.The Cookie Diet is fine because it was healthy ingredients in the cookie and you can have 2 every two hours,so again,you don't feel deprived.You are not overweight and maybe you were at some time and you found a way that works for you,that still does not mean these don't work.Being FAT AS A HOUSE and eating McDonalds is not healthy either and let's face it,that is what most obese people eat.The Military Diet is FAR HEALTHIER than a freakin' Big Mac.

  34. The military diet use to be called the chemical break down diet and it was recommended to over weight heart patients to lose some weight before major surgery.

  35. I used to think you may consume calories by smelling freshly made cakes/cookies.
    I figured you could smell the calories and then swallow the inhaled calories lol

  36. You should have included the keto diet. Biggest bullshit ever. It's almost funny how many people bought into that crap.

  37. So I'm assuming people who followed the don't eat any food diet either got the natural conclusion, death or started eating as soon starvation hit.

  38. As I vegan I have to say, I'm never going to eat only potatoes or recommend that anyone ever do that. 🤣 balance people. Balance.

  39. I love your videos, but the exaggerated voice (What is it/why it's stupid/alternative) threw me off. To me it's an uncomfortable transition…

  40. The clay diet is actually what certain birds in some rainforests eat to suck up the poison from the berries they eat.
    Great video by the way!😁🌸🌺💐

  41. You should have mentioned K-Pop diets. (Suzy Diet, Jimin Diet, etc.) You literally eat basically nothing. Seriously, the Jimin diet is eating nothing and then after ten days eat a meal.

  42. As a vegan, I appreciate food more. Food is so beautiful and and be creative and delicious. I love the way my body feels eating whole foods and plant based! It’s not all ab losing weight, but enjoying your life, and being healthier mentally and physically!♡

  43. I will not go for this weirdo diet. I will choose either Paleo, Vegan or Keto diet and / or Intermediate fasting which way better than this.

  44. Funny story regarding baby food – I actually get a lot of my ideas working in a store in the baby food section and have fruit and vegetable combinations I see on the baby food containers. lol They end up being ingredients in my chili, soups, and as of lately, cookies (well, cookie experiments). lol

  45. When I was much younger (and very overweight), I used to believe that spitting into the toilet and/or sink would help me lose weight. For a few years, I think, I would remember to just get a mouthful and spit it out into either place before I left the bathroom. I was totally convinced I was discarding those extra calories…

    Thank the Lord, I ended up achieving a healthy weight for different reasons, but now it’s imbedded in my psyche. My mouth starts watering like crazy before I flush the toilet or when I’m near a sink for more than a few moments. What a stupid side-effect, but it makes for a funny story. 🤤

  46. You can't get rid of fat, but using coffee grounds, raw coconut sugar, and coconut oil mixed together as a scrub can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks, and cellulite

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