YMS: The Hunger Games

YMS: The Hunger Games

So, the Hunger Games was kinda dumb, and I’m pretty sure
most of you know that, considering my YouTube demographics. I mean, it’s not as bad as Twilight, but there
are a lot of similarities within the fan base. [girls screaming] People were nuts for this movie before it was even released. If I fall in love with the book and see
it has an upcoming film adaptation, I’m more inclined to be skeptical
than optimistic, and for good reasons. [clip] In the book, Suzanne has the luxury, not the
luxury, she has the ability to be able to, um, s… have kinda, speculate on what the
game makers must be doing, like, “Oh, they’re manipulating me now. I know the game makers
are doing this. I know the game makers are going that.” Well, I can’t shoot inside her head, so can’t
do that, but I can cut to what they’re doing. [YMS] All the promotional shit for this movie sold like
crazy: posters, calendars, artwork, the soundtrack, and what the fuck was up with that soundtrack? Arcade Fire, The Decemberists, Carolina Chocolate
Drops, Glen Hansard, The Low Anthem, what the fuck? I don’t know anybody that listens to The Low Anthem,
except me and fucking Shay. It’s like false advertising. I don’t remember hearing any of these songs in the movie,
and there’s no way you can fit all those in the end credits. To me, it seems like an attempt to try and bring in a
crowd that wouldn’t have otherwise watched the movie. If you’re already listening to those types of music, it probably means
that you don’t exactly trust things just because they’re popular, but they didn’t get me. Wait… Or maybe it’s there to convince the opposite crowd
to listen to something different for a change. Kinda like I do! “Adam, what’s that song at 00:25?”
“Adam, that song at 25 seconds, what is it? What is it?” “What’s that song at the beginning?”
“What’s that song at the end?” I know, catchy as fuck, right? Well I got a
playlist for that shit know, so go find it. Now, although I do you think The Hunger Games is
pretty overrated, it’s not completely void of substance. You can barely mentioned the movie without someone
talking about “how great the social commentary is”. The movie’s designed in such a way that no matter what side of
the spectrum you’re on, you feel as if it supports your own beliefs. [clip] What was fascinating is that Bolling sees that like, “Oh, it
gives people hope that if they kill one another, and they… that… maybe they could be in the ruling class too.”
He sees that as, like, “Isn’t that a lovely thing?” Whereas, I think the point of the movie, from
what you’re saying Steve, is the exact opposite. It’s not a lovely thing, that they’re using hope as a drug, and
pitting the people who are not in the 1% against one another so that they fight each other than… rather than fighting
the ruling class that’s captured the government. [YMS] But is the social commentary
in the movie that great anyway? Putting the Battle Royale comparisons aside, didn’t they
have the exact same thing in the movie Death Race? It’s not really that far off. But when it comes to
this movie, people just won’t shut up about it. So why am I making this review? Because they are way too many
people that think this movie is flawless, and because of that, I know that there are people out there who are waiting for
someone to unmask it as the horribly average movie that it is. So we start the movie with… Oh my God!
Dat fucking horrible beard and blue hair. You can tell it’s the future, because no sane
person today would ever do that to themselves. We’re then introduced to the main character, who’s
taking care of her sibling in a fatherless home. Food is scarce, so she uses her hunting
skills to provide for the fam… What the… Wait. Did anybody else see Winter’s Bone? I am in no way implying that The Hunger Games ripped off
Winter’s Bone. Not even really sure how that would be possible. And I am in no way implying that Jennifer
Lawrence is anything short of a great actor, but I find it a bit distracting that I’m seeing two movies in a row
with different but similar characters played by the same actor. [clip] The Winter’s Bone character, I think,
is almost very similar to this character. Yeah, very similar. [YMS] But I guess never saw Winter’s
Bone so it’s OK. Don’t worry about it. [clip] – What are you going to do with that when you kill it?
– Damn you, Gale. [YMS] What an asshole(!) To make up for it, he throws
a rock so that she can shoot a bird. What a great shot! But why did him yelling only scare the deer and not the birds? The birds were, like, right there. Why did
throwing a rock do it and not yelling? “Oh shit! Look up ahead, it’s a drone. Thanks a lot, Obama.” – [clip] Oh my God! Is this real?
– [YMS] Oh my God! It’s real bread! See, from that line we can determine that there is a
shortage of food, and that they’re all starving to death, except they don’t look like it at all. He even looks like he’s been working out. I don’t
know where he’s getting all that whey powder from. I guess when your target audience is the United States you can sell the idea of a famine by
simply casting people that are… not fat. But seriously, this guy doesn’t look like he’s underfed. Apparently, you can throw your name into the
draw a few more times if you want more food. I was a little confused by how this
system works, so I did some research. Apparently, you’re only eligible to compete for the
Hunger Games between ages twelve and eighteen, but this guy is listed as being eighteen years old. You’d think that during this conversation that they’re
having about their own eligibility for the Hunger Games they would at least mention that once. There’s no “Hey, this is your last year! Good luck, buddy.”,
or anything like that. I guess it was probably in the book. Anyway, her sister gets really paranoid, thinking
that she’ll get picked for whatever reason, so she gives her this mockingjay pin and she’s like “Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you
if you have this pin, cuz it’s super special.” But wouldn’t you know it, she gets picked anyway. Wait, how big is that bowl? Is there honestly one
piece a paper in there per name in the crowd? That’s a pretty big crowd. Not to mention some people in
the crowd have multiple copies of their name in there. You’d think that it would be a bigger bowl. – Anyway, Katniss is so noble, she says,
– [clip] I volunteer as tribute. I believe we have a volunteer. [YMS] Was it always part of the rules
that someone could volunteer? Because if you can have volunteers, there
would be a really easy way to cheat the system. Is there a limit to how many extra times
you can put your name in and get food? If a district came to agree on which person
would be the volunteer ahead of time, then every single person could just put their name in extra
times and get unlimited amount of food for everybody. And the volunteer would be reimbursed by an
entire year of everybody treating them like royalty. Plus, if you had a volunteer that was predetermined,
you could just spend the entire year training them. Everybody can put their name in extra times
and give part of their food to the volunteer, and then they’ll be super buff and then they’ll never lose. Seems like a pretty decent strategy.
Win-win for everybody, right? Just get one guy that could be the perfect super soldier, and
then everybody in the district can take turns sucking his dick. There’s gotta be one kid that would be willing to do that
if it meant the entire district was well fed for a full year. This whole volunteer thing sorta makes things a little flawed. Has there not been one single point in the seventy-four years
of the Hunger Games where one kid would have just been like, “Eh, I’m feeling suicidal, I might as
well just get, like, a million extra food, and kill myself once I get picked.” or something like that. Apparently, she was the very first volunteer, so I
guess they’ll have to start planning for next year. [clip] Let’s have a big hand for our
very first volunteer, Katniss Everdeen. [YMS] Ha ha, get it? “A big hand”, and everybody raises their
hand. But why was she clapping, if that’s not what she meant? Back at home, her sister gives her the
medallion, so it’ll keep her safe now. Sure did a very good job helping your name not get picked. So now these two are on their way to the Hunger Games, and they’re left within arms reach of this very important figure
that they could easily kill at any time. Seems like a security flaw. You’re telling me there hasn’t been at least one
adolescent male that’s tried to strangle her at this point? How many items in this kitchen could be
used as a weapon if you really want to? This is the 74th Hunger Games, and not
one person has volunteered before, and not one person has ever tried to
kill this woman while they’re next to her. Hey, the one percent all dress like turds. And everybody in the one percent looks almost
exactly as well fed as the people in the districts. I’m not saying everybody in the one percent should be fat, but when showing a crowd of them, it might be a
good idea to throw a few more chubby guys in there. You know, show some contrast other than
just having everyone look like Lady Gaga. I think I saw a couple of them, but they go virtually unnoticed. I kinda wish we knew more about the high class society. Are there hipster equivalents that were just born into it,
and have some sort of protest against the Hunger Games? Or anybody that dresses like a normal person? Not only that, but
everybody shown seems to be way too evil to be a human being. If the masses are that malicious that they watch
young people kill each other on television, you’d think that they’d at least be
projecting, or in some sort of denial. Like, if you watch Bumfights, and you’re just like,
“Ah, they’ve got crack addictions, whatever.” But I feel like this is far too blatant. I mean,
what could they possibly be telling themselves? “I just love being so evil, ha ha ha!” For a movie that’s two and a half hours long, I feel like
they could have used the time a bit more appropriately, or maybe they just really want me to see the sequels. Anyway, now they have two weeks to train for the Hunger
Games, and all the kids are, like, in the same room. Would be a shame if an accident happened to one of them. Has that ever happened in one of
the seventy-four Hunger Games? Seems like someone would try it at least once. It would also be
really funny if one of the malnourished kids pulled a muscle. And I guess the majority of the districts have already
been using that strategy that I was talking about, cuz these kids are fucking pros for no reason. Really? Really? Really? Your name was picked at random, right?
Starting to think some of these districts have a public Bowflex. What the fuck does this guy eat? Is this what
happens when your district wins the year before? What the fuck is he eating? Ha ha haha! He can’t even lift. Himself. One of the douchebags complains that somebody stole
his knife. What, what, what the… What? Urgh. Urgh. This one decides that is not very good at training, so he’s just
gonna paint his arm. Where did he get all of the supplies to do this? [clip] I used to decorate the cakes down at the bakery. [YMS] First of all, that’s retarded. Second, your district’s in the
middle of a food crisis, and you have people decorating cakes, and considering what you’re doing with your arm,
those cakes have got to be pretty fucking elegant. Who the fuck is buying those cakes? So now’s the point where they show
off in front of the sponsors individually. So if the sponsors see someone that’s a really good shot,
they can totally rig the game even more in their favor. Katniss fucks up, and misses by about a foot. She tries to redeem herself, but nobody’s paying
attention. So she decides to be a fucking badass. OK, if I was one other sponsors, and I saw
this girl already miss her target completely, I would assume that last shot was a failed attempt at murder. She doesn’t get detained, she doesn’t get
punished, and she doesn’t even get questioned. Why does everybody assume that that shot was intentional? But I guess it works out for her anyway, because
her score is 11 out of 10. What the fuck? Why not just give her 10 out of 10? This kinda
makes your entire organization look a bit retarded. Imagine if one judge decided to pull up an
11 at the Olympics: someone would get fired. Things kinda seem to just be made up as they go
along, which is kinda weird for a 74-year-old tradition. So, it’s about 55 minutes through the movie, and
the Hunger Games haven’t even actually started yet. So now they have this beauty pageant thing, where they
impress people, and try to get sponsors to like them. Seventy-four years of Hunger Games and not one
person has used this televised opportunity to say “What are you people doing? Jesus Christ!” If these names were picked at random, why does
nobody on stage have any social anxiety issues? Not only are they in front of a large crowd, but
everything they say is theoretically life-or-death. They all just happen to have really good charisma. So I know they explained why the Hunger Games takes
place, even though they already told us in the opening titles, but how did people get sectioned off in the
first place? Where was the cut off point? “OK, you make less than 20,000 a year,
so you’ll get locked up in the slums, K?” “Sorry buddy, you’re one dollar under
the cut-off mark. Slums for you!” So we finally get to the point where the Hunger
Games are starting. Everybody’s really intense. Now remember, these are just kids. I know, it’s easy to
forget, when so many of them look like they’re in their 20s, but the characters are kids, so you’d think that
maybe five of them would just pass out and vomit. They’re picked at random, right? All I had to do was just vomit on camera, and suddenly
all my subscribers say that they vomited in their homes. So just imagine how uneasy a kid would be in this situation. But all these kids seem to be acting fine under pressure. [clip] It-it’s a staple of literature that characters
are thrust into an alien environment, you know, whether it’s Gulliver’s Travels or,
you know, the examples, or Ulysses. I mean, the examples are limitless of people
who leave the comfort of their own world, are thrust into alien circumstances,
adapt to that, and grow as a result. – But these are children. There are… It’s children.
– True, that’s true, that’s true. Um, listen, maybe that’s why I was drawn to it. [YMS] Time for some PG-13 violence! Whoa, what’s
happening off-screen has gotta look pretty gruesome. Blood with no wound, yes! So to tie into that point I was making earlier with the upper
class being too detach from empathy to be believable, well it turns out it’s not just the one percent. Now
these random kids are like “LOL! We’re murderers!” [clip] – Just wait till you see the look on her face!
– Oh no! Please don’t kill me! [YMS] “This is fun!” They don’t even seem to care
that their own lives are somewhat in danger. “Ha ha! Did you see her? She was, like ‘No, my family!'” Aren’t your parents at home watching this on TV? Do you think that even if you win the games, that
anybody’s gonna bother talking to you when you get back? This is dumb. And what’s even more dumb is that lover boy is apparently
part of this alliance now. When did they orchestrate that? Did he come up to them, or did they come up to him?
And why would they trust each other on that one? So Katniss is being really smart
and staying away from the action, but apparently, being strategic is wrong, so instead of cutting
to some of the other characters that are busy killing each other, they decide to make Katniss part of the action. By
spawning fireballs out of nowhere. Real fireballs. What if the entire forest caught on fire and killed
everybody? What if you killed her with the fireballs? “And District 12’s Katniss Everdeen
succumbs to death by fireball.” Yeah, that’s fair. I don’t think anybody takes this game
seriously, and apparently not even the people in it. “La la la la la la la, let’s kill her. He he he he!” Are they all in denial that they’re gonna
have to murder each other later? Are any of them really even keeping track of how
many other people are left out on the playing field? Well, she makes it up a tree, and instead of chasing after
her, they decide that she’s gotta come down at some point, so they leave themselves to just do
nothing. “Let’s just hang around here.” You know, if you just moved back a little, you could
get a really good angle to kill her with that arrow. Doesn’t leaving her unattended leave more room for error? I’m pretty sure even a small child could figure this shit out. I’m pretty sure even twelve to eighteen year
olds are not that stupid. Fucking dumb. “Yeah, let’s start a fire.” You know, a fire’s actually
a pretty good idea, if you’d start it under the tree. You could kill her just like that: burn the
fucking tree down. Why don’t you do that? Oh, man! It looks like one of the sponsors
really likes her, so he gives her a little present. Are there any limitations as to what the sponsors
can give? How do these things get given, anyway? If I was a sponsor, I think I’d just fuck with
people. Why not, it’s gonna be on TV, right? This is the moment where you should just send her a
note that says “Ravioli, ravioli, give me the formuoli”. But what are you allowed to give her? Why
don’t you just give her a fucking Glock? So despite the fact that everyone’s trying to
kill each other, and Katniss is still in a tree, they decide it’s a really good idea to fall asleep. Fucking genius! So Katniss cuts down a branch filled
with fucking psychedelic poison wasps. Yep, a million wasps on the ground, just killing that girl right there, and yet within seconds, the ground is wasp free
when Katniss comes down, and also the body. They all just decided to leave. Oh, in case you forgot when they told you
that the wasp’s sting had hallucinogenics, they’re gonna tell you again, in case you’re really, really dumb. [clip] The venom of a Tracker Jacker sting
can produce powerful hallucinations. [YMS] Props for knowing your target audience! Hey, it turns out that this little girl decided to save her. [clip] – How long was I asleep?
– A couple of days. I changed your leaves twice. [YMS] What? Did she poop herself? Something
bothers me about how relaxed they are right now. Yay! Time for some more replacements of Katniss’s
internal thoughts with shots of the commentators. [clip] I wanna see if she’s gonna figure out this booby trap. Yes, it seems they’ve reburied their
mines around that big pile of goodies. [YMS] Wait, they reburied their mines? How did you dig them up? So although one random chick figures it out,
and is able to steal shit right in front of them… “What was that?” “Huh? Huhh?” …instead of doing the same, Katniss just decides to ruin
it for everybody, and then they come back super pissed. I thought having all your shit blown up would have been
something to consider when you were burying the mines there. [fake neck breaking and farting noises] She’s on her way back, and then it turns out this girl’s
stuck. Probably alerted half the forest to her location. It’s OK though, cuz now she’s free. Oh. Fuck! Dammit! OK, she’s dead. Waiting for that cannon shot. Still waiting. [clears throat] Nope? You’re
not going to do it? For consistency sake? The cannon shot that you told us we would hear
every time a character has died? [clears throat] Nope? OK then. This guy didn’t get one either. I guess it would have
distracted us from the scene being super dramatic. Well now all those people in District 11
are super pissed, so they start a riot. Wait, how many days has it been? Have they all
have been standing there watching that projector? No-one’s sitting, no-one brought any chairs.
Even the ground would be better, you know? Katniss then starts following a trail
of blood and finds out it leads to… What the fuck!? That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. First of all, you’re bleeding to death, so you decide the
best plan of action is to paint your face to look like a rock. Second, did you have a mirror with you, so you could match
the rock texture on your face with the real rock next to you? How did you apply it so seamlessly? And if you’ve covered the rest of your body in moss and
rocks anyway, why didn’t you just do that with your face? Why didn’t you just, like, dig a hole? Every part of your body except your face was covered
in the first place, why didn’t you just cover that? Why don’t you just cover yourself with dirt? Did you bring
a makeup kit? How long were you applying this makeup? What if someone stepped on your face? What
if someone wondered why that rock has eyes? She tends to his wounds and then
gives him a smooch on his face. But then she hears a beeping noise and checks to see what it is. OK, so there totally are sponsors
that are just fucking with people. Fucking H! You pervy wanker! He is
totally beating off at home right now. It’s funny, cuz they’re both underage. Nobody’s fighting each other, so they try to
make it a little bit more interesting again. [clip] There will be a feast tomorrow at the
Cornucopia. Each of you needs something. Katniss, you’re not gonna risk your
life for me, I’m not gonna let you. You would do it for me. [YMS] I don’t know why you would say that when
he was in a group of asshole kids trying to kill you. Well, she decides to get his medicine
anyway, but, oh no! It’s that bitch! [clip] Oh, I see. You were gonna
help him, right? Well that’s sweet. – You know, it’s too bad that you couldn’t help your little… friend.
– [YMS] She definitely enjoys this way too much. [clip] We killed her. And now, we’re gonna kill you. – Did you kill her?
– No!
– I heard you. [YMS] How did he get so close without them
noticing that he could hear her whispering that? How did she die? Death by being thrown against a wall! [clip] Just this time, 12. For Rue. [YMS] Yeah, let her go. That’s so nice to her by letting her stay
alive a bit longer. You’re gonna try and kill her later though, right? “Aw, thanks for the magical healing cream! Wait, what
are you doing? This is not the time for blood play, stop. Well, the game’s getting close to the end now, so
they decide to spawn some super werewolves. OK, you can spawn creatures out of nowhere. Why is there a
huge food shortage again? Why don’t you just spawn some cows? Come to think of it, these werewolf things are
kind of a sloppy way to deal with the competition, I mean, what if they killed everyone? They make it up to this thing, but, oh no! It’s this guy! Why
didn’t he just push them as they were trying to get up? Why did he wait for them to get up to start fighting them? He could have won just like that. Well, that was satisfying. I still think it would’ve been awesome if
she accidentally stabled his hand to his body when she did that. Well, now there’s only two of them
left, and there can only be one victor, even though we already know which District
won, cuz they’re both from the same one. They want them to fight to the death, but instead they
decide that they’re gonna both poison themselves. But it’s just for show. See, this is all part of her plan. Cuz she knows that they’re desperate to have a victor,
so they won’t actually let them both kill themselves. [Clip] Stop! May I present the winners
of the 74th Annual Hunger Games. [YMS] But if they were so desperate to
have one person prevail as a champion, then why did they throw fucking super werewolves at them? How does that not put every single person
in danger? That could easily kill everyone. Well, it turns out they let both of them live.
This is, like, the best outcome possible. They should just throw a mini-fireball at
one of them. That would settle things. The end! So I know that there are a lot of
unanswered questions in the movie, and that a lot of them could probably
be answered by reading the book, but remember, the point of adapting a novel into a
screenplay is so that it stands on its own as a film. So remember, this isn’t so much a criticism
of the Hunger Games universe itself, but more so a criticism of the way it was presented in the film. I don’t think the director was necessarily sloppy on this one, but the time spent on each event in the film definitely could
have been cut down enough to answer those questions. Or at least the ones that the book’s capable of answering. I’ve never read the book, but even if it is bad,
at least its sales are determined by its content, not how attractive the cast members are. [girls screaming] Subtitles by JorWat

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  1. To me, this movie was anything but flawless.
    But I liked some scenes and yes, gotta be honest, they gave me some feels. That alone was enough for me. I know it aint much, but you gotta take what you can get.

    Could it have been better? Definetly! Should they have explained more? 100%

  2. yeah a lot of this is explained in the books. People have got to read the books instead of grip that a movie can't replicate what a book can. For example, the strategy of pre choosing a tribute is what some of the districts do..

  3. I love how the arrow hits that dude's hand and just stops. When I shot my friend's crossbow at the target (a hay bale) we set up in his yard, the bolt went right through it and the wall of the shed about ten feet behind it. The only thing that stopped it from going through the other side of the shed was the fletching. I know that crossbows are more powerful than bows, but that scene is retarded.

  4. Remember jlaw making a big deal about not starving herself for unattainable beauty standards … while staring in this were being underfed is part of the Rolf?

  5. Wait if he decorated cakes for the capitol why would he still be in the slums where those cakes would most likely be infected or contaminated by something

  6. If reading the book gives you any more insight, the biggest thing is that Katniss is bipolar and everything going through her head is dumb and makes no sense. Her feelings towards Peeta are all over the place. She has no logical reasoning and just changes her opinion a lot without incitement

  7. when I was watching the movie it really confused me how inconsistent the rules were like there was a part in the second book and or movie where they said a person survived by hiding but in the movie, it established if you try and hide you will be lit on fire or chased by wolfs. but whatever.

    I get that they say its different every year but the same people are making the game, you would think they would do it the same way.

  8. I literally asked that volunteer thing in the cinema during this scene. My group was like "huh… hes got a point".

    In Fallout there is a vault where this is sort of the same. Each year someone must step into the basement and get sacrificed so the whole vault gets another year of food and air. This vault solved the problem by tieing this sacrifice with the role of the overseer (kind of the boss of their underground universe). So in this movie, they formed two parties and framed each other for stuff so the "worst" person gets elected and then killed. The last election turned into a mini war: rumors were spread about a woman cheating on her man, or being raped and stuff, just a pure mess. Everyone was killing each other. Only 4 people (if i remember correctly) survive. They decide not to pick a candidate. Plot twist: It is revealed to them through a recording, that this was finally the right choice, and this was all a test. All the time nobody needed to be sacrificed and from now on, the vault door is open and they are free to come and go, also their supplies will continue. The last survivors are in pure shock over this, as they realize their whole life, every election, every lie to get an other person than yourself (or your party members) killed was just basically a prank. They cant take this burden and decide to kill themselves instantly.

    And all this is told completely visually – and partially by tape. When you enter the vault, you just see the bodies of the survivers at the door, a gun and their last recording on "we cant live like this, lets kill ourselves". When you go in you see more dead bodies and posters of the election campagne. This vault gets me every time, it is just perfect. Really, google it and get a good youtube comment on this vault.

  9. Also, just statistically. Shouldnt there be a kid with a really bad health condition, considering they are the district without good food and medicine? Why dont they volunteer. It might sound harsh, but historically, one child death per year is pretty good at such a large scope. sorry if i am distasteful, but this is a disturbing game and i think the morals in this society would certainly be different than ours.

  10. i do like this video but i do think that he assumes what did and didnt happen in the past games and uses that to critisise thsi film but still a great vid

  11. I never read the books. But I was a paranoid kid and when I was a teen before they came out, I wrote a story myself about a high schooler who feel off a boat and got sucked under the sea, to a mystical alternative reality where the sea was the sky, kinda like Atlantis. It had a gladiator ring and she had to fight others to the death to try and return to her world, also everyone had animal traits from mythological creatures. So I thought someone stole my ideas, or at least that mine was better, also the books were ALWAYS checked out so I didn't bother trying very hard to get my hands on a copy either.

  12. Things that would make this (hunger games in general) more interesting:
    Having the focus on the group of asshole kids, start out with them being like they are when we see them, laughing and jovial, then have them one by one slowly realize that they’ll have to kill each other. Some are in denial, some say they’ll deal with it when the time comes, and then have them be the survivors, so they can bicker and slowly break down. Have one finally give up and start to kill them all and be the sole survivor, but he/she is emotionally broken because of it

  13. Wouldn't you know it, the books DO go into detail on how these systems work. You can apply for extra food (tesserae) for up to the total number of people registered to your household, every year. However, tesserae absolutely sucks and doesn't seem to provide any actual vitamins or minerals. Tesserae trading and distribution is illegal. Some of the districts do train up the best and brightest for the Games (known as "careers") and they almost always win. District 12 can't afford to train up careers, though, as tesserae is pretty much their only reliable food source. Remember that hunting is illegal. Finnick Odair from Catching Fire was a career. Glimmer, Marvel, Clove, Cato, Enobaria, Brutis, Cashmere, and Gloss were all believed to be careers.

  14. This is a great critic. I loved the books, and I almost couldn't get through the first movie due to these changes and more. Also hated how as a franchise they pretty much made it ALL about the love triangle, and ended up glorifying the Capitol so much with marketing and merch….. Like good job guys, not only did you MISS the point of the story you were adapting, you turned 180 degrees and shot in the opposite direction of it.

  15. I LOVE your videos BUT so you think that maybe why those kids in particular were so desensitized by the murdering is because they were from the higher classes? Since they higher classes seem to encourage all the violence and usually win and all.

  16. You have to love it when a kid who tries to make popular YouTube videos tries to convince you how counterculture he is because of the music he listens to. Every Millennial was raised to believe that they are the one special snowflake that is so different from everyone else. I wonder sometimes if they understand what the word hypocrisy means. Maybe it's just because Adam is from Canada that would kind of explain a lot

  17. I can't remember that younger black actresses name but I love it when Hollywood wants you to believe they are pretty but she won't even shave her armpits it's truly disgusting look it up if you don't believe me

  18. Can we all agree that the movie was average and it's okay to shit on some aspects of it but the book was a actually pretty good

  19. i know the book or the movie aren't flawless… but they were good! the following books and movies were… meh…. but it's ok if you didn't like it. Anyway I love how you popped random music in the video XD

  20. I love that you complain about the music while the worst most unfitting stock music ever plays in the background.

  21. 5:30 omg hes right they should all be rich. Never thought of that before. Must be why the top districts are rich since they train ppl so they know there will be volunteers XD

  22. I mean in the real world there is enough food for everyone. There is enough food for 11 billion people even though there's only 7,7 billion people on the planet. Yet 20 thousand people die of hunger every day, because their wealth has been extracted by the capitalist class and they don't have enough money to buy food. So my point is that I assume that the Hunger Games world is a capitalist one just like the real world meaning it doesn't matter if you can spawn food from thin air. It's a matter of ditribution and goals. Most scarcity is artificial. 40 percent of the food produced goes to waste. Just saying

  23. 11:40 why does no one ever reference one of the better and most obvious books for this example? “Stranger in a Strange Land” epitomizes this concept, in story and in name!

  24. The biggest problem is the prerequisite of reading the books. The films only explain ~5% of the important stuff, and everything that is new is so bizarrely abrupt and different that it seems unprepared.

    The books aren't perfect, but they're readable.

  25. The hunger games movie was made for people who had read all the books and knew all the explanations within. So the net result is new people to the series get confused af by the poor rushed structure and gaping plot holes. In that way it’s like the first season of FMA Brotherhood.

  26. Stop putting The Young Turks in your videos
    I really like your videos but I'm ready to ban you for life for showing these dumbfucks in your video

  27. i like how you analyses the problem of volunteering and the best solutions possible where everyone can get extra food

  28. It's about kids being forced to murder each other for rich peoples entertainment, it's closer to 120 days of solumn then something anybody should be that crazy about

  29. Holy shit, Dan me sac (and scroobius pip) and cocorosie ? I don’t recognize the other artists in this but DAMN Adam you got great taste in music

  30. I did enjoy the movies (even though they were stretched out) but I do see all the flaws. It’s kind of hilarious how many things go unnoticed by everyone including me and people think that an ok movie is perfect

  31. Many of the problems that were brought up were answered in the book.

    There is a limit to how many times you can put your name in the bowl for more food, and I think it’s either 5 or 7, but I don’t remember since it was so long since I read it.

    Also, by “the first volunteer,” she meant the first volunteer from her district.

    Also from what I remember, Katniss got a 12/12 in the book when she was showing off to the sponsors. But for the movie they changed it to out of 10.

    Katniss actually was stressing out about the interview with the sponsor in the book.

    When you are super competitive, the competitive spirit overrides your rational thinking, so people do stupid and clearly harmful shit when they are caught up in the competition. That’s why none of those kids from the competitive rich districts are feeling any remorse for killing.

    I don’t really know the rules of spawning random stuff, but in the book it’s explained that the wolves were made from the dead competitors.

  32. I'm dead serious when I say the moment I began hating this movie was the chariot scene. In the book, they describe them in an orange/yellow/red suit and gown that appear to be on fire as they move so I was excited to see what they do.

    They put them in xenobite leather with a fireball on their backs. What the actual fuck.

  33. the fact that they picked a chubby actress made me mad as hell to jennifer lawrence also looks 25 i thought katnis was supposed to be 13 or whatever but americans dont realize that their fat so your perfectly right and im glad someone else brought it up besides me

  34. In the book, stuff is explained a whole lot better. Apparently, it's not uncommon for tributes to volunteer in the districts such as 1,2,3 and 4- there, it's seen as a privelage to compete and kids TRAIN before the reaping, explaining their prowess with knives etc. And OK, 'I-can-decorate-cakes-so-I-camouflage-master' is a bit of a dumb explanation for Peeta's brilliance at it, but the Capitol takes most produce and leaves just enough to let people survive, so it makes slight sense that he might decorate cakes. Also the training scores are on 1-12… Katniss may have been given the 11 to put a target on her head, as tributes with higher training scores are generally targeted.
    …Sorry for ranting about it… I just want to defend the good elements of the book that the film doesn't do justice to or explain. I could keep writing, but my fingers have cramped so…
    Well, thanks for reading if you got this far -_('-')_/

  35. What he said about the volunteer thing, yes you're right and some districts in the book did do that , they would train up people from districts simply to volunteer and win

  36. I know he was reviewing the movie and not the book but he skipped over details just to crap on the movie it’s said the score goes up to 12,it explains the career, just stop made some great points but don’t skip over details when you’re reviewing

  37. God these fat Americans playing "undernourished". And their "decadent fashion". With not even a corset or a proper highheel. Awgod keep the Americans from making more movies.

  38. I love your reviews, and this one is no different. However, most of the problems you had work the movie, are totally different in the book. People have definitely volunteered before her, they always do so in the first two districts. And they also train for it their whole lives. Too many differences to call them all out…but yeah..the movie sucks in comparison to the books.

  39. "No sane person today would do that to themselves."
    Its okay no one saw fornite coming. Except Hunger Games actually…

    6:10 isn't there like 2 districts that dedicate themselves to being HG champions.

  40. It's not that hard to believe these kids would be psycho if they grow up in this society. There's a reason many countries use children as soldiers or to enforce cruelty

  41. I feel as though kids can be just as merciless as violent murdering Psychopaths. There has been child soldiers in the past and even in the present, and they are absolutely brutal because they were trained from birth to be that way. I could easily see, in this universe, kids being trained to be merciless just for the games. I feel that for the movie, and possibly the book, it could have been written in such a way that they acted more like soldiers. Rather than just prepubescent and pubescent bullies. Just my two cents.

  42. I would like a remake of these movies, but because society has become more brutal since this film came out, the remake would be closer to reality and be R-rated and actually violent… so basically, like the film this movie ripped off, Battle Royale.

  43. 18:40 These two blonde dudes look so much alike I had trouble differentiating them while watching the movie…

  44. Katniss's litle sister gets bombed in front of her
    Katniss: Gale why didn't you look after my family like you said you would.

  45. They aren't all picked at random, the good people volunteer. Why do you keep saying that ughhh. Also she got 11 out of 12 not 10. These are both in the movies. And H is Hamish not a sponser, he's manipulating them. Did you even watch the whole movie?

  46. that guy laying in the ground with the painted face is probably the dumbest thing thing i've seen all day and i already looked in the mirror earlier so…

  47. A few of your points were a bit wrong
    As an example it did explain that they were coached to be good in the interviews and it said that the ratings were out of 12
    Although if you’ve read the book it does make a lot more sense

  48. Basically every problem stated is resolved in the books
    "Why are these kids so ripped before even training?" Careers
    "How did Katniss get an 11 out of 10?" It is stated in the books that it's out of 12
    These movies are shit.

  49. i never saw the movies, only the books. but i never really put a lot of time into analyzing the story, so i never had too many problems with the book. i thought it was alright, but not perfect. i dont know why people think it is so great and should be given all of the awards it can get.

  50. 6:44 the book explained that a lot better,
    thats a symbol of respect in panem.
    this movie really is bad at explaining shit, wow.

  51. In the United States a famine is when there's only enough food to go around for everyone, not if there's enough food to go around for everyone 9 times over + the six nearest countries all together.
    Also….about the line "Maybe that's why I was drawn to it" said in response to "but these are children"…umm…could'a phrased that better, not gonna lie.

  52. I watched the movie when I was one of those 12 year old fangirls having read the book and thought it was fantastic. Looking back I realize that it really leaves people who didn't read the book in the dust in terms of explaining what the hell is going on.

    I still honestly like the movie. Guilty pleasure I guess. Though I still hate the beginning of the actual Games with the most messed up camera work I've ever seen

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