Yémen : les images rares d’une guerre qui embarrasse le gouvernement français

Yémen : les images rares d’une guerre qui embarrasse le gouvernement français

The crisis in Yemen is the worst
humanitarian crisis in the world. The need for humanitarian
aid and the protection of civilians has never been greater. I was with my family in Sanaa
when the house was bombed. My eldest son passed away. Some 17 million are food insecure, making this the world’s
largest hunger crisis. If the world doesn’t help us,
Yemen will be lost. It will be overwhelmed by
disasters, diseases, epidemics, to a point of no return. We have a very dirty war in Yemen. There is no international
control over this war. It ends in terror, it ends in the destruction
of hospitals and schools. The health system is
completely at a standstill. The situation is really, really,
very, very alarming here. Saudi Arabia controls
every entry into Yemen. It’s a country that’s on lockdown. It is very difficult to get there, to obtain visas, to work, to investigate. And there’s a real willingness to
prevent information from being released out of this country. Many journalists have been killed, many journalists have been imprisoned. The mission is near impossible
for a Western journalist, Yes, it’s a dangerous country,
journalists risk their lives when they go there. It’s obvious and… it’s necessary at the same time. Hello, everyone,
I’m in Yemen for Brut. I managed to penetrate the
world’s most inaccessible country, especially for Western reporters. And I came to explain to
you how the war impacts the daily lives of civilians
but also to show you their living conditions. So now we’re with Shamsen,
he’s 22 years old, he lived in Sanaa and he’s the victim
of a stray bullet. The bullet went in through here
and then came out this way. So he ended up with
this entire side paralyzed. Here, he has a semi-paralysis and his eye too,
he can’t see with it anymore. You could say he’s a miracle. Because for the bullet to
have gone through his brain and that he’s still alive, you
could say it wasn’t his best moment. Chapter 1 Chapter 1
A forgotten war On site, to go and
meet the Yemenis, I joined a French
humanitarian association who has been working for
over 15 years in conflict areas with different NGOs and who is used to
help the displaced people. It’s a boy,
it’s a little boy. His skin is already starting
to damage, you see. He’s starting to show
signs of skin problems. It should be noted that if a
child is infected by fecal matter, he can get dehydrated very,
very quickly from gastroenteritis. In not even 24 hours,
he can die. So the main problem is mostly
water and hygiene for these children. Here, most of the houses
are made out of pieces of wood or there are little tents. And what we have to be
aware of, is that these are people who have fled from areas
of combat where they had permanent houses
in which they lived for several years,
for decades even. So they really lost everything. I’m going to show you a house
in order for you to see the conditions in which live the majority
of displaced people in Yemen. There is no electricity,
no water, no toilets, the living conditions
are very, very precarious. Salam Aleykum. This is where the children sleep. With the heat,
it’s extremely stuffy. So they can’t stay inside,
as you can see, it’s empty. A large number of refugees live
in really unbearable conditions. This is the parents’ room. Here’s the bed. You can see the privacy and the quality of
their place of living. We don’t even have
room to stand up. It should be noted that more than
3 million Yemenis have been displaced and live in conditions
as precarious as these. And that’s why we say
that the crisis in Yemen is the worst humanitarian
crisis in the world. We are displaced from Sanaa. We fled to come here. [One day,] I went to the market
but I left my 13-year-old son at home because he was fighting with the others. We went to the market with my children,
it was a day of celebration, a missile hit our house. He was home alone with another child. He was home alone with another child. When we returned, they were already dead. They died on the first day of celebration. To understand
how these civilians found themselves in
this displacement camp, I need to explain to you the war
that is currently taking place in Yemen. I warn you, it’s not easy,
you have to hang in there a bit. The causes of the Yemen conflict
go back to the 2011 revolution, because, as in other Arab countries,
there was also a revolution in 2011 to put an end to authoritarianism
of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh who governed Yemen
from 1978 to the end of 2011. This ex-president couldn’t stand the fact
that his vice-president, Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, who is now the president
of Yemen, succeeds him. And so, he allied himself with
his former enemies, the Houthis, to take power in September 2014
by capturing Sanaa, the capital of Yemen. The war in Yemen is
because the Saudis formed a coalition with
the United Arab Emirates and a series of Sunni Arab countries, in the face of the Shia uprisings
that were supported by Iran. Because Iran is the Saudis’
greatest fantasy, they are terrified of it. Saudi Arabia considers
Yemen as their backyard. Everything that happens
in Yemen, it annoys them. The situation in Yemen today
is very complex, of course, since there is a rebel power in
the north, the power of the Houthis, that holds these northern regions firmly. And then there’s a legitimate power that resides
mainly in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, that cannot exercise its prerogatives in
the Yemen regions that it’s supposed to control. And then there is another
extremely powerful political force represented by the separatist
movement in the south that’s trying to extend its influence
in the southern governorates with the help of the United Arab Emirates, which has supported and created
separatist militias in the south. One of the dramatic consequences
of this war for civilians is a huge food shortage
throughout the country and it affects about 80%
of the population of Yemen. To give you a little glimpse
of the food emergency, in this camp, for example,
the children that are behind you, they exclusively eat this. It’s bread that’s baked
in oil and as you can see, the oil is completely black. Once the oil is adulterated,
the children get sick of course, and there are no medical
facilities to take care of them. There are not enough nutrients
to participate in the growth of children. The food situation
throughout Yemen is truly catastrophic and there is a real need to mobilize
people to provide emergency support. Here, we were lucky to arrive at the same
moment as an NGO that was passing by, they gave them a bag of rice like this one. And that’s the
bulk of the help they receive. They don’t get vegetables,
meat or anything in general. It’s just rice. This bag allows her to
feed her children for 10 days. But there is no
regular distribution cycle so it’s very, very, very random. I’m going to go in a
pediatric hospital in Marib to show you how food shortages and food blockades impact children. So now I’m with little Rama,
who’s only seven months old. She weighed less than 4 kilos
when she arrived at the hospital when she should’ve weighed at least 7. She is malnourished and that’s
because she’s coming in from Sanaa, the capital of Yemen
that’s under Houthi control, where food prices are very high. Doctors give her therapeutic milk and she’s out of the woods. As you can see,
she is much better. I thank them. We are human beings
who suffer these wars These conflicts have
been imposed on us. I hope that my family
and any suffering children will be able to regain their health. The war led to the economic
collapse of the country. Food prices have risen by 150%, fuel prices by almost 200% and this price explosion
has had a very negative impact on the transport, health
and agriculture sector but also on electricity and water. Apart from the food issue,
there is also the water issue. You can see that here, they
store cans, but this is saltwater coming out of a well that is
about two kilometers from here. So it is mainly the children
who go to get it and come with cans under the sun. As for drinking water,
it’s a half-day walk. The children walk half a
day to fetch drinking water and come back. So you can see that at all levels,
there is really everything to do. In 2019, the UN estimates
that 16 million Yemenis do not have access to safe drinking water. This
situation has led to a terrible cholera epidemic and since early 2016, at least
2,900 people have died from the disease. And in the country, 1.1 million people
have been infected with cholera. What has particularly affected me about the
situation of these 3 million displaced people is the children’s fate. For most of them, they don’t have
school and don’t do much all day. There are more than 3,500
children in need of education and there are only
400 places available. And the schools, that’s
what you see behind me. They are basic tents with
a few tables and chairs. It is very important to, despite the war,
be able to maintain an education system because it is precisely through education that the population will
be able to regain control. This is what will allow
children to see other horizons. And in particular to get out of this cycle
of violence, that they don’t engage in militias or in the different factions
that are currently at war. Basically, being able to give them
prospects for the future other than fighting, killing and dying for reasons
that they themselves do not know. Do you play soccer? What do you mean, you don’t play soccer? With feet only. Oh yeah, you play ball? That’s amazing, that’s great. Who’s the best player among you? All of us. We left our region to come
here because of the war. Because of the war…. I hope you’ll be able to return
in better conditions than before. But you have to succeed in school
to be able to rebuild everything, okay? Yes. What do you want to do when you grow up? I would like to be a doctor. Doctor! God willing. You were collecting
grass to feed the sheep and you were wounded
by a mine explosion? Where were you wounded,
show me? See how your leg got hurt? You have to be careful
when you see landmines. But thank God,
you got out of it okay. You were lucky because
your injury is very minor, otherwise you could’ve
lost your leg or your mobility. Unfortunately, we are unable
to rescue all civilians and children because of the high
presence of landmines, the entire region is full of landmines. These landmines were laid
to obstruct civilian movement. Whether it’s on the way to work or for any other activity outside the camp, or by collecting food from the
farms in the surrounding areas. Mine clearance must be
strengthened to preserve the lives of this new generation,
God willing. Chapter 2 Chapter 2
France’s role The war in Yemen is
also about us, the French. France sells arms to countries that are waging war there: Saudi Arabia and
the United Arab Emirates. However, the French President and
the government have always denied that French war material could’ve
been used in the conflict in Yemen. We are completely
faithful in the arms sales, to the Arms Trade Treaty,
which we fully respect. We also respect the European
procedure which requires necessary controls. But regarding the Yemen war, Saudi Arabia’s action is mainly by air and we do not provide anything to the Saudi Air Force. I have no knowledge
on the fact that weapons are being used
directly in this conflict. There are a number
of weapons that… You don’t know or
you don’t want to tell us? To my knowledge…. You see, you’re annoyed. To my knowledge,
I have no knowledge. Words have meaning. France has an extremely
rigorous policy on this subject with an inter-ministerial commission
for, precisely, arms control chaired by the Prime Minister,
who is very scrupulous on this point. And we aren’t
among the suppliers on these subjects,
of Saudi Arabia on this very conflict. Except that since then,
the online media Disclose has revealed a confidential document
given to the President of France and key members of the government
on October 3, 2018. So before the statements we just heard. And this top secret classified note
proves that part of French weapons are indeed used in the Yemen war. There is therefore a high probability
that French weapons were used to kill civilians. It is a state scandal
because these documents, classified as top-secret defence matters,
revealed the lies of the French government. What is outrageous is
that the French President lies so brazenly. They were aware
that French weapons were being used in
Yemen against civilians. We really have a government
that covers a dirty war in Yemen. Ultimately, France has
a hard time recognizing that these weapons
sold in Saudi Arabia or in the United Arab Emirates are being
used in Yemen in an offensive manner. Of course, they can
be used to kill civilians as a result of indiscriminate bombing. France is involved
in an unacceptable war. The Saudis and the United Arab Emirates
are quite incapable of waging this war if there is no American intelligence,
no French intelligence and American material
and French material. It’s a cobelligerency, meaning
the most serious form of warfare practiced through intermediaries. Morally, politically,
it is indefensible. For revealing
this classified note, Disclose journalists
were summoned by the French intelligence agencies. We were interviewed by the
General Directorate for Internal Security. It’s a domestic intelligence agency that generally deals
with terrorism cases. We’re under investigation
for compromising the secrecy of national defence. It means that
we would have harmed the nation’s best interests
by disclosing this information of public interest. So we use the
top secret defence to prosecute journalists. If every time there’s a convening, no but we’re dreaming, no? The top secret defence
shouldn’t have to be respected. It’s a way of hiding things. We put the top secret
defence stamp on it, this way we don’t answer. Today, the French government,
the French State, believes that the arms trade with
Saudi Arabia is more important than the lives of thousands
of civilians in Yemen. Chapter 3 Chapter 3
A bloody war There is very little information
coming out of Yemen, so it is very difficult to have an
accurate assessment of the number of deaths and injuries.
And here I am in front of a former training center
that has been requisitioned by the authorities to
become a field hospital where there are hundreds
of wounded, either amputated or in a vegetative
state, in a coma because they’ve been
wounded at the front. At times, some of the wounded
sleep between two beds, to tell you how little
space there is here and how overcrowded it is. Likewise, in this room, it must
measure barely 8 square meters and there are 5 patients
who sleep and live here. Most were wounded by shrapnel, bullets or landmines. There are no medical beds,
there is no orthopedic equipment. A severe lack of staff.
A severe lack of hygiene. Meaning risks of infection. So seriously, the situation
is very, very alarming here. We are missing some things, like prostheses. The quality of silicone
prostheses is not good. They deteriorate rapidly. Some people have
several limbs amputated. The silicone we have at the
moment is not medical silicone, which has caused reactions and diseases. You can see the condition of the
equipment and it is representative of everything else. This chair here
is no longer usable. Most of them are actually
damaged at this level, at the wheels,
it’s not functional at all. And there are rooms
full of broken equipment. They are out of reserves and
there are more than 800 people who are amputated
or unable to move. People with very
severe disabilities. The health system is
completely at a standstill. So if it’s not through
humanitarian aid, these people won’t
receive any help. And now? This conflict no longer makes any sense. It is difficult to be optimistic today because we see that the
Yemeni unit is under threat. The state of belligerence continues to the detriment of the
civilian population, of course, that is increasingly suffering. And we have no outline
of a solution emerging. What is important today is
to transmit this information, to share it, to share
as much as possible information that
revolves around Yemen. The issue of arms sales in Yemen must continue to be
at the heart of topicality so that we can exercise our
role as citizens, as counterweights. Yemen, the worst humanitarian
disaster in the world, is starting to affect civil society in France. Last May, dockers
from the port of Le Havre, supported by NGOs,
refused to receive a ship that was
to load weapons for the Gulf countries precisely to prevent them
from killing Yemeni civilians. We’d have to… To move on to the
next stage, that is, to have public
protests at some point. Because I have known
protests against the Algerian war, against the Indochina war, against the Vietnam war. And since then, nothing. I ask all those who
will hear my message. I ask you to have
compassion for Yemen, to have mercy, so that we can reform
and rebuild our country, our homeland, so that we can live
in freedom and dignity. Humanely, we want to
live like the rest of the world. CO₂ m³ km²
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Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:3,”id”:”1567278003303″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} À Sanaa, là-bas
j’étais à l’université
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005342″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} En première année.
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005347″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} Nous avons été pris par l’arrivée
des milices des Houthis
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005350″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} aux gouvernorats
de Amran et de Sanaa.
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005353″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} À leur arrivée à Sanaa, nous avons été
fortement affectés par la guerre,
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005357″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} tant au niveau économique
qu’au niveau psychologique.
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plus de quoi manger.
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chez soi pour être interrogé :
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pour quelles raisons, etc ?”
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005379″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} À ce moment-là, la situation
est devenue invivable
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005383″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} pour toute personne libre qui
refuse de vivre comme l’esclave d’autrui.
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005387″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} Nous sommes nés libres
et vivront libres quoi qu’il advienne.
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005391″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} Nous avons demandé la liberté,
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Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005399″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} mais un état de démocratie,
avec des élections,
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005402″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} comme nous vivions auparavant sous
la république yéménite.
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005405″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} Ils ont détenu les personnes qui les défiaient
et les ont emprisonnés et torturés.
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005408″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} Nous avons vu ce qu’ils ont fait aux autres
et avons compris que notre tour viendrait.
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005412″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} Quand je me suis senti visé,
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005418″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} j’ai été obligé de fuir avec ma famille
pour venir ici où nous sommes en sécurité.
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005421″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} Si nous étions restés,
ils nous auraient séparés.
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005424″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} Ils séparaient les frères,
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005427″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} les pères de leurs enfants,
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005429″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} les hommes de leurs femmes.
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005433″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} Ils ont même commis des violences
à l’égard des femmes et des enfants.
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005439″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} Nous étions obligés de fuir la guerre.
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005445″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} Dans notre économie sous
la république yéménite,
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005451″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} les pauvres s’appauvrissent
et les riches s’enrichissent,
Do not modify/translate ! ||{“type”:”Subtitle”,”videoTrackIdx”:4,”id”:”1567278005454″,”PropertieIndex”:0,”displayProperty”:”Text”} la classe moyenne quant à elle,
elle s’appauvrit aussi.
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  18. Mes ancêtres viennent du Yémen et en plus comme a dit l homme avec le bébé au debut de la video le Yémen sera perdu si on fait rien

  19. Super reportage mais pourquoi vous ne traduisez qu’à moitié dans la première moitié de la vidéo ?!?
    Tout les mots religieux ne sont même pas traduits (al hamdullilah, InshaLlah, mashaAllah…), soit vous traduisez tout soit vous traduisez rien hein sinon ça dénature les propos !

  20. Cette extermination n’embarasse point les décidants français arrêtons cet hypocrisies
    Ça peu embarrassé certains citoyens non décidant mais pas les gouvernements.
    Ça leur plaît plutôt pour eux c’est une occasion de faire des ventes (armement)

  21. Les dirigeants sont des menteurs c est fou !! Comment ose t il dire qu ils ne vende pas d arme aux émirats. Un site construit en region parisienne des vehicules militaires destiner aux émirats . J hallucine !! Faut que les dirigeants fassent le dos rond fasse aux emirats pour avoir du pétrole hein !! Et a savoir que les saoudiens qui viennent en france sont exonérées d impot ba oui faut etre gentil avec eux. C est a vomir !!


  23. J'espère qu'un jour on fera ce même type de reportage au congo
    Plus de 12 miliions de morts à cause de la guerre encore actuelle

  24. Une enquête de Radio France vient de montrer l'utilisation d'une frégate vendue et entretenue par la France et Naval Group dans le blocus saoudien du Yémen. Un travail fait par de vrais journalistes et non de pseudo journaleux auto proclamés et complotistes sur YouTube. Au fait votre voyage au Yémen vous étiez bien content d'avoir du pétrole saoudien ?

  25. Cette région du monde vraiment y'en à marre de leur guerre, nous on essai de construire, on veut que l'humanité puisse avancer et prospérer et eux ils pensent qu'a faire la guerre, vraiment y'en à marre, je ne sais vraiment pas ce qui se passe là-bas mais je trouve vraiment triste que des gens meurent de faim à cause de votre guerre, j'espere qu'il y'aura assez de personnes sages pour résoudre la merde qu'ils ont fait au Yémen

  26. De toutes les façons je n'ai aucune estime pour les politiques de pailles comme ceux qui sont indexés dans ce documentaire. Ils sont pitoyables ces politiciens malheureux!

  27. Macron censure
    Macron convoque les journalistes chez les RG alors quand fait il n y avait rien à cacher puisque tout le monde sait
    N importe quoi

  28. LREM n'est pas le premier gouvernement de l'histoire à vouloir privilégier la vie de peu de ses citoyens au détriment de celle des étrangers. C'est comme si l'on te posait un dilemme ; soit tu perds la personne qui t'est la plus cher, soit tu (sacrifie) tue 100 inconnus.
    Tout ce que je demande au gouvernement c'est de la transparence.

  29. Thales fournit toujours , comme il fournissent aussi l inde pour la guerre raciale qui s y prepare. La france vend des armes depuis la fin de la 2nde a aujourd'hui sans fin dans casi tout les conflits dans le monde et en mettant des pions au gouvernement pour faciliter les lois en scred et voyage passeport valise diplomatique …. TOUT CA grace a l europe car rapellons que notre president et son gouvernement ne sont que des pions qui suivent les instructions (a la lettre depuis macron) des grand dirigeant Européens et Rotschildiens.

    La on arrive a la fin … Les guerres sont toutes tres bien ciblés , il suffit de regarder les alliances au sommet et comprendre la partie de risk qui est en train de se passer. Israel ,/palestine , iran , yemen toujours les memes persecuter. Un melange de fanatisme religieux et d ordre mondial qui prend bien forme.

  30. l arme la plus meurtrières Au monde et au Yémen est ak 47 kalashnikof armes à ne pas en douté d origine bien française

  31. Un grand bravo pour ce reportage ! Il faut faire raisonner ce type d'information pour faire pression et changer les choses. En espérant que ce format inspire des journalistes sur d'autres sujets. Merci pour la qualité d'information !

  32. 🔸En tout cas , en matiere de renseignement , j 'ai vu sur certains medias special renseignement que la dgse galere pour recruter, ils ont plus envie d ' bosser les gars et les Gows , ils en ont marre de faire partie des traitres !

    🔸Elle vient d'ou la dope en france ? Y en a qui vient d'la bas non ?

    🔸Il faudrait faire un blocus des marchands d'armes en france , j'ai vu les usines sont a saint etienne en france .

    🔸Faudrait que chaque pays bloque ses fabricants d'arme

    🔸J'ai une soeur qu est moitie suisse , et quand elle etait etudiante elle a voulu faire un job d ete , job d'etudiant , 1 mois , dans une usine de machine a coudre et ils l'ont mis a la section "assemblage de tete d'ogive nucleaire "

  33. merci mon frère pour cette vérité….que le Seigneur t en récompense…..toute cette injustice sera bientôt inchaAllah balayée avec ces criminels rois..présidents et gouverneurs vendus,corrompus et sataniques…..aucun d eux ne sera oublié par la justice Divine…AllahouAkbar AllahouAkbar AllahouAkbar

  34. Merci pour ces reportages de grande qualité , de l’information pure et dure sur le monde qui nous entoure et ses dérives. Merci pour la prise de conscience qui j’espère ne s’arrêtera pas

  35. Des manifestations en France pourquoi pas ??, faut-il encore que Macron ne tire pas sur les manifestants avec des Flashballs comme pour les GJ

  36. C'est vraiment affreux, Il y a une de ces injustices dans ce putain de monde.. Et les pauvres gosses qui vivent dans de telles conditions. Suis vraiment dégouté

  37. Il y a un truc que j'aimerais comprendre c'est le rôle de l'Arabie Saoudite qui est sunnite et l'Iran qui est chiite dans cette guerre il y a les rebelles houtis une forme de milice qui ont des règles contraire au peuple Sunnit d'Arabie Saoudite et d'ailleurs ce qui veut dire que ces rebelle son logiquement alliés avec l'Iran qui eux même son ennemi de l'Arabie dans cette guerre il y a des civils et des morts collatéral certainement venant de la part de l'armée saoudienne alors dans cette histoire qui est bon qu'il est méchant celui qui répond à mon questionnement avec argumentation je lui serais très reconnaissant virtuellement

  38. Qu'Allah Combattent les Chiites ! Si il arrêtait de semer la terreur il n'y aurait pas de guerre ! La Victoire ne reviens qu'au Sunnites !

  39. J'ai beau surfer des jours sur Youtube en recherche de divertissement divers et enfin je trouve un documentaire qui m'intéresse énormément, ce genre de truc si évident mais tellement rare 🙁

  40. La otan vendre encore d'armement et ataque la Rusia parce que ils veeulent continuer la masacre avec eeuu onglaterre e israel La maldita otan una mafia que commence parler de paix au moment ou les infrastructure pétrolières sont touchées Sont toujours prêt à critiquer Venezuela mais le Yemen on parle pas

  41. Oublier pas que les ONG et autres associations humanitaires servent de couvertures aux réseaux djihadistes pour l’envoi de terroristes et le soutien logistiques

  42. Les occidentaux n'arrêteront jamais tant que tout les pays musulmans ne tomberont dans la terreur et la misère. Et le pire de tout ça ce que lors du conflit il vont aller filmer, faire le bilan des morts, leur donner les restes de ce que il veulent pas manger en Occident.😿😿😿😿😿😿😿


  44. Mais pourquoi vous faites des enfants si vous n'avez pas les moyens de les grandir ??? Piiire meme qd cv pas que y'a la guerre le manque de nourriture vous continuez a en faire… Vous croyez c'est des objets, enplus vous vous limitez pas a 1 vous en faites 5-6 après tu te pleinds qu'ils meurent mais 8 gueules a nourrire qd y'a pas d'argent et ou vous êtes c'est presque impossible… Olala la connerie humaine.. C'est triste pcq ils ne méritent pas cette situation mais malgrés tout on continue a croire que les pays arabes sont biens qatar e.a.u et j en passe, c'est la guerre de partt vs vs faites la guerre entre musulmans c'est triste 😔

  45. Un monde perverti, que dieu a assurément prédit dans sa sourate : "al 'Asr" ->le temps :
    _Par le temps
    _L'homme est en perdition
    _Sauf ceux qui prient et accomplissent de bonnes oeuvres
    _Et qui s'enjoigne mutuellement l'endurance et la vérité.

  46. c'est un reportage/ documentaire géniale, qui montre l'atrocité du monde…
    on est tous humains mais ont s’entre-tuent…

  47. Franchement c’est pas de la haine mais faudra pas s’étonner si un jour tout se mal se retourne vers la France et les États Unis

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